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Problems Only Campers Understand

Problems Only Campers Understand

Problems Only Campers Understand Planning – Are there any
campgrounds available here? – Campgrounds actually full. Full of people who know
how to plan in advance. Necessary Trespassing – This doesn’t feel legal. – [man in baseball hat]
We’re going camping dammit. Getting Too Close To Nature – [man in red plaid shirt]
I don’t know about this. – It’s fine. It’s an otter. – [man in red plaid
shirt] There’s nail marks on the ground. – [man in baseball hat] Otters have nails. Fireside Cooking – You got the food. – Yeah. – Where’s the can opener? – I’m so hungry. Seasonal Rules – This little fire you got going. – Yeah, thank you. – The thing is those are
actually banned at the moment. So you’re going to have put that out. – I’m sorry I didn’t know. – Hey, it happens to the best of us. Here’s a quick little $150
fine to help you remember. Forest Sounds Getting Comfortable Having A Good Time… As soon as it’s time to leave

100 thoughts on “Problems Only Campers Understand

  • These hipsters suck at camping.  And no mention of the bazillion mosquitos that inhabit most of the US during the summer.  Poorly researched.  😛  Nice $100 fire pit they brought along, lol.

  • The kitchen table always holds onto just one bag which contained such non-essentials as:

    Bug spray.
    Bottle opener.
    Fish hooks.
    Contact solution.
    The Uno cards.
    The camp lantern.
    The flashlights
    The spoons.
    The coffee.
    My book which I was excited to finish.

    That sort of thing. Just the stuff which makes camping more tolerable.

  • I just saw something on the net saying that bugs like crockroaches and flys go into your ear and lay maggots there and now I'm paranoid

  • This should be retitled Problems only inexperienced campers understand

    These are not issues that come up for seasoned campers.

    A seasoned camper avoids camp grounds. (they are filled with weekend warriors and RV campers. Camp grounds tend to be filled with just as much BS as cities, not a good way to get back to nature)

    A seasoned camper doesn't trespass to camp. (instead they know the viable camping away from campgrounds and yet still legal)

    A seasoned camper doesn't mistake a bear track with an otter. (seasoned campers understand there is animals out there, and actually hopes to see them. While a seasoned camper might have close encounters while hiking, they use bear bags or bear proof containers for their food to keep animals from coming into the camp. Seasoned campers also cook away from the area they plan to sleep, too keep food oders away from their tent/hammock, or tarp shelter.)

    A seasoned camper rarely brings canned food, and if they do has a P38 on their key chain to open it.

    A seasoned camper knows if their is a fire ban on and is prepared for it.

    A seasoned camper knows the wilderness is not quite, it is in fact quite noisy when people aren't making tons of noise to scare the animals. Like inexperienced campers tend to do.

    A seasoned camper has getting comfortable down, and comes prepared with proper clothing and layers.

    The difference between a seasoned camper and the people your describing is the seasoned camper is having a good time as soon as they leave the parking lot.

  • I've literally suffered through none of these problems. Was this made by the one guy in their office that went camping that one time?

    REAL problems campers know:
    1. Bugs
    2. Blisters
    3. Missing/broken tent poles
    4. The taste of iodine
    5. Thinking you could cross that stream in one jump and ending up with wet feet
    6. Wet TP
    7. Thieving wildlife
    8.  The morning chill
    9. Your pack not being big enough even though it fit everything fine yesterday
    10. Litter 

    can the real campers tell the rest what its really like

  • This looks so tame XD And I get how bears are scary and all but bear noises are not scary enough XD Tasmanian Devils are horrifying XD

  •                                                               I'd be very grateful for a non extremist, honest and educated reply on this…
                                …what would be the actual, real, aspects that would make you enjoy camping?…
            the cons always seems to overwhelm the pros…
    thank you!

  • the only thing worse than camping is the assholes that love it and force you into it by bombarding you with comments like "how do you not like camping? everyone loves camping", no you inbread hillbilly i hate it and im gonna hate it more when you make me go

  • Well @Shinyswordstorm I go camping so I can get up with the sub so I can hunt for my next meal. What is with you city people? I dont even use a tent. Too be honest I'd rather be outside on a good day than be inside doing whatever you guys do. Watch tv and play video games? Im sure there is more to it than that but seriously grow a pair.

  • Im not even an adult yet and I havent faced any of these problems. (Even with the planning. Yes, this teen knows how to plan)

  • Camping is awsome,leave the stress behind and gain a new perspective, do bring bug spray,do bring food,do bring a good tent and sleeping bag, do bring butt wipe,do bring other toiletries, do bring your woman or significant other,do bring a good book to read while being lazy,do learn a new outdoor skill,don't bring all the useless junk from home including emotional baggage.

  • Dear BuzzFeed,
    Can you make a video on alternative culture, clothing and style because I think it's really important to address the way that people who want to express themselves in alternative ways get treated differently.

  • I find it strange that in the US you have to be in special parks to camp and hike. In Swede we have what is called the All Man's Right (Allemansrätten). It says that you can go anywhere in nature, even in areas that are own by someone else. You can hike, ride bikes and horses almost everywhere, you can pick flowers, mushrooms and berries. You are allowed to camp for one night and make a small fire.You can swim and boat everywehre and in the five biggest lakes you can fish for free. The basic rule is don't disturb, don't destroy. Nature should be available for everyone as long as you show respect for it!

  • Everyone has their own level of "camping" some like campground camping that often have at least vault toilets and occasionally potable water all the way to solo backpacking trips. They have their own problems to address. Most of these issues would have been resolved with a Google search, checklists and a map.

  • On our DofE expedition we made pasta for our walk the next day, and it froze in our tuperware containers overnight. In our tents.

  • My whole reason for camping is so different. When i go camping, its usually on the Savannah or the kalahari desert, or sometimes in a rainforest. I go with my camera equipment so i can follow my hobby of wildlife photography. Its also pretty nice being able to see all the stars at night and being able to take out the old telescope and use a flying drone without the cops showing up. 

  • They should have done a side by side comparison video of "Camping The Smart Way Versus Camping The Stupid Way".  They have only shown "Camping The Stupid Way." I prefer using the microwave in the hotel room as opposed to campfires, much safer, and smarter. I also prefer sleeping on a bed rather than on a hard floor (its much worse for your back). The Nature Hikes are the same for both and that is what the end of the Versus video ought to entail. Maybe I should work at buzz feed, then again, my college degree is in something useful, so I'm obviously too smart to work an idiot's dead end job at buzz feed.

    Buzz feed should do a Versus video of "Useful College Degrees and Their Outcomes Vs. Useless College Degrees and Their Outcomes." That would be another big hit for videos.

  • everytime I go camping I always have a bad time,one year it decided to pour rain right when we got to the campsite and we were like 6hrs away from home so we couldn't go back so I had to sleep in a tent with 4 people and the tent was filled with water and everything was wet and uncomfortable and we planned to stay there for 3 days but instead went home the very next morning, and then my recent camping trip we ate soup but then realized it was a little off its expiry date and my sister threw up all night and  then my tent broke and I had to sleep in my cousins tent that was really small…..I am never ever going camping again! 

  • Real Camper problems
    1: When you keep missing and run out of ammo and get no kils
    2: When someone kills you by firing a rocket at you
    3: When someone kills you by throwing a grenade where you camp
    4: When you get killed by another camper
    5: When you try to get that other camper first but you lag or glitch at just that moment
    6: When someone kills you from behind with an SMG
    7: When whoever you're tried to kill keeps crouching, strafing and jumping to dodge every. Single. Shot!

  • This is bitch camping. No can opener? Why not use your knife? Oh wait, they forgot that too? The ONE THING YOU ABSOLUTELY NEED TO BRING NO MATTER WHAT???

  • This is not real camping..personally I think backpacking is the best way to go ! Why stay at a 5 star hotel when you can sleep under 5 billion stars up at 6000ft of elevation?

  • The only three things a man needs to camp are these; A good axe, a steel pot and a tarp. Anything else is creature comforts.

  • Campers actually know how to plan for these things, and getting close to nature and hearing forrest sounds is not a problem but the goal of camping.
    Problems campers knows:
    -Ziploc bag/trashbag failures
    -Shortage of TP
    -Strings and guylines becoming invisible in the dark
    -Being smoked by your own fire
    -Getting in and out of a layered sleeping bag
    -Finding the camp after taking a leak
    -Breaking camp under the rain
    -All your sock are wet….
    That sort of things

    EDIT: you forgot to bring sunscreen/bugspray/moleskin (you only do this once) => just asking for a miserable stay.

  • Not even close guys. Aside from OurayTheOwl's comments about Blisters and broken poles the only issues I ever seem to have are down to stupidity on my part when it comes to planning.

  • I love to camp, but last time was kinda freaky xD I went with afew lady friends to a awesome campground and we chilled amd pretty much had a party, but when it was over and time to go to bed I was in my tent alone (my friend ditched -__- and swear to god a cyote or maybe a deer just layed on my foot -___- like my tent was closed of coarse but my foot was hitting the ground/front part of the tent and I heard like a group of something sniffing around our site and especially seen snouts or something press against the tent walls and then felt something kind of heavy just plop down and stayed for afew hours…my foot started to go asleep so I just kicked the animal and it left….only to come back like 30 minutes later xD I still have no clue what it was but yup….didn't sleep good xD it was still fun but lesson I learned….PUT YOUR FOOD AWAY WHEN YOU GO CAMPING BECAUSE SATAN WILL COME TO YOUR SITE AND SLEEP ON YOUR LEG AND KEEP YOU UP ALL NIGHT XD

  • It's annoying when people bring their huge campers and call it "camping". No, you pretty much brought a mobile house into the woods. Go back home.

  • *problems only REALLY SHITTY campers understand. Seriously, these must be first time campers. Anyone who goes camping regularly would know how to avoid these.

  • hahahaha its hilarious to see the way camping is different depending on the country. People in unite stades an their notion of "wild" its pretty funny with all that confort you are taking to the… "wilds"

  • I love camping! I would rather go camping then going shopping like, I guess, a normal teenage girl 🙂 Also, did anyone else think of SpongeBob through out this video?

  • Oh, I must have misread the description.. See I thought they were going camping! -_- Im sorry but any of my fellow survivalists will be equally as irritated with this luxurious outdoor sleep set up they call camping. I mean honestly… they probably bought their firewood from the convenience store next to the park entrance. Sad.

  • I can relate to the camp fire
    my family and I were camping fire were allowed as long and you had a shovel and 2 full buckets of water
    we still got a $350 ticket
    and then they searched our tents and camper without consent.

  • As someone who goes camping a lot, I've experienced maybe one of these. It was a good video, but not accurate in any way, shape, or form. Sorry guys, but maybe next time you should get some people that actually go camping to help make you make the video.

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