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Importance of Survival Skills

Orphan Chimp Learns the Skills He Needs to Survive

Orphan Chimp Learns the Skills He Needs to Survive

NARRATOR: Ngamba island,
which lies off the coast of Uganda’s Lake Victoria,
is a 100-acre haven for a few lucky survivors– a place for orphaned and
rescued chimps to live alongside their own kind. [CHIMPS SCREECHING] The intensely social
nature of these great apes has long been recognized by
the world’s leading experts. Established 20 years ago
with just 11 chimps, today, 49 make their home here, most
arriving as orphaned babies. Remarkably, this odd mix of
abused orphans, household pets, and circus
chimps has grown up to forge an unlikely family– an incredible feat given
their traumatic pasts. The head of the family’s
[INAUDIBLE],, the alpha male. He came to Ngamba as
a 3-year-old toddler after being rescued
from a house where he was being kept as a pet. Now 21, he has
strategically risen the ranks to command the
respect of the entire community. In an isolated
enclosure separated from most of the other
chimps is Ngamba’s newest orphan, 2-year-old Easy. But he is a very
different kind of orphan. Although Ngamba’s
females are all given contraceptive implants,
they don’t always work. Sadly, Easy’s mom rejected
him soon after birth, as she lacked the
experience to mother him. Abandoned and vulnerable,
the caregivers decided to raise Easy themselves. After a year and a half
growing up with them, they began his slow integration
back into the chimp community. Today, Easy has six
friendly females, including an adoptive
mother, Connie, to play with and learn from. For now, he spends his days
with them in this enclosure, safely cut off from
the forest chimps. But to complete his integration
and join the forest community, Easy will need to make friends
with all of Ngamba’s chimps, including [INAUDIBLE]. And alpha males don’t take
kindly to outsiders who may grow up to threaten their rule. Until that day arrives,
there is much for baby Easy to learn as he readjusts
from growing up with humans to living his life as a chimp.

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