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Recover Deleted Data from Hard Drive | Best HDD File Recovery Software

Recover Deleted Data from Hard Drive | Best HDD File Recovery Software

Are you searching for a tool to restore
Corrupt or Lost data from your system hard drive, or from various other
external storage devices which you, Depend the most ? We brings you the best solution
SysTools Hard Drive Data Recovery Software.
Now let’s check out the main features of the software, Our software Recovers &
Saves permanently deleted internal and external files and folders. The tool
supports FORMATTED & CORRUPTED data. Recovery from FAT / EX-FAT & NTFS File systems. Also performs quick data recovery from IDE, EIDE & SATA
Devices, and also helps you recover all your precious DOCUMENTS / PHOTOS / VIDEOS etc. Also helps you recover lost data, due to MFT / MBR or FAT Corruption. Now let’s check out the Pre-Requisites before installing the software. If you are using
any of the windows versions mentioned here, then launch the tool as “Run as
Administrator” Now let’s install & run the software.
Now in the home screen, all the available storage devices attached to the machine,
Including INTERNAL & if any EXTERNAL Storage devices will be displayed, and
the specific PARTITION details can be seen at the right side panel. Also there
is the Refresh view option on top to Detect any newly attached external
storage devices. The software provides Two main options to recover data, choose
scan option to recover Soft deleted & Hard deleted data,
and the formatted scan option helps you recover formatted data from any desired
partition. Now let’s choose the scan option.
Now you can see a small window appears You can click ‘YES’ to load from previous
scan, otherwise click NO to proceed. Now you can see the software will start
reading the data, after successfully reading the data, you can see the folder
tree appears on the left. It displays all the available internal or external
storage devices, attached to the machine Here you can see the folders with data
will be shown in BOLD, you can click any Folder of your choice, to preview its
details. And the software also generates a folder, in which the soft deleted data
from the RECYCLE BIN will appear here. You can see all the deleted data will
appear in RED. And navigate to the top, to see the
orphan folder in which all the permanently deleted data will be stored. You can also sort DATA according to NAME / CREATED DATE & other options as well. Now select the desired files by checking
the box option, then right-click on any file & click Save button to initiate
the process of recovering permanently DELETED DATA.
The software also provides the search option, to search any particular file or
files by applying different filter options.
Here you can apply different filter Options from the drop-down. Also there is the DATE FILTER option to
filter files, according to certain date Range. Make sure that any of the desired FOLDER / FOLDERS are selected before
applying the filter options. Then there is the search option field, in
which you can search for any particular file name, or file extensions and click
search button. Now you can see the particular file or files will appear Now if you click search button without
entering any text in the field, All the Files with other filter options applied
will appear, After choosing the desired files, choose the Save button on top to
proceed. You can select the make new folder option to create a NEW folder to
save the output files.Then click OK, Now you can see the exporting process. After
the process completes successfully, click OK. Then you can see the output files in
the destination folder you have chosen And that’s it ! Hope you enjoyed the video Log on to the given product page for
more details and purchasing the product for any query mail us to [email protected] Thank you for Watching !

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