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RCM-Psycho Pet Endurance Team – Zandvoort – Day 3

RCM-Psycho Pet Endurance Team – Zandvoort – Day 3

Everything is fine, we will start in a few more minutes, I am the first driver now. We have the third position in the category. Victory or death! I can save some fuel but I am under serious stress about a Honda and a BMW. Yes, I have seen it. At the turn a Cup BMW had reached me. We have to know that in the turns they are slower and in the straight lines they are faster. He caught me after a long straight line, where we came with maximum speed. I went into middle of the track, because he started to overtake me from my left side close to the grass. He believed that he will be able to push me to the right but he couldn’t because I had a Porsche on my right and I couldn’t head in right direction and actually he turned in front of me. He broke out my whole front wheel on the left side, the suspension is in ruins. More or less in 10 minutes I will sit in and fasten my seatbelts. I have to go to the fuel zone and then back to the track. Be careful, you have to warm back the brakes and the tires too! Roger that. Everything is all right, Norbi? Oil is spilling out from an E90 or I don’t know but my windscreen is full with that. It was a huge task, but I really enjoyed it because it has its spirit too. Luckily we had a great weather on the 2nd day and we finished the race successfully. We could drive within 1 and 1.5 seconds from eachother, I think it is very good and the car was perfect too. If we do not crash the car, it will complete any distances. We have our good tempo so we will be able to reach at the top of the category.

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