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MEXICAN Snacks | Mexican Survival Guide

MEXICAN Snacks | Mexican Survival Guide

What’s up Chris? Hey, I’m making a snack you want one? What is that? My sandwich supreme combo, it’s a family recipe. Look at that again and tell me it doesn’t look disgusting. No, it looks good to me. Chris, I’m about to change your life. You happen to be my special guest. Special guest for what? La Cocina de Ramon! I’m going to teach you how to make some real snacks Mexican snacks to be exact. What? This is a real snack! Uhm, no that’s like cafeteria food. Anyway, we’re going to start off healthy. Fruit? That’s your special ‘Mexican snack’? To an uncultured swine like you, it’s an ordinary bowl of fruit. But for Mexicans it’s so much more than that. You need to add lemon or lime and tajin, which is a chili powder and you get fruta con limon y chile, perfect for those warm summer days! Oh wow, it tastes like a tropical paradise in my mouth! It really intensifies the flavor of the fruit Exactly! Next up, papitas con limon y chile! Is that like my ‘dad’ with lemon and chili? What, no, that’s weird! Papitas means potato chips. Ohh.. Anyway, this dish is similar to the fruit one but you use chips instead. Just add a couple drops of hot sauce. and some lime and you have another delicious snack! Mmm, it’s a perfect balance between sour and spice! Time to get a little fancy, we’re bringing out the big toys for this one. Pay attention, first you blend mango and ice Then you coat a cup with chamoy sauce a savory Mexican condiment add a hint of tajin then you pour the blended mango in and you top it off with more chamoy and tajin then boom, you have a mangonada! It’s like a mango smoothie, but with a kick. That looks good. It is good. Okay, it’s time for the grand finale! The snack of all snacks. Humanity has evolved throughout the years for this snack alone. This snack defines civilization. Tostilocos! That’s just a normal chip bag. Because you’re looking at it with your uncultured mind Chris. You have to turn it to the side and cut it first. Wait, why are you opening it like that? Because to create tostilocos you have to add cueritos, which is pig skin jicama, or Mexican turnip cucumber chamoy hot sauce lime juice and you top it off with Japanese peanuts. All this to create, heaven in a bag. Here, try it. Dang, Mexican snacks are delicious! Alright, let me get some I’m starving! No, no, no. I’m not sharing this, this is good! What? I made them. Let me get some. Did you just slap me? I’m so sorry, it just happened. Please don’t hurt me. I’m actually impressed. I didn’t know you had that in you. Do you still want some of the tostilocos? No, I’m okay.. If you don’t mind, I’m going to go contemplate my life right now..

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