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Melissa Mayo, Business Development Manager at ArcWorks

Melissa Mayo, Business Development Manager at ArcWorks

Hi, my name is Melissa Mayo I’m one of
the other Business Development Managers at ArcWorks. With my 40-plus years of
experience in electronics manufacturing, product and sales I felt my perfect
match was to work at ArcWorks because I wanted to do something with purpose.
Being able to use my network and going out into the community and attracting
more customers into ArcWorks, to bring work to the individuals here, it just
touches my heart every day when I walk through this plant that you get a
thousand hellos, a hundred hugs, and many thank yous for being able to bring work
into them. It’s a joy to have them learn different capabilities, to be able to go
out into the community and work full-time. One of the key things for our
customers to understand is we are an organization that support people with
disabilities. Being able to train them different capabilities kind of prepares
them to go out into the working world. It makes them feel like they’re part of the
community and their expertise in some of the areas has been fantastic. So all we
ask is we’ve got a list of people that would like to come in here but we need
work to bring into them, so we just ask that you give us the opportunity to
quote the business, nothing gained nothing lost, but I assure you everyone
that has come in here it’s just been phenomenal.

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