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Primitive Technology: Palm Thatched Mud Hut

Primitive Technology: Palm Thatched Mud Hut

Gathering posts for the frame Making a hole in the ground to set the posts Tying up poles to finish the frame Raising the roof peak Gathering palm fronds to use as thatch Splitting them down thee middle. This lets us align all the leaves to point downwards. Tying up the fronds Placing the pre-constructed and pre-thatched peak The walls will be woven, like a basket. Poles must be placed to support the weave Splitting saplings to weave between the poles. Splitting them doubles the number of weaving staves, making it twice as fast This also makes them more flexible and less likely to break Gathering clay Mixing in fibers to help hold the clay together. This keeps it from cracking as you mold it and as it dries Adding the last layers Firing the pot Having it upside-down heats it more evenly, because it holds the heat inside Covering the pot and fire with leaves and soil to insulate it and keep it hot until it is finished Packing mud into the walls. The weave holds it in place and gives it strength The house is finished.

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