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Nami, would you be my date? [Matching Survival 1+1/ENG/2019.12.03]

Nami, would you be my date? [Matching Survival 1+1/ENG/2019.12.03]

Financial Planner Lee Sangwon. Please come up. (Financial Planner Lee Sangwon will be the 1st to call) The first caller is usually rejected. I see. But I have a good feeling for you. – Do you? / – Yes. She may be not good at predicting her future… – But she’s good at others’. / – Yes, she is. You may dial the person. (Who will he finally choose?) Be prepared, everyone. He’s dialing. He dialed right away. (He chooses Nada) – It’s Nada. / – It’s Nada. It’s Nada. He called me. (That was cool) Will you find love with me? (Will you find love with me?) (She feels shy) What? The first one is usually rejected. (What will her answer be?) I think… (He’s nervous) (Will she say yes?) This must be why I sang “Ride” during the introduction. I’ll ride. That was hip-hop. – She said, “I’ll ride.” / – That was great. – She said, “I’ll ride.” / – Please make a heart shape. – We’ll make it big. / – He was the first one. (Nada and Sangwon have become a couple) (Congratulations) Then you’ll go hiking and go straight for chicken stew. Of course. – Congratulations! / – Congratulations! (We wish you two the best of luck) Surgeon Lee David. I can’t wait to see his choice. (Who will he finally choose?) Who is it? Who is it? (His final decision is Suji) It was so obvious. – Hello? / – Right. Will you find love with me and go eat pork belly? (Will you find love with me and go eat pork belly?) (He chose Suji from the beginning) (And he was very assertive toward her) (What will her answer be?) I’m sorry. (I’m sorry) I’m sorry. (Seriously?) – No way. / – No way. I like this drama. – CPR. / – I’m sorry, David. Let’s cut him open. – His heart is black. / – Poor him. – No way. / – I did not expect that. You have hurt Surgeon Lee David. Suji, please come forward and dial the person in your mind. We’ve had cases where people continuously hurt each other’s feelings. She’s holding the phone. (Who will she finally choose after rejecting David?) (Her final decision is Sportscaster Kim Jiho) (Envious) That is awesome! (You made it, Jiho) What is this? Hello? Will you find love with me? (Why did she choose him?) He must’ve been embarrassed, but he stepped up and worked so hard to sit next to me. That made me change my mind. (What will his answer be?) Yes, I’d like to. (Suji and Jiho have become a couple) (Cheer up) I knew you’d succeed. Please make a heart shape. That’s amazing. (Congratulations on finding your love) – Jungmin, please step forward. / – Me? – You may dial… / – She could be dialing someone… – The person in your mind. / – From over there. That’s possible. I’ll dial now. (Who will she dial?) (Her final decision is Curry King Lee Gyuha) Oh, hi. – “Oh, hi?” / – “Oh, hi?” He answered like it was from his girlfriend. Will you accept my heart? (What will his answer be?) (He was able to connect with Nami) Jungmin? (Jungmin was very assertive toward him) (How will this love triangle end?) Will you accept my heart? No, I think we’d better stay as friends. No way. (She covers her mouth) – No way. / – What is happening? (Shocked) (She’s at a loss of words) (He feels sorry) Alright. I feel you. Come on! So this is what it’s like. What does it feel like? Because I have no idea! – You know how I feel, right? / – Yes, I do. How do I overcome this? – I have no idea. / – Just forget. – Just forget? / – Yes, just forget about it. (I’m sorry, but we’ll stay as friends) We’ll move on to… It’s Curry King Lee Gyuha’s turn. You may now call the woman who’s not your friend. He could be dialing here. Yes, he could. Then I’ll never get to use my phone. – No. / – Then what? He could also dial you. Really? – Gyuha, please come forward. / – Yes. It’s so fun at the end. He’s very good-looking. Can I dial now? (Who will be his final choice?) I can’t wait to see who he calls. (They’re curious) It’s Nami! (Excited) (He chooses Nami) (This is how women look getting a call from their crush) What do I do? – Hello? / – Are you crying? No, she’s not. She’s very popular among men. We should talk more. (She doesn’t know what to do) Don’t say, “Don’t do it!” Not now. We’ll talk while eating curry. (Clapping) – We have three couples. / – This is great. – What do we do? Thank you. / – How should we do it? What do we do? – How about this? / – Like this? Our hands are both shaking. – Look at mine shaking. / – Mine too. What do I do? Congratulations. – Thank you. / – Gyuha… Relationships with other women… – Don’t do it! / – Don’t do it! You must be feeling relaxed. I can do it now, right? You can say it loudly now. Don’t find love with other women! (We hope you find love for a long time) Please go back to your spot. We have three couples in total. As the hosts… – It feels great. / – I love that we have three couples. It feels really good. You may go on dates now. – Congratulations. / – Go on dates, everyone! (The couples of the final episode may go on dates)

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