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Project Update #1 – Survival Horror Game (Dreams PS4 Gameplay)

It’s time for a new series of videos which
were requested by a number of you. Project updates. You asked for a glimpse into what
we are creating at the moments and I am delighted to share one. Okay, this particular project isn’t exactly
a secret. It began life as part of our new create livestream, which you can get involved
in every Tuesday. A bunch of you were directly involved in coming up with ideas and developing
this project throughout the stream which was really fun. The chosen genre was Survival
Horror. So, why Survival Horror? I’ve always been
a huge fan of the genre, particularly with the entire Resident Evil franchise. I’ve of
course also enjoyed the Silent Hill titles, Alone in the Dark, Forbidden Siren, Fatal
Frame, and the modern The Evil Within to name a few. Horror games in general are a favourite, but
there’s something extra exciting about the survival variant. Growing up initially playing
the original Resident Evil trilogy and it’s spin off’s, it has a special place in my heart,
and the back end of my underpants. Creeping around the foreboding locations,
searching desperately for ammo or that single herb that would give us enough life to pass
by a certain dangerous area. The tension was always sky high and that pain was part of
the fun. The camera angles and tank controls weren’t
everyone’s favourite, especially not now. But they did add an extra element of struggle,
taking away your ability to smoothly tackle each situation. Every single moment had to
feel tense, but modern games with their fluid controls took that sensation away, giving
me far too much confidence in combat. There will always be arguments about the best
system or which games are better overall, but I will always love the classics. Having a quick search around the dreamiverse,
it’s not so easy to find a survival horror game or level. There are a decent range of horror games,
particularly from a 1st-person perspective, but not much in the way of survival horror.
And that’s including classic and modern variations. Could our community led project be one of
the first or at least one of the most fulfilled survival horror games currently in Dreams?
We certainly have big ambitions for every project that we undertake and this one is
no exception. What starts off as a casual bit of fun almost certainly develops into
something much more serious and refined. The project was originally designed as open
as could possibly be. The story, characters, environments, level design, and gameplay could
literally have evolved into anything as we messed around, discussed and experimented. At the moment all of the assets are from the
community but we will certainly update the assets which we deem more necessary, to give
a more unique and specific feel. Work on logic has not yet begun but what we can show you
is a rough first draft at the opening section of the game. The city is thrust into chaos as a zombie
outbreak, naturally, wipes out everything in its wake. You start off in an alleyway,
with only one way to escape as the flames rise from the destruction behind. This destruction will be explained in an opening
cutscene which has yet to be fully determined at the moment. But as with the viewer participation
in the streams, you can also feel free to participate here in the comments of these
update videos as all suggestions and feedback will have a direct effect on future progress
and developments. We decided to put a homeless man, yes it was
very specific to make him homeless, he even has an unemployment letter direct from the
job centre itself! He’s not had the best of times, his wife and
son tragically died on a recent travel to Brazil, he has been without a job or benefits
ever since and now he’s dead. Oh and did we mention he was also handicapped? The zombie
apocalypse shows no respect. The scene has been littered by what you would
expect from a filthy side alley. I mean, have you ever seen a clean one in the city? Everything
from trash bags, empty cans and bottles, broken glass, wooden boards, shopping trolleys, graffiti,
smashed windows, even an abandoned bike! It’s clear to see that we had a lot of fun decorating
the scene. The lighting has only been experimented on
briefly but it is my intention to seek out some talented lighting and environmental artists
in the community to take each scene to the next level. Once we have a draft we are happy
with, combined with all the necessary logic, the artist or artists can then go to town
and push whatever juice is left in the thermo to create the best scene possible. The idea is to make the game like the classic
survival horror games, with small, but highly detailed areas, separated by the door transition
scene. Not everyone likes loading, we get that, but we feel like it works here in the
context of a classic survival horror. It is also one way to push Dreams to its limits
without compromising too much on detail. If we had left the alleyway and continued
to explore the streets, it would have been possible to make that happen, but at the cost
of severely reducing detail and using some repetition and duplication of one too many
assets. Duplication is key in Dreams to get the most
out of your scene but it can’t be overdone. At least, that’s the highly polished vision
we have for the game. If you’d like to join us on our next create
stream and help us shape this ambitious game, tune in every Tuesday from 5pm (GMT) / 12pm
(EST) directly here on the YouTube channel. Keep an eye on our Twitter @LBAnimation for
confirmation of the stream, and any bonus streams which may appear as the schedule is
currently still in a very experimental phase. Based on feedback, we may even increase the
amount of Dreams streams during the week. We will be sure to share more individual projects,
some of which will be of a much smaller scale and ambitious to this one. But no matter the
magnitude of each project, we hope you have fun, become inspired, and enjoy this creative
journey with us. That’s all for today’s Dreams video. What
should we add next to the game? Let us know down in the comments below, we would greatly
appreciate a like, and subscribe if you are new to the channel as we bring you full coverage
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