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NFB Celebrates Teacher Appreciation Week

NFB Celebrates Teacher Appreciation Week

Hi, I’m Eric Guillory, teacher of the blind
and visually impaired and president of the National Organization of Professionals in
Blindness Education or PIBE, a division of the National Federation of the Blind and in
recognition of Teacher Appreciation Week and of all the other weeks throughout the year
we in the National Federation of the Blind would simply like to say thank you! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.Thank you. for taking the time to come over to my
house and teach me how to cook in my own kitchen. You didn’t get paid for that, but
that made a huge difference. For believing in me that I could be just as good as my sighted
peers if not better. Because of your belief in me I’m now living the life that I want.
For making me do all my homework and not having low expectations and telling me that I could
do half of my homework. Thank you for making me perform in the same way that all my peers had
to. For having high expectations and pushing me beyond my self-imposed limitations. For looking at the whole student and not just the part of the student that walks into the classroom.

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