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Nerf Gun Survival – Minecraft Animation

Nerf Gun Survival – Minecraft Animation

Batworld Nerf Weapon End of Pratice Game (Certainly Pratice Mode before the Game, this is just my idea) Start Match(Well,the Match has just started lol xD) The Blue Team:
Bloodpunk,Spade ,Bungbung,Archallon and….Daniel (Maybe,Im not sure) Death “Damage” By Gun’s “When hit in body” Let me Snipe. Let me Snipe. Hmmm.. Im going to shoot you! *Runs* Yeah Bro we won Now what? *Runs* *Keeps Shooting* *Keeps Shooting* Found you! Hmmm… Found you! Watch Out! *Shoots* What was that sound? Phew, that was close. What was that sound? ?! There you are! Watch out! *Shoots* There you are! Watch out! *Shoots* Phew Phew Lets go! So Eazy!! :)))) *Runs* Lets go! *Shoots then he blocks it* *Hmph* your weak. *Shoots then he blocks it* WHAT THE- *Then she gets rekted* Oh no.. *Tried Shootting but he keeps blocking* *Then she gets rekted* Almost got him.. Who’s Next?>:) Almost got him.. *A speeding boy comes* *Looks behind then shoots but he dodged it* Impossible! Your too slow! What a slow-poke. Impossible! *He Speed Kill* What a slow-poke. He must be somewhere.. *Plays Gutiar* OH YEAH!!! AFK He must be somewhere.. *Shoots and gets shoot back* Aghh…? Aghh…? Im going to Shoot you. * * *heard a sound* Huh? *heard a sound* Huh? *Shoots then he dodges* *Shoots then he dodges* What?! *got hit* *Hmph* *Hmph* *4 red Times comes* *4 red Times comes* *Gun Click* Prepare to die. *Hmph* you can do better then that. I will rekt you Lets see about that. *Gun starts clickking* *He sees him speeding then gets the target right then he shot him* No way how is that possible?! *Guns start clickking about to shoot but he shoot back before they shoot* Ready? HAAAAAA- AGHH!! Don’t Forget to subscribe for more! Bye!

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