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Importance of Survival Skills

Outdoor Leadership Ministries Major at John Brown University

Outdoor Leadership Ministries Major at John Brown University

I think outdoor leadership is a major
where we get to learn how to work with people and how to do that in an
experiential way. So it’s a degree oriented towards people who want to help
people learn and grow through the use of experience and, in particular, outdoor
pursuits. So the first class you’re gonna take is outdoor living skills, which is
basically a backpacking class and so you start right away
getting your feet wet. You’ll also, often times your freshman year, take some of
our skill certification classes. My favorite class I’ve ever taken is
actually living skills. So you go on a backpacking trip, you make fires, you
learn how to cook, you just like learn the basics of camping, which is like an
important skill, not only for anyone but, also, for our majors specifically so we
can teach it later. So our students will leave with a minimum of 600 field hours
of experience. Most of them leave with more than that. Most of them leave
with 12 to 1500 hours of experience. Outdoor Leadership Ministries is such a
unique major that not many schools have and it’s what you make of it.

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