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Nanowrimo Day 5: Nanowrimo Survival Pack Collab! [CC]

Hey guys how’s it going? I am so excited for today’s
video. You probably saw the videos for the big Authortube
collaboration we did, the secret santa NaNoWriMo care package survival kit videos. [laughing] I’m gonna have them all linked down below anyways,
but I – it was so much fun. I participated in that but my package didn’t arrive in
time. To be completely fair, I live in Canada. So the Canadian Post is notorious
for being slow. And plus the person that picked me it was actually Emily Bourne
who, if you don’t know, is in Australia. So we got the bad end of the stick, we were
a little bit slow, but it arrived and this is actually really good timing because I
had a terrible day at work today [laughs] You can’t tell because I’m smiling, because as
soon as I came home I saw the package in my mailbox and my day was instantly better.
So I’m just gonna open this right now and… yeah! How do I – Oh!
There’s a “lift and pull tab to open” This opened so easily!
These things never open easily! Aw this is so cute! It’s all wrapped up, she
wrote a note on it. It says, “Hey Bug! I don’t know about you, but this felt super
overwhelming to buy things for a fellow writer. But I tried to find some fun
little things that I thought you would get a kick out of, and I hope you surpass
your writing goals. Best wishes, Emily.”
Aww! [rabbit thumps in background] Here Comet, something to play with! Now, I don’t want to rip that part of the paper,
because that note is super cute. Oh! Ok! Alright, I’m just do it
like this and pull things out. Oh, paper clips! They’re little space paper
clips! there’s planets and stars [thump] and moons!
Balto, please calm down! My rabbit’s in the background stomping his feet because I
haven’t fed him yet. You’ll get fed in a minute. [thumps again] Mr. Balto! Excuse me! Aren’t those just the coolest things?
I love them [thump] I am a huge fan of outer space. That’s so cool. Ok, don’t
open them yet, I’ll open them in a minute. One second, I have to feed my rabbit
because he’s mad that I’m doing this before I feed him. One sec. You grumpy old man! There you go, Grumpy Guts, nice and fresh. Look at this cranky man! Ok, I’m back! Oh, I feel spirals! This is so cool! Oh my gosh I love this! It’s a notebook and it’s Venom. And I love how solid
it is and it looks like it’s a comic book! Dang! Spider Man is my favourite superhero, in
case you didn’t know. This is so cool. And it’s sturdy enough that I can carry it
around it in my writing bag and not have to worry about it, so this is so perfect! Robot stickers! I hope you can’t hear that, but there’s
a cat throwing up in the background [laughs] And there’s more on the back! Hah!
That’s so cool! Look at this! They’re sparkly shiny robot stickers.
I love stickers so so much. Oh these are some cool. I’m gonnaput
one of these on my planner. [excited sigh] Ok! [thump] Balto. Oh a rollerball pen! Ohh.
That looks nice, I’m going to open that right now and write with it. [thump] Oh that feels nice! It’s so smooth! [happy sigh] This is so cool. That’s one thing I love about
writers buying gifts for other writers, because they understand that we get
ridiculously excited about little things. Like, a pen? This is such a great gift!
This is a really nice pen! [happy sigh] She gets it. Emily did good! I think there’s one more thing? Ohhhh my gosh! [whispering] This is so cool! 1001 Spider Man stickers!
Includes a giant wall sticker? Really? Oh, that’s what this is? Oh dang! Oh that’s awesome. Here, I’ll show you some of
the stickers. It’s hard because they’re so reflective. Here I’ll show you a [thump]
less reflective page. There we go. Look at all of those Spider Man stickers!
And there’s a giant wall sticker here. See? And there’s the pages. Oh and activities! The Vulture! The Vulture is my favourite
Spider Man villain, fun fact. And there’s mazes and spot the
differences. This, honestly, is gonna be so perfect when I just
wanna think about something that isn’t my book. Just nice easy little, you know, spot the
differences, little puzzles, oh! And these! [thump] These are just really cool. Op, I almost saw the answer page.
Don’t wanna see the answer page! And I’m gonna fold this so I can keep my little note. Ah this was so great! Let’s see,
can I hold everything up at once? Maybe. [mumbling to myself] This can go here, this is tall, so this can go here, and this I can hold right there. There we go, I’m holding everything at once! [laughing] This is so awesome. I know that Emily was
feeling a little bit bad that it got here so late. But honestly this is perfect timing.
I know that I didn’t get my video out in time, obviously, but today was just [sigh]
I wasn’t in the mood to come home and write. And now I am, now I’m just
pumped up and excited and inspired so [happy sigh] This is awesome!
Thank you so so much to Emily, this was so amazing, I love everything! And thank
you, obviously, to Kevin who organized this whole thing and got everything all
set up. Tt was such a great idea and I absolutely loved it.
And thank you to everybody else who participated because obviously these
things don’t work if we don’t have interest in them. So I just love that this was
such a fun collaboration and [happy sigh] I just – I feel so happy right now!
I just [sigh] I feel really great. So I guess I’m going to write now, now that
I’m feeling just so great. Remember that the playlist and everybody else who
participated in the swap is linked down below. And also if you want to add me as
a buddy on NaNoWriMo and Twitter is on there. Lots of fun things down in the
description. [laughs] If you enjoyed this video, please click the Like button to let me
know. And don’t forget to subscribe to stay up to date with my reading and my
writing and whatever else I do. For the month of November, five days a week are
gonna be Nanowrimo-related videos and the other two days a week will be something
else. So if that sounds fun, feel free to subscribe. So I hope to see you guys next time,
and until then: Have a great day, bye!

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