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Importance of Survival Skills

Minecraft Survival Series: Episode 1

Minecraft Survival Series: Episode 1

Hello, welcome to my channel!
All right, so I am going to be playing some Minecraft – some normal, single-player Minecraft. I’m going to create a new world, “New World New Life”. Okay,
and I’ll be playing Survival no loud sheets off and on cuz I’m I can do this
okay and I’m joining and loading this takes the longest to load if you could
give me a like and maybe consider subscribing that would make me really
happy so I should also win again to the world I should probably turn my volume
up for sound let’s see take so long to load alright let’s see oh okay I joined oh and this is my skin
here I can use and there we go oh there we go
that’s what I look like alright here we go we’re gonna start our adventure the
horse already on a baby horse okay this tree is huge okay here we go okay something’s up with this wood it
won’t even break over there yeah okay if you hear my laptop fan yeah that’s
what’s making all the noise I’m sorry just I don’t have a PC so I have to play
on my laptop okay and I will not be revealing my face just for no reasons so it’ll just be like this for now and I
don’t even have a face cam so there’s you know and it’s too much I know how to
edit so I can’t edit like my whole face and stuff so it’ll take all right I got
some wood okay not a crafting table I’ll get some wood or somebody’s called
steaks there we go we all there’s no such thing as too much wood that’s gonna
be seeing you today because you always there’s always a time where you need
wood you might run out so here we go ugh so much work okay I’m just gonna leave
it like that and then I’m gonna make I’m gonna place down this crafting table and
make some tools basic tools and go I don’t think I’ll need a shovel just
yet so we’ll just leave it at that okay axe crafting table I was thinking of
doing a hardcore series but I feel like I died too fast and then like it would
be a really boring video so I’m just gonna chop down some wood some more wood
and let’s see what should I do um I do want to find a village boo
they’re sheep I get boo oh my gosh there’s so much stuff okay I’m just
gonna mine some of this stone real fast and then I’ll go to the Sheep so I can
make a bed okay ah okay also this is my first video so
it’s gonna be pretty boring and like you know I’m not a pro youtuber or anything
like Dan Tem or something so I’m gonna be really like this
oh oh yes okay okay okay I got this I don’t want a creeper to
block so you know just makes real quick and then go ah I’m freaking out okay okay there we go okay crafting table don’t worry I’ll get
to the sheet just after get some some good items I’ll check out probably this
cave more Oh after I get more materials I also need
to build a house there’s so many things I need to do um oh wow oh my god that
scared me okay I might have not sound scared but I was
scared I did not expect that okay there we go I’m gonna make a torch which
reminds me there we go no more mobs should a scare me okay I
need to quickly get this iron before the creeper comes up here oh my god no no no
get away get away don’t need you right now this is just like hardcore where you
spawn and then there’s all these creatures okay ah oh my god
excuse me oh I should probably put inventory true on that’s a smart idea okay quickly do that before I get killed
ooh okay this is a good spot okay / inventory no / keep no you been Oh /
game well I’m dumb okay game no inventory
true there we go okay I know that’s cheating but I don’t I don’t want to
lose all my items so scared that creeper and stuff are gonna come out I can deal
with the zombies but just not with the creepers all right I need to get that
sheep before it’s night time okay
let’s get some of this qual okay oh yes sheep okay and some pigs for food
this sword is horrible I hate wooden sword it’s like I know I make them feel
like I kind of need them did you think about it cuz hitting with your fists is
worse ahhh oh my gosh okay thank you oh my god
this is so annoying sheep stop it okay that’s what you get
all right now oh I can make I should make shears I am smart oh don’t fall
down the hole I just saw that she fall down the hole okay I know I don’t have I
probably don’t have enough coal but that’ll be okay
okay now while I kill the Sheep I mean not sheep what is this a pig this is a
pig I know my animals not dumb all right there you go the sheep are just like the laying
around I saw a ton of sheep over there where the other sheep was trying to run
away too but I don’t want to go all the way over there okay okay
she don’t touch my iron okay here we go oh okay there we go there might be a
desert temple in the desert over there that I just saw or like maybe a village
I need a village really badly so then I can like like steal from the village
because I love stealing from the villages okay those sheep just look
weird now God admit sheep look weird when they
issued well I got nine from that Wow okay I probably have an effortful arm
anyways okay so I got that there we go and I can also diet from getting one of
these like yeah okay I’m also going to get more stone real quick cuz my stone
is running low okay hope and my food at clearly as you can
see I have like let’s see four things of hunger that are full I’m gonna get this
oh I should make a bucket to collect water smart okay I get addicted to iron
when I see like a or I’m like oh I need to get that except gold gold is just
there’s no use in that gold is just there just to be there but every other
or is really good please creeper don’t blow me up if
you’re near me this is a lot of coal and it’s getting tonight time so I better
hurry home even though I don’t have a home in this world gosh okay okay it’s
getting really dark quick oh okay go go go quick quick quick and again just want to remind you that
if you’re hearing noises yeah that’s my fan for my computer I am so sorry that
you have to go through this okay so now that I’ve okay I don’t have a nut I
don’t think I have have enough for boots but what about a helmet I probably don’t
that’s okay because helmet I don’t need look at my armor thing go up yes okay
see I only have two I’ll find more it’s fine now I got to do quick chops I want a horse so badly but I don’t have
a saddle okay um I am like dying here wish I just killed a sheep because they
don’t really need them anymore and like I’m getting really hungry as you can see
oh I’m good okay we’re good now I’m gonna let’s go to
venture and now my spawn point will get you know deleted but you know that’s
okay I’m gonna break this my bed and go open egg okay let me find a what are they called
I’m not gonna kill those ooh sugar cane oh my gosh there’s a lot okay perfect
I don’t know what I don’t use sugar cane that often fun fact about me uh-huh but
I feel like sugar cane should have more uses just sayin like it should be
another way to breed pandas not just with bamboo even though pandas are
surrounded by bamboo I’m just sayin like what if you’re too lazy to get some oh
that’s my least favorite bottle that’s like one of my least favorite bottoms I
kind of like the Mesa though because there’s mine shafts the like that type
though that bi am i showing you acacia wood
I’m stuff like that that’s just I don’t like that at all okay
why is there no freakin villages there is a village Oh in the acacia oh my gosh
my least favorite biome has a thing okay great I was just talking about how I
hated the Keysha but now I do because it has a village all right
and Marshall cane her ray and a lot of chickens okay also if you want me to play with
resource packs you should tell them you can tell me that oh my god why is the
grass gray that’s so weird or white I don’t know
what color you would think that is but think what you want to think because I
think it’s great okay it’s a new chest in here ooh there’s
orange beds okay I could trade it out for oh my gosh there’s a creeper that
explains this mess clearly all right you find chests if there’s no chest me where
right as I find a chest oh emeralds oh yeah a saddle okay this is good oh and
some leather armor I guess I’ll just use this thank you very much oh and maybe
I’ll take the chest too just cause I’m great all right whoo cold runs I kind of
want some cool things yeah I’m gonna take this sorry stealing everything I
don’t want that block over there though okay oh leather cap again really you
really just give me a leather cap are you serious I’m stealing everything I
feel like it’s this has been raided but like I’m the only person on the server
it’s a single player so it wouldn’t make sense see like how there’s only leather
armor on this are you kidding me okay I don’t really need that much test but no
I’ll just take them okay some of these houses better have better
things oh I hope yes all right
stealing everything oh there’s a farmer dude I think oh yeah it’s food thank you
so much for this delicious oops sorry ooh rabbit stew okay I’m gonna steal
your smoke through thank you very much sorry I don’t really feel sorry I’m just
saying sorry okay there’s a chest in here what’s this chest just let’s
pretend I didn’t see that oh oh okay there’s some cows don’t
really need those right now I might live in one of these houses codes mmm yes
Oh an emerald okay good okay here we go this oh my gosh this is actually okay
this is sick I kind of want to stay here now can I stay here in this house I
might do that I just have to remember to block it off so what do you call them
wait why is it inside that’s um villagers don’t think it’s their house
it’s my house okay yeah this is gonna be my house okay my inventory is already
full thank you very much okay I don’t like the Acacia biome as I said
earlier so it’s kind of funny how I’m in the case uh biome
anyways there you go walk it off I’m gonna put my crafting table down furnace I should have made a bucket
earlier but you know cauldrons after cauldron after cold your napkin Oh oops
placed it wrong cauldron Holdren Holdren okay great artwork and then on this side
hope or I could do it here I don’t really know what a smoker does I think
it cooks your food let’s try it yes it does so much faster Wow okay let’s stop
getting distracted now okay I know and a stone cutter does but grind it all with
repairs I should set up a chest system I just don’t have room anymore okay it sig
down here I realize now I should have made a shovel but you know people make
mistakes and I should have gotten water yeah smart idea okay um I’m gonna cut
this and just get some chests there you go
The Creeper doesn’t blow this up oh and I need to make another crafting table
because it’s up there I’ll put it down here just in case and then we make
sticks this process is hard but you know I’m working through it okay three
ladders are you serious see this is how this is why what is so important to the
two oops here we go good job okay okay cool beans I did it okay I
won’t organize right now but I think I have to say that this is gonna be where
I end the video thanks for watching please like subscribe share do all that
stuff and I will see you guys next time bye

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