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Importance of Survival Skills

my personal victorinox survival belt pouch(all subtitles-Ελληνικοι υποτιτλοι)

my personal victorinox survival belt pouch(all subtitles-Ελληνικοι υποτιτλοι)

hi guys what up welcome to my channel today I want to show you my personal Victorinox survival belt pouch but before we start I want to say a special thanks to my friend cliff he’s a great and very generous guy up to the right on the screen his his channel has very cool videos about survival outdoor and IDC gear please subscribe without him I never had all this glut of things if you buy this pouch it James with a serious Army knife and some basic survival items like Marty’s fishing hooks Kobus and some other items it’s a useful but not enough for this pouch because I believe it has a lot of space to add more stuff to create almost complete a survival kit ok let’s see how we is this pouch what items I edit and why the pouch made from leather has two rooms one for the knife and one for the survival kit over there the two rooms closing with Velcro the loops here to carry on your belt or to your backpack also fast aside the loops and here on here let’s start from outside here on the Left I have a some paracord anybody knows the uses of paracord it’s either for fishing hiding to make a shelter for a bow-drill to repair your gear look over there it’s a Victorinox Japanese stone in the right loop I have added a classic meaning mug like if you like you can add the keeper lighter or firesteel or a backup blade like that let’s see inside and at the buyer the Bundys of 1st ed stop bleeding stuff like that the Victorinox knife here is a Victorinox razor model it’s a light combat knife with all the necessary tools for outdoor attacks to tools like all to make hole for your board rulers use some clothing repair your gear to start blades of course can opener scissors scissors file good so very important for the all those juices and other tools for many many uses the keyring here some Victorinox microlight very comment light very bright for the size nice for some emergency and the signal some for said the pills for diarrhea the biotics tablets to clean your water allergy extra batteries for the flashlight a buckle clip with whistle fire steel and strike the will striker for of the deeper lighter starting fire it’s very effective nylon bag to collect water for example some sweet candies a pencil can write in any surface a box a string can start a fire for if you make some traps maybe waterproof matches with cotton ball with Vaseline great start father nice deep tinder and stable pure burning for a long time magnifying glass start a fire birthday candle we can keep your fire or to make a warm spot if you use a emergency bucket the condom a state globe god condom we can carry water or to make stop bleeding the strap has a menus and this a minimalist water waterproof bag and has a combos glow stick razor blade cotton ball facing hooks fishing line needle safety pins fire steel aluminum foil it’s very useful for many uses like boil water if you like you can add this in your wallet or your okay chain okay tip alcohol pad clean wood or stat5 metal wire you can create some traps to hunting or connect battery for five signal mirror for a CD disc it’s very effective sticker straps to closing the hoods sticker Banda’s for fasted okay guys this was my personal the turn of survival T is it a complete kit if you carry in your pocket water emergency poncho paramedic blanket maybe it is anyway because he has many items for the size of the pouch to help you in different Savalas exchange don’t forget the bat survival tool in your bed is your brain the knowledge and the willingness to stay alive I believe I’m waiting for your your opinion about that survival kit your ideas please leave a comment thanks for watching [Music] [Music]

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