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Packing the Perfect Picnic

Packing the Perfect Picnic

It’s Shannon here at Fromagination on the Capitol Square. What better way to bring in the beautiful summer season than packing a perfect picnic and heading outdoors? First, let’s talk about what to put down on the ground. You can use a blanket, a large towel or a tablecloth; something that people can really spread out on comfortably. Next, let’s talk utensils. We have a couple eco-friendly, but elegant options. So make sure you have a variety of service ware. Beautiful plates, stylish linens. Try to have fun with it. Now you can’t forget your beverages. We have some nice glassware, wine glasses, little cups. We even have a little flask. So we have some gorgeous cheeses; that’s obviously our favorite part, and then we have things that will accompany those cheeses. Dried salamis, toasted nuts, dried fruits, mustards, jams. Fromagination has all the essential tools to plan the perfect picnic for you. Cheers!

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