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Importance of Survival Skills

Navy Skills for Life – Water Survival Training – Treading Water

Navy Skills for Life – Water Survival Training – Treading Water

I’m Petty Officer Michael Pasquale. I am an air crew survival equipment man in the United States Navy. I’m also an instructor here at Naval Survival Training Institute. Today I’ll be talking about treading water. As you could see, Petty Officer Trejo is demonstrating the proper technique,
keeping the water at his chin level, sculling his arms back and forth, keeping him above the water. Proper body position would be as if you were sitting on a stool,
head slightly tilted back, using a modified frog kick versus a scissor kick. The modified frog kick would be bringing your knees up towards your chest. Legs would be out, feet down in a downward motion, keeping you above the water. With using this proper technique you’ll be able to stay above water longer while waiting for rescue.

8 thoughts on “Navy Skills for Life – Water Survival Training – Treading Water

  • I can float for an hour even longer literally without flapping or moving around. Will that be acceptable for treading water in navy basic?

  • I learned this when I was 15 the hard way. My cousin pushed me in a deep pool and I nearly drowned. Nobody knows how to help me so I kicked and kicked until I floated.

  • I learned to tread water real quick when I went down on the titanic, I treaded water for days then ended up catching a ride back to land on a dolphin, man what a ride.

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