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(gun shots echoing) (hip hop music) (snow crunching) – [Voiceover] Hello there. Just a quick video to share with you some of the new equipment and gear ideas that we’ve come up with in 2016. Firstly, wanted to start off with the cook set improvements
ideas that we’ve come up with. This here is a set of baking trays that we picked up at thrift stores. So if you do shop around enough at second hand thrift stores and op shops, it’s quite easy to put
together ultra light cook sets. As you can see the three baking trays all stack inside themselves. This is my old campfire grill, DIY. It’s warped, it’s just had it so. Recently I upgraded to the
Streamside Travelers Grill which you may have seen
in our recent cooking video. So slightly lighter,
more professionally made, and comes with this handy little bag. Streamside Travelers Grill
by Purcell Trench in America. Another quick simple cook set idea, these are our fork and spoon
so there’s nothing new there. But one idea we came up with is just a little vegetable peeler and it even fits onto the
carabiner with the cutlery set. Many uses for a vegetable peeler. The obvious use of course
is peeling vegetables but if the wood around your
campfire is soft enough, you could even use the veggie
peeler to make feather sticks and tinder for your fire. So as for our food ideas for 2016, we’re now carrying these small
chicken curry flavor packs. So you mix that in with pasta just to make a big stew type meal. Previously we were using a
two-in-one system with pasta and flavor in the pack. But this way we get to use
whichever pasta we wish. And another great idea for
ultra light backpacking is just to carry these
small portions of UHT milk. Each package contains 200 mil and that’s enough milk to cook one of these chicken curry packs. As you can see they come in stacks of six. Another great trail food
are these nutty biscuits. So there’s many ingredients in there, it’s really packed with sugar
and carbohydrates and fat. Great trail food, nutty biscuits available at many different outlets. And in a recent video we also
had these giant marshmallows. Great for little campfire trips, camping in the car, camping in the tents. So giant marshmallows
from the United States. So that just about covers our cook set and food idea improvements. Let’s just step down
here to gear repair kits. So these three packs are for repairing holes in waterproof jackets. So the one brand that I always trust most of all is Gore-Tex, so they’re Gore-Tex repair patches. And you only get two
in the packet mind you, so they cost about $15 U.S.
dollars here in Australia. Quite expensive but extremely reliable and they last forever. So you iron that on to
your waterproof jackets for a permanent repair to
small holes in your equipment. Now a budget alternative
to the Gore-Tex patches is this brand name Tenacious Tape. Let’s just hold the camera in
there close so you can read. Now originally when I
bought this Tenacious Tape, I was pretty optimistic
that it was going to be just as reliable as Gore-Tex. Just swing over here. This is a pair of waterproof trousers and I’ve used some of the Tenacious Tape to fix some wear and tear on
the inside of the garment. And already only after one or two hikes, there’s already a tiny
split in the Tenacious Tape. So my conclusion is that Tenacious Tape may be good for emergency in-field repairs but as for long term fix it jobs, I would only trust these Gore-Tex patches ’cause I know they work. I know that they really
are a permanent solution. So another product also by Tenacious Tape are these tattoo peel
and stick fabric patches. As you can see they’re all
different shapes and sizes for decorating equipment
that has holes in it. There’s a yeti in the middle. So just little patches for fixing the outside of garments, for
sleeping bags, down jackets. But again I haven’t had
the chance to test this yet and based on the failed repair
job on the Gore-Tex pants I am slightly skeptical
as to this brand name. Moving on to emergency beacons. So recently I’ve improved our emergency distress beacon system. So previously we were
using a satellite phone but this is a new device
by the company DeLorme, the InReach Explorer. So it’s lighter, has better battery power, it’s more waterproof
than a satellite phone. Here’s my old satellite phone over here along with the massive,
chunky, charge cable that you would never take
ultralight backpacking. Another advantage with these
new InReach Explorer devices is you can charge them in
the field with a power bank, and there’s the micro USB cable that you use to charge
the InReach Explorer. And to go with the InReach Explorer, I also just picked up
a new waterproof pouch. So much more user friendly
than a satellite phone. Regarding ultralight charge cables, which obviously you need a
power bank to charge devices, another option we came up with is these four-pronged charge system cables. So that whole kit there
only weighs about 25 grams but has four separate charges on there, the iPhone5, iphone4, micro USB, and that cable there
will charge the GoPro. But that said the only thing I worry about with these multi-charge cable systems is that if it does fail you’re obviously not going to be able to charge any of your devices. So the option that we actually
use is these mini cables which you may have seen in
our last video from 2015. Just miniature little cables, obviously the more reliable system because if one fails at least the other three
will still be working. And more on the subject of
electrical device improvements, this is the new torch I’ve
started using, the P3. Last year and the year before I was using the larger Led Lenser with AA batteries. I just find this to be more reliable and you can’t get really
much lighter than that. The whole torch only weighs 35 grams with the AAA battery inside. And just as a DIY idea
I made a helmet strap, or a headlamp strap. That’s just a piece of elastic material with a little belt buckle clip on there. This is the lanyard for the Led Lenser. So I actually got this
idea from my friend, Patrick’s Bushcraft. He’s another YouTuber, you can check out his channel if you wish. He does a lot of DIY projects. So just on how to turn your aluminum torch into a headlamp system and there’s the AAA batteries
that we’re using now. We only use lithium batteries now. We find them to perform
much better in extreme cold. Back onto the subject
of emergency beacons, this is the waterproof jacket that my hiking partner, Christina, uses. And quite often when we’re on our hikes, I will be carrying the backpack and Christina, because she’s
not wearing a backpack, she doesn’t have a whistle, because most backpacks have a
whistle on the sternum strap. So what I’ve done is attach
this regular referee’s whistle to the zipper there’s
the zipper of the jacket. That is permanently attached so the only way to remove
it would be to cut the rope, small piece of three millimeter
rope with a knot tied. This way if she needs to
she can call out to me from a distance. Of course the emergency
satellite beacon systems like EPIRBs are a much more
effective option than a whistle, cause obviously the whistle is only useful if your rescue team is within earshot. We also picked up this
blue waterproof dry sack. One of our sleeping bags are inside there. The problem is when you buy a sleeping bag or a down jacket or other items, they provide you with a stuff sack, but the stuff sack’s seem to
never be properly waterproof. So from now we always carry
our sleeping bags in particular inside a dry sack. It’s by the brand name Exped, same brand as that waterproof pouch you saw for the InReach Explorer. And also on the subject
of sleeping improvements, this is my old Therm-A-Rest, so that’s my sleeping mat. It’s a men’s Trail Pro Therm-A-Rest and we recently decided
that we’d have to upgrade my hiking partner
Christina’s sleep system. This is the Trail Pro for women, so it is possible to get the
same Therm-A-Rest mattress but especially made for women. It’s slightly thicker and also
shorter for better comfort. And just like last year, something I really like
to encourage and that is getting second hand gear if you can. These found items these
are the merino wool jumpers that I’ve picked up this
year in thrift stores. You really can’t beat wool
as a garment in the snow. A lot of people complain
that it’s too heavy but the unbeatable advantage with wool is that it doesn’t breed bacteria the way synthetic clothes do. So you can wear wool three
or four days in a row without worrying so much
about the problems you get with fabrics like
polyester or polypropylene which breed bacteria in a
completely different way to animal skins. And possibly the most amazing item I’ve ever picked up in a thrift store is this jacket. It’s 100% woolen ski jacket and hopefully the GoPro’s picking that up. If you can read that label there, Salt Lake City Winter Olympics 2002. This is a 100% woolen ski jacket worn by the Australian Olympic team in 2002. Picked it up for only
$17 in a thrift store. And again on the subject
of woolen jumpers, just a quick alteration I did which I’d like to share with you. This is again a woolen jumper which I picked up in a thrift store that I often wear while I’m hiking. And what I’ve done is I’ve
got an alterations expert to just add this extra
piece of wool at the bottom ’cause I found that, because that wool jumper is a medium size, my midsection was exposed to the elements ’cause the jumper wasn’t long enough. So just a quick alteration
to make that jumper long enough so I can easily tuck it into the woolen trousers that I’m wearing. And finally, we put together
this telescopic selfie pole by attaching a GoPro mount
onto an old trekking pole. (hip hop music) (snow crunching)

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