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Picnic Table Ketchup and Mustard Holder part 4

(making be bop noises) Ba ba baba bah…. ba ba baba ba bump bum… the right stuff (music) I never cease to amaze myself sometimes.. Me and my in-ability to be ready. My in-ability to be prepared! lol I think I need to put a new battery in there. Well not a new battery. But a charged Battery. I wonder if that one has any charge on it. Not much. I thought I’d charged that bad boy. ha… that aint got nothin in it. I’ll just have to do it with the ole muscle power. I quite honestly did not feel like having to add the table to the table saw. I’d much rather to drag this out. (mumble mumble mumble) Don’t ask me man. I have no common sense. Now what was my measurement…. 16 and five eighths.. Cardboard’s probably older than I am. Hahahaha I bought this thin stuff to do the top of it…. the roof. And I got to thinking.. I want to give it kind of a shingled look. And… didn’t have enough to do it with this thin board. So I’m gonna try and rip this down. Now a pass through the jointer. Ok… close enough for government work. I know I really should lower…. well raise the table and cover up that blade. But.. I didn’t. Ok… So I got fairly reasonable equal distance on each side here. I marked where my holes I need to drill are going to be. Which I know is right over here… I need to… uhhh.. Probably readjust the length this way on this one. So that what we’re going to do now. I found this broken piece of 2×4 by the road It’s actually become about the handiest tool I’ve had so far. lol And now I’m going to go ahead and counter sink. Make sure I’m using the right side. Now I’m going to mark for my hole on here. Now I’m just going to carry on that process on the last one here.. And start up here. And try and line this… Well, I’ll show you what I’m gonna try and do here when I get there. And now as I was saying I would show you. You see how this one comes here like this? I want this one to lay across the top of that one. So…. We’ll kinda get that effect So that’s what I’m going to try and do now. Oh! I made a mistake Cause I didn’t think about… If I’d have drilled that big screw in there… and come around here with another big screw… I’d have been screwed. Cause there’s just not enough room to get them inbetween each other. So I had to go back and do some little screws. And just to make it look right… I ran screws all the way down. Got one cockeyed…. How’d I manage that? Oh well… (sigh) Now just paint it and stain it however he want it. Well now we’re going to come to the finish. He….. wants it to kind of look aged and old. Like a old… An old, weathered picnic table. So…. I tried a few different things…. ways to do it. And showed them to him and he picked the one that he liked. So that’s what I’m going to do. First, I’m going to put a coat of pre-stain conditioner on there. Then I’m going to mix the stain… uhhh… it’s Golden oak. Kind of a lighter stain color. Going to mix the golden oak stain with some of that pre-stain conditioner and put that on there. Then I’m gonna put a thin layer of paint on it and kind of lightly sand it. To get that old beat up paint look over the stained wood. That’s what he chose. That’s what he gets. Let’s get to it. It’s not real complicated. I made some last night. But, it’s kind of gooey now but we’ll get it mixed up. I take some of this stain conditioner. I use my little egg cup here.. my half an egg. Actually came in kind of handy. A little bit of that… plus some golden oak stain. Measurements aint got to be real exact. I just want to thin down that stain a little bit. Swirl it around, get it mixed up a little bit. Just trying to give it that old, wore out paint look. A light sanding. Just enough to kind of simulate that… Old, wore out, chipped, ugly paint look. I’m going to mix this about half and half. Actually a little better than half and half. Polyurethane… and then the mineral spirits. I’m using mineral spirits. I’ve seen some people use denatured alcohol… Right now I got mineral spirits so that’s what I’m using. I’m not gonna be too particular Just want to thin it up a little bit.

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