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Power Yoga Flow for Muscle Strength and Endurance – Wall Yoga Intermediate

Power Yoga Flow for Muscle Strength and Endurance – Wall Yoga Intermediate

Hi, my name is Colette! And you are going
to love this spectacular workout, using both the wall and the mat in your yoga workout.
So let’s begin. You’re standing at the top of your mat, and you take a deep breath
in and then exhale bringing your hand to your heart and fold your body into a deep
forward bend. And breathe in to your flat back, and you’ll step back into a plank.
Getting your body lined up, you’re going to exhale while coming down into a chaturanga
and then come back into an upward dog, or cobra, pushing away with the heels of your hands,
you lift your tailbone up to the ceiling as you bring your chest to your knees, taking
a nice, steady breath as you’re in a downward dog here. Balancing your hips, balancing your hands, and your feet. Stabilizing your body and working with your breath to really help
line your body up. Before we begin our routine, you’re going to have your tummy in and up
to the spine, breathing in deeply, on exhale, you step or jump forward into your flat back
inhale and then exhale into a forward bend, allowing yourself to lower your body down
into a deep squat getting a burn into the sides of your thighs with your hands on your
hips, feel the pressure on all four corners of your feet coming into a thunderbolt. Take
a deep breath and extend your hands back up into an extended mountain and then exhale
mountain, balancing your body, feeling your feet pressing into the earth, you’re
going to bring your hands back up and inhale into your thunderbolt, making sure your hands
stack above your tailbone and your feet, and as you exhale, come back down into your forward
bend, navel to the spine, connect head to the earth, then inhale back into your
flat back, planting your hands down, you step step back into a plank, lowering your body down
into a chaturanga. And then come back up, lifting your body up and back into a cobra, or upward
dog, pressing your hands into the earth so you can go ahead and really open up your chest.
Looking up to the ceiling you exhale and turn your head to the left, then breathe back in
and look up, and then exhale, fold your body into a full downward dog, getting your chest
to your knees as you push with your hands away from the earth and getting your tailbone
up to the ceiling, kind of rocking your hips a little bit, and then exhale and then come
forward to an easy pose. When you’re in this easy pose, you want to lay your body
down and position your body, kind of settle in and have your feet stretch far enough away
from the wall where you can be able to go into a good plow pose. Now, with this position,
you want to be able to have your shoulders far enough away so that when you flip your
feet over, you want to be able to really stack your hips above your shoulders, so keep
an eye on that, don’t be too close to the wall. And then position so you have your hips
above your shoulders, you’re really going to be able to tone those muscles in your buttock
by having your feet on the wall. Folding your body in different variations, here
having your feet down low, you can feel a great stretch going into your hamstring,
again going into your tailbone as you feel the weight of your body dropping into your
shoulders. And then you can fold your knees in and take your feet straight up to the ceiling
and you exhale every time you take your legs up, going in from your core, exhaling and inhaling as you lower and raise up your legs, tightening into your buttock.
Feel that stacking from your feet to your shoulders, then come back down, you can put
your feet back on the wall and take both of your knees to the right side of your head
to help stretch out your hips, and then take both knees to the left side of your head,
and feel that great stretch going right into the lower part of your hip and lower back.
Spread your legs apart again and go back into your plow position, have your hands by your
feet, breathe in, stack your feet back up, make sure your feet are nice and high, one
more time, squeeze into the buttock and into your sacral area. Again, try different variations
to really stretch out the legs, just a simple sensation of touching the wall will help you
to tighten and tone your legs. From here you go ahead and take your left leg and tuck it
right in front of your right leg into the groin then just lower down that leg and
right leg and you can get a good hip opener. And reverse to the opposite side, so what
we’re working on is opening up into your hips, tucking your foot in deep, as you
have your opposite foot pressing into the wall. Inhale, feet back up, realign your hips
and exhale, you’re going to try and come down, and when you do, you’re going to want
to try to keep your head on the mat as you come down one vertebrae at a time, your fingers
can touch the wall for that. You’re come back up into easy pose and sit back
a little bit as you have your hands at the top of the mat, you can step back or jump
back into a plank and down into a chaturanga, and then up into an upward dog. From here,
get your tailbone up again; we’re going right up into downward dog. Breathing
in and out, bringing your chest to your knees and pushing with your hands, inhale rocking your
hips a little bit, just helping yourself to stretch a little bit as your body gets warmer,
stretch deeper. From there, you will exhale and step or jump forward into a flat-back
and then forward bend, and then back into a flat-back. You’re going to bend yourself
nice and deep into a deep squat, getting the burning into your thighs again, feel all
four corners of your feet pressing in, exhale coming up into a thunderbolt, raise your
hands up as you feel your body becoming grounded and then have your hand to your heart on exhalation.
Bring your hands back up and inhale, extending as high as you can, and then exhale coming
back down into a flat back and a forward bend, let all the air out through your navel, pushing to the
back of the spine and breath in into your flat-back, and pressing your hands into the earth, come
back into your downward dog. Just keeping that energy flowing, keeping your breath work
working, you’re breathing in and out to the full length and allowing yourself to really
warm up your body into your joints and ligaments. From here you will step or jump forward again,
coming back into your easy pose, you lay back down, face-up, having the distance of yourself
from the wall maybe a foot away, and then you’re going to raise your hips up, we’re
going to go right in to a bridge here as you kind of plant your feet, make sure you’ll feel that your feet are aligned with your shoulders and then you can extend your hand right on the wall and
you’re going to see your fingers touching the wall, you’re actually going to take
your hips up higher, so we’re going up and down and bringing your hips up and every time
you do, you really want to squeeze into your hips and your buttock. Coming up and then
exhaling down, holding that position a little bit, getting great squeeze, right into the
sacral area, then go ahead and lay your body back down. Now, after that, we’re going
to prepare yourself for the wheel, so you want to wiggle yourself down a little more and
play around with your distance to the wall and your body. With a good wheel pose, you
really have to position your body where your feet are planted and you can feel your
hands pressing into the wall and then you feel that balance between your hands and your
feet. So, you want to make sure that you’re very stable. You’re having your hips go
up to the ceiling and then when you’re coming down, you’re lowering your body down, head-first
and then bring your knees to your chest, fold your body in and exhale and from there you
can rock your body right back up into your hands are at the top of the mat and then come
back and going into chaturanga, and lower your body all the way down, coming back up into
an upward dog, breathing in deeply, extending your body as tall as you can, and
then exhale into your downward dog. Leaning your chest to your knees, exhale all
the air out, breathing in and out and kind of balancing your body out after that real
pose, feel that you’re centering yourself again and being able to get a great stretch along
your spine. From there, take the weight of your body and begin to walk your hands back
to your feet. You’ll then be in a deep forward bend and then squat down as you’re ready
to come up into a thunderbolt, exhaling, extend your hands to the ceiling, and
come back as you gently touch your fingers to the wall, it’ll allow you to push your
chest forward and really kind of open up your chest and contract your back muscles, just
by having your fingers touching the wall, so you open that up, drop your blades down,
and extend the spine, exhale, bring your hands to your heart, and your hands back down
to your hips. From here, we’re going to step your left foot out and open your
legs into a wide-leg stretch and bring your hands behind your back as you draw your hands
down to the ground, and then opening your chest up, you bring your head to the earth.
You legs wide apart, your heels turned out, your toes in, reaching your hands up
to the ceiling as you’re folding your chest to your knees and then bring your hands back
on your hips as you come back up. Breathing in, you’re standing up, bring your chest
open and drop your blades down, hands up and hands back down to your heart, you’re
folding your body back in to a forward bend. Just allow yourself, you feel that weight
from your hips and drop into the earth. From there, you’re going to turn your body
to the right and you’re going to have your hands facing the wall as you step your feet
back into a downward dog. Hold that position again and allowing your hips to go up, as your chest to your knees. Putting the weight into your hands, you’re going
to step your hands back, folding nice and deep into a forward bend, and then prepare
yourself to come up into a thunderbolt, raising your hand up to the ceiling and your
hands to your heart. Now, we’re going to go into an inversion here with a little bit
of a jump putting your feet on the wall. So, you have to position your feet to be able
to push off and have your foot on the wall. And so, the distance of the mat and your body
is really important so you can create a little momentum to be able to have your hands planted
on the ground and your feet on the wall. Inhale here, once you’re done, you step back and come back into your mountain pose, and so we’re going to watch that again as you’re
standing at the top of the mat and then step back your left foot, you go into a lunge pose,
you take a deep breath in, nice and deep there, exhale and bring your hands down and then
you’re pushing off with your back foot to allow yourself to flip your body up and over
and go ahead and bring down your right foot and your left foot, staying in steady control,
back into your forward bend, up into your thunderbolt, extending your hands to the ceiling,
and exhale your hands to your heart. You did amazing, thank you so much for joining me;
please click the box if you want to find more of my classes here at wall yoga, bye-bye,
’til then!

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  • This is definitely my favorite Yoga Video!! Even though I'm a starter in the Yoga World, this video is super easy to follow along and it was a great workout. Using the wall is something I never would have thought of before.

    [email protected]

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