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Picnic Recipes : How to Flip Grilled Vegetables

Picnic Recipes : How to Flip Grilled Vegetables

It’s been about eight minutes, should we take
a peek? Oh, they’re getting tender which means, time to flip, and look at those grill marks!
Beautiful! Check the mushrooms, oh, they’re so tender. The skins of the peppers are nicely
blackened, that’s what we want. Usually, black in cooking you say, “Eh, I really messed up,”
but you’ll see it’s not actually a problem for these sandwiches. You’ll see why very
shortly. By the way, I did brush the tops of these with the olive oil. Oh yes, these
are getting nice and soft, the zucchini. And a note, to get these grill marks, don’t be
checking them every two seconds, moving them around, because then you won’t get the nice
marks like that. Oh, that one’s a little dark. Okay, another five minutes, check them, if
they’re tender then they’re ready for your sandwich.

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