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Mist Survival, S2EP16, Reloading Bench, Smelting Metal, and the Small Animal Traps

Mist Survival, S2EP16, Reloading Bench, Smelting Metal, and the Small Animal Traps

what’s up everybody viper here and they
were back at mist survival I went ahead and fixed a little area where my NPCs
can actually do something I’m not that far from my my little base in the
clearing but here I got all the ore most of the different workshops that the NPCs
can use and so far they’ve been able to use all of them from the blacksmith
station to the wood chopper the saw bench to workbench but today I’m gonna
go over make an ammo with a reloading bench to to build that you go to your be
to build menu and then you go up to your workshop and then it should be all the
way down at the bottom and it needs to copper to iron ten wood and four gears
and then you need a hammer and a saw to get the copper and the steel you have to
go to the mine and you could go to one of the two mines not sure how much iron
I’ll need the the original mine or the one over there by the red Barn’s you can
only get the the metal ingots you can’t get the sulfur or salt beater for that
you have to go to the mine with a berserker in it so I want to go ahead
and I need to iron ingots so one stack of eight will give me that and then I
need two copper ingots someone have to melt those that’s 44 minutes all right
well that’s doing that I’m gonna go ahead and briefly go over how to make
gunpowder so make gunpowder you’re gonna need saltpeter sulfur and charcoal and
you’re also gonna need one of these mortar and pestle
and to make those you make those in the Forge eight stone to make a mortar and
pestle so I’m just gonna have one of my dudes
make it alright well Rachel’s making that mortar and pestle I went ahead and
grabbed another one but to make the the powder you go into your inventory and go
to your crafting and you click the little mortar and pestle icon and then
you click whatever you want to do and then you can only craft it yourself you
can’t use your NPCs to do this but when you do it you want to make sure you have
enough mortar and pestle in your inventory for however much your your
crafting like that was only one stack and it took 10% so if I’m doing like a
whole inventory or half an inventory I’ll have four or five six maybe you
know I’ll have a whole row of mortar and pestle because you don’t want to run out
of mortar and pestle so you’ll lose your whatever extra resources you didn’t have
enough to actually craft so that’s down to 80% now now you’re gonna take the
your saltpeter and your sulfur and you’re gonna mix it with charcoal to
make the gunpowder alright so now we got some gunpowder and the copper is done so now we can
build our repair or reloading bench now it’s done I’m gonna go ahead and upgrade
it and I’m gonna need 10 metal scrap 6 iron 6 gears and 2 of those military
components I go ahead and just upgrade this when I can or usually when I build
it cuz I usually have enough stuff anyway but the only reason you upgrade
it is if you want to make hand grenades you’ll take the grenade fragments and a
metal scrap Plus gunpowder and you’ll make a hand grenade
all right after you make the gunpowder you’re gonna have to have the shell
casings for the various different rounds that they have in a game to end up
making those you have to go to the the smelter and you got to make brass and to
make one one ingot of brass it takes four zinc and eight copper and that’ll
give you one one brass if you take eight zinc and sixteen copper it’ll make two
so I’m gonna go ahead and just start that up and then I’ve got an hour and
hour and a half so while that’s melting I’ll just go ahead and show you this
little part of my base I’ve got my little farming area I’ll probably start
farming planting crops probably tomorrow or maybe today to spend the how long
this video goes and then in here it’s got a couple beds and put some furniture
in here for Kate and Rachel and then I’ve got a little spot over here for
Scott cuz you know it’s got smells and then some more guts dry in there I’ll
probably end up moving my storage and all that stuff somewhere over here
probably build a cabin and then just having everything down here and then
just build like a little decoration city or something over
my old bass but I’m gonna go ahead and sleep probably till tomorrow morning
that way the the brass will be done so we don’t have to do this at night oh but
I can’t show you the traps the animal traps the small animal traps I noticed I
had those blueberries some might as well use them but the animal traps they’re
kind of glitch they work for I don’t know catching two or three
animals but after that they stopped working so you just craft them in the
workshop and then you’re gonna put them on your hotbar and then you’re gonna
just place them down I’m just gonna play some right in here cuz it doesn’t seem
to matter where you place them and then you’re gonna go into it and you’re gonna
set up bait and you’re just gonna drag it over a hit activate trap and then
just hit escape to get out of it and hopefully tomorrow you’ll see we’ll
actually have an animal in there but it has a little cheese icon if there’s
actually bait in there and then it’ll it’ll change to like a mouse once you’ve
actually caught something so I’m gonna go ahead and go to sleep and then on speed time up so we can do this other
stuff in a daytime and I still sleep over here just cuz I
haven’t got a big enough area to let me sleep all night over there and this
place is great for letting you sleep all night it’ll wake you up there but I could just sleep through the night and I
could just sleep on the ground and not to worry about nothing no I need to
sleep for another hour oh wow that was unusual they usually don’t uh aren’t
can’t run in here I thought maybe I got an update and the developer fixes but I
did manage to sleep all night so I’m gonna grab some food all right my brass
should be done so let me go back over there it’s kind of nice being able to sleep
out in the stars not worry about a infected coming to get you alright so
now we got a should have six brass so then we go over to our nice reloading
bench Oh am i tall one more thing once you got our brass you go to the Forge
and then we need to go to the ammo at the far right and make whatever whatever
you’re looking for oh I need iron all right so let’s just make just make
one of these this one’s seven six two fifty ones for
your hunting rifle the nine mils for the pistol this Cal 545 is for your m4 and
then a 12-gauge for your shotgun you can’t make revolver ammo right now
hopefully they’ll add that at some point I just don’t know when and then okay so
we got some ammo or some shell casings and then you go over to your workshop
and you can have your NPC’s do this so you don’t have to sit there and actually
do this and I’ll just give it to give it to her and then once you upgraded it to
level two you can make grenades and I need one of these so now I got a grenade grenades are fun
to play with but they’re not there I don’t know they’re kind of weird I did a
video on hitting up the bandit camps with like 18 grenades and some people
you think would get killed by the grenades end up not dying and it was
it’s fun but it’s not something I would use every day but if you need more
grenade fragments if you kill the Berserker usually he drops pretty pretty
decent amount of them so that’s pretty much how you make ammo in the game
currently and I don’t know if they’ll change that by adding the revolver or
make it easier or harder I don’t know but right now that’s how you can make
ammo alright I slipped a little bit to get these traps done so now I have two
animals in there I’m gonna go to harvest it and then harvest and now I have two
rats or Ted Mouse’s and then I’ll have to go out and look for blueberries or
you could take the you could take the apples you get from the bandits and you
can chop them up harvest them into four pieces and you can also use that as bait
I think carrots can be used for bait there’s there’s a few different things
you can use for bait but I’m just gonna harvest those stupid rats and it gives
you a to me to fat from that one this one gives me one fat but if these things
kept working and just wasn’t glitched out they would be great for food because
it would be you know pretty easy to get your enough food every day alright let’s
cook up some rat meat mmm YUM rat meat and the seed nose will
give you you know hope you’re decent amount of food but eventually they’ll
stop working and then you’ll have to end up throw them in a trash like the
recycle bin which I need to build at some point because you always run into
this stuff you don’t really need too many sticks or too many sugar bottles
there’s quite a bit of crap that you’ll end up throwing away depend on how long
you actually play the game and these uh recycle bins are great for that alright
I think I’m going to keep the video short today just so I can do some
building off-camera just so it’s not that boring cuz just watching somebody
just build stuff all right I think I’m keep the video pretty short today I’m
gonna probably do some building off-camera that way make sure I have
everything ready to start planning my plants and hopefully I won’t have no
issues with that over in this area I’m not gonna build my farm over by the
houses until I have some more seeds to test out if it actually will work over
there so I’m not gonna take a chance cuz you just don’t have enough seeds to mess
around at the beginning you want to make sure you can get more seeds and the only
way you can do that is by planting them and harvesting them plant more and
harvesting it just a pain in the ass thanks for watching and I will catch
y’all later

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