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Matching Survival 1+1 | 썸바이벌 1+1 EP.20 Part. 1 [SUB : ENG/2019.12.03]

Matching Survival 1+1 | 썸바이벌 1+1 EP.20 Part. 1 [SUB : ENG/2019.12.03]

We look forward again to our last participants today. (Female celebrities who want to find love are here) (And we also have handsome male participants) For me, this very moment is love’s golden time. (From smooth-talking doctor…) (To a restaurant owner who can rap) (The ladies didn’t hesitate to show their interest) (Things were getting hot right from the introductions) (Same space, different experiences) (What a bold guy) (Is there anyone you’re particularly interested in?) (3 guys chose Suji as the woman of their interest!) (And so the battle to her heart begins) (Actively asking questions) (And actively reacting to whatever she says!) (The 1st male participant is quite bold) (Nervous) (If you have time, let’s grab a meal sometime) (The 2nd male participant shyly showed his interest) (Initiating the conversation through her favorite food) (The 3rd male participant is making really bold moves) (Who will Suji choose?) (And here comes the one-on-one date) (I’ve seen your Love Card, Suji) (Approaching more boldly to gain her heart) (What do you like?) (I like you) (Nada’s honest confession makes his heart flutter) (Gyuha and Nami’s one-on-one date) (Is Nami crying?) (She’s not crying, is she?) (The hosts are also getting serious) (We’ll now reveal why she began to cry) We couldn’t finish our conversation during the 3-minute Date. Right. Anyway, I admire your career as a comedian. I’ve heard someone say this somewhere… (What is he going to say?) That comedians are all going to heaven. (Heart fluttering) – Really? / – Yes. Because comedians dedicate themselves to making others laugh, they’ll go to a good place after they die. I’m touched, I’m tearing up. I’ve heard someone say that and I really agree with that. – Right. / – I really feel the same. – I really appreciate that. / – No. I’m not saying this just to be kind or anything. (I really mean it) You’re not actually crying, are you? No, I… (Tearing up) I just really appreciate that you think of us that way. – Don’t cry. / – I’m fine. I’m just really touched. – I actually just yawned. / – Is that right? – Do you need some tissue? / – No, I’m fine. (Should I not have said that?) She’s not actually crying, is she? (Tearing up with Nami) (She must’ve been so touched) – Is there tissue anywhere? / – It’s fine. Thank you. You just see us in such a good way. – No. / – I just really love… And appreciate people who appreciate comedians. – I was really touched. / – I sincerely think… – That you’re all amazing. / – How kind. Did we talk too much just about comedians? (A pleased comedian) I should say something funny. What should I say? Do you enjoy going for a drive? Going for a drive? Yes, I do. – Really? / – Yes. (It’s written on his Love Card) (Going for a drive and visit aesthetic cafes) I really like going for a drive and then visiting aesthetic cafes. Really? (Gyuha is finally realizing her intention) (Blushing) – Is that so? / – I like aesthetic cafes. – Really? / – Yes. Right. (They’re both blushing) Isn’t it so attractive when ladies take initiatives? You can’t fall out of love once you fall for a comedian. (Things are going so well) Now that we’ve talked for a bit… (What is it?) (Eyes widening) What do you think of me? (Asking a bold question) To be honest, it didn’t seem like you got here just to be on TV. – Me? / – Yes, when we talked. – Is that so? / – I felt your sincerity… Which is why I was so touched and I enjoyed our talk. Thank you. I actually chose and read… – Your Love Card. / – Really? I wanted to know more about you. – I mentioned the drives earlier. / – Right. Thank you, really. (How did the two feel about each other?) She was actually nervous, perhaps even more nervous than myself and that was so charming. If I were to have a fling with someone, I’d like her to be the one. I could really feel her sincerity. He respects and supports… My career as a comedian. I always had it in my mind that I’d like to meet someone like that. (Will they be able to become a couple?) It’s now time to show your interest. By now, you’ve all decided… – Who you’re interested in. / – That’s right. Now, you may secretly admit who you’re interested in. – Pitter-Patter Love Box! / – Pitter-Patter Love Box! (Time for a midway evaluation, Pitter-Patter Love Box!) There are eight Love Boxes prepared, each for a participant and you all have your heart badges, right? You can each go and put the badge into whoever’s Love Box. You put it in your crush’s. Gyuha, you’re the first guy to go. – Do I just go? / – Yes. It’s Curry King Gyuha’s turn. (Curry King Gyuha is the first one to go) (Who stole Gyuha’s heart?) I gave it a lot of thought… (Who stole Gyuha’s heart?) You look so bold, yet so cute. (Could it be Nada, who’s adorable on the inside?) (Or is it Nami, who he had a heart-to-heart talk with?) (With a fluttering heart, he made his choice) (The second guy, Jiho, has entered the booth) I was torn between who I liked at the start and who I became interested along the way. Nada looks the closest to my ideal type. She has short hair and looks cute. (Nada stood out for her honest personality) You definitely feel empty after retiring. Suji is a lot like me, which is why I became fond of her. I’ll vote for whoever my heart goes to. (Jiho cast his vote) Athletes have good manners. This is why you suddenly complimented Jiho. – You’re back already? / – I voted quickly. – It’s Financial Planner… / – It’s Sangwon’s turn. (Financial Planner Sangwon is setting on his way) (Who stole Sangwon’s heart?) I was initially attracted to Suji. I like you. (Or could it be Nada, who boldly shows her interest?) (Which one among the two did he cast his vote on?) (The last guy to vote is Surgeon Lee David) I like Suji. (Who did he vote for?) I’m done. He’s back. (All the guys have voted now) – Suji. / – Suji. Should I run? No, don’t do that. I have to be fast. (She’s rushing because she’s nervous) (Who stole Suji’s heart?) I like David. (Suji had a good first impression of David) It was fun talking to him because we had common interests. I like people who are sure of themselves. (Jiho made some bold moves on Suji) (And so did Sangwon) (Which man stole her heart?) How did you vote so quickly? It looks like you just ran up there and ran back. Nada, what are you doing? It’s your time to go. (Let’s make it quick) Alright. I’ll go. I can go, right? (Walking with swag) Who should I choose? Just by the looks, I like Sangwon. (Sangwon is reliable and sweet at the same time) (An unexpected hip-hop couple) Gyuha and I have hip-hop between us and I had fun with him. Did someone vote for him? I’m curious. Good, nobody voted for him yet. (Who did Nada’s heart badge go to?) (The 3rd female participant to vote is Jungmin) I… Will vote for him. (She voted without hesitation) (The last to vote is Nami) I… I had a good first impression of David. (David stole Nami’s heart at first) But with Gyuha… – Can I keep this container? / – Of course. You can think of me whenever you look at it. Time passed so quickly when I was talking to him. (Feeling excited yet shy) I chose him. (Who did Nami choose?) Nami, our last voter is back. You’ve now all put your heart badge into the Love Boxes for the person of your interest. Let’s see who got the most heart badges. We only reveal the box with the most badges. We’ll announce the most-voted male and female. The top male participant is… (They’re announcing the most-voted male first) (Touched) The most popular male participant is… Who could it be? (Who is it?) (Who’s the most-voted male participant?) Congratulations to Sangwon. (Financial Planner Sangwon) He got two votes. (All the other guys are jealous) Congratulations to Sangwon. Thank you for having such a good impression of me. He’s so charming when he speaks. “For having such a good impression.” (How many heart badges did Sangwon receive?) (2 ladies have shown interest in Sangwon) (David, Gyuha, Jiho, Sangwon) (Who had such a good impression of Sangwon?) (Jungmin did) I’m going to vote for Sangwon. (And Nada as well) (Congratulations on winning) (Thank you) The most-voted female participant is… They really enjoy this part. – I also want to know. / – Me too. I’m curious. Who’s the most-voted female participant? The most popular lady is… I think Suji will get the highest number of votes. I just expected Suji to win. (Will it be Suji as expected?) (Or will it be someone else?) The most popular lady is… (Curious) Suji received two votes. (As the ladies expected) Congratulations. (2 guys have expressed their interests in Suji) (Why is he smiling?) I expected Suji to win. She’s just beautiful. I figured that I’d have a competition. (David is competing against..) (Jiho) (Jungmin, Nami, Nada, Suji) Sangwon can… Give you heart badges to whoever you’re asking out. You can give one to two ladies. Say, “will you go on a date with me?” (Who will go on the Jenga Date with Sangwon?) (Sangwon is carefully approaching…) (The ladies) (Is he…) (Asking me out?) (Everyone is getting into the audience mode) Here goes my first heart badge. Thank you. (He’s choosing to ask Nada out first) Thank you. The other one… He’s keeping his promise. Of course he would. A man must keep his promises. (A man must keep his promises) (Is it simply him keeping a promise?) (Or is he interested in her?) Let’s see who else you’re giving your heart badge to. (Watching Sangwon) It’s a war. (Eyes getting lost) (Will he ask me out?) (Sangwon is walking toward someone) Will you go on a date with me? He asked Suji out. (The other date mate is Suji) – It’s now Suji’s turn. / – Suji… You may ask two guys out. Just ask out whoever you’d like. (She gets up without hesitation) (As if she already had someone in mind) (Could it be Jiho, who voted for her?) (Or is it David?) (Or will she go on her second date with Sangwon?) (She chose…) (Jiho) (Feeling sad) Look at how sad Sangwon is. (No, I’m really fine) (Sangwon’s reaction is bothering Nada) (And she has one more heart badge to give) (Can I…) (Look forward to getting one?) (Nada doesn’t have a good feeling about this one) (Suji is giving her second heart badge to David) (Let’s go on a date) (She asked out the two guys who voted for her) (How will the date between the three go?) – You know Jenga, right? / – Yes. There are questions written on the Jenga blocks. You have to actively answer the question and show off how charming you are. And if you pick well, you may find a 500 dollar gift card. Really? You have to be careful, because once the tower collapses… The date is over. Let’s now go on a date. – Let’s go! / – Let’s go! (Suji, Jiho, and David’s Jenga Date) You can sit in the center. Right here. – He’s doing it. / – What’s he doing? He has such good manners. He pulled out the chair for her. He has such good manners. (Jiho is sitting down after taking care of Suji first) Thank you. (What about David?) David just sat down. I feel like David really doesn’t know women. I’m not good at this. I’ve only played Jenga once. It’s okay, there’s something called beginner’s luck. You’ll be fine. (Keeping David in check) – Do you have any tips? / – You have to look carefully… I’ll straighten it out for you. Okay. – I got it. / – There are loose ones. – I got it. / – You’re good. You’re good. – She’s getting competitive. / – Yes. She might become a professional Jenga player. (She might become a professional Jenga player) She’s falling in love with it. A professional Jenga player. Is there anything written on it? Yes. This is a bold one. The bolder the better. Is it really that shocking? – What? / – The bolder the better. Maybe it’s telling her to kiss someone. (Getting excited) When was my first kiss? (When was my first kiss?) First kiss? All of us? Do I have to be honest? First kiss? What’s so bold about that? Look at you ladies. When was your first kiss? We’re not playing. So when was your first kiss? We’re not the ones playing. Why do you ask? My first kiss was when I was in college. I was 22 or 23. He’s stammering… – So it could be a lie. / – Right. It’s not that long ago, it’s weird that he can’t remember it. (There’s something suspicious about him) My first kiss was when I was in my third-year of university. – Third-year of university? / – Yes. That’s definitely a lie. – When was it? / – Third-year of university. Third-year of university? (No way) Mine was… When I was 18 years old. That’s early. Isn’t that quite late? (Divided opinions) Okay. This feels a little off. It surely doesn’t feel good. (You’re very honest) – David, it’s your turn. / – Are we going this way? (Let’s see) (Treating Jenga as if he’s treating his patient) (Aiming for the weak spot with quick decision making) This one. – You’re good. / – I can do it with one hand. (Only using one hand) (Success) He’s really good. (Shocked) (Curious) Make an acrostic poem with the other player’s name. No! So with Shin Suji? Yes, with Suji. It’d be weird if you did with mine. – Go with Suji’s name. / – I’ll start you off. – He’s going to fail. / – He needs to do good. It’d be so charming if he’s really good. That’d be charming. (How is David with acrostic poems?) Shin. Amongst many women that have been created. Su. Amongst numerous women. – Ji. / – There’s none like you. (There’s none like you) (Touched) (His poetry skills make Suji’s heart flutter) That was really quick-witted. (What a charming man) – That’s adorable! / – So cute. – He’s so honest. / – For sure. (Lucky her) That’s too much. (What do the other guys think?) (They’re cringing) (Everyone at the Jenga Date is impressed) You’re so good. Did you prepare that beforehand? I didn’t expect a mission like this. – You’re really good. / – Do I just stack it? (What does Jiho’s block say?) What’s the most you can do for your significant other? (What’s the most you can do for your significant other?) What’s the most you can do? For your significant other? That’s the question. (This is my chance) (What will he answer to capture Suji’s heart?) For my girlfriend… (Curious) I can do it for her. (Do what?) Do what? I can take the fall for her. Even if that gets me criticized… – I can do that. / – You’d get blamed instead. – You’d get blamed instead? / – Yes. – Did I answer the question? / – Yes. I get what you mean. That wasn’t good enough. Come on. You must get married. Don’t you think David will say something really cheesy? (Beware of David’s cheesy comments) I can’t wait to hear what he’ll say. This is hypothetical. (Surgeon Lee David) Since I work at a hospital and see a lot of patients, I think that for someone I love, if I could, I’d give my life. (If it’s possible, I’d like to give my life to her) (My gosh) If I could… (He’d give up his life for his love) I could give my organs if that’s necessary. (He’d give his organs if necessary) (Oh, my gosh) (Can you see how I feel?) – What did he say? / – He said he’d give his life. – My gosh. / – Goodness. Girls fall for that kind of cliche. – Right. / – It’s so romantic. He’s quite straightforward. Look at Suji. – I know. / – She’s clapping like a seal. – She looks happy. / – “Take my life.” – Such a cliched answer is good. / – Right. Then… Will Suji lean toward David? Right? (Are things more advantageous for David?) If I could… I’d give my life. (Did this drive Sportscaster Kim Jiho to a corner?) Transplant? Transplant? (How will he overcome this crisis?) What if your blood type doesn’t match? – What if… / – It’s still possible. (A ferocious battle of two guys) What if it doesn’t match? You can still transplant. – Really? / – Medical technology has advanced. You can take some measures. You can still transplant. You obviously thought about this in advance. (Surgeon Lee David wins) (Bitter) I think Jiho likes Suji, but Suji seems to like David. – My gosh, a love triangle? / – Yes. This is so engaging. (It’s so fun to watch) This one’s making me nervous. (What does it say on the block Suji picked?) What does that say? (She bursts out laughing as soon as she reads it) This is funny. (Focused) I need to pick one and apply hand cream. (Pick one person and apply some hand cream) (He tries to appeal to her) Good. I’ve been feeling that my hands are quite dry. (What about Surgeon Lee David?) Hands are important for surgeons. (Screaming) Hand cream. You’d naturally touch each other. Apply hand cream? This is a very sensual thing. Of course it is. This is too… I like that. Right? Bring me some hand cream, then I’ll… (Lovey-dovey) I picked you earlier. (They can’t wait to find out who she will choose) My hands are… I knew it. (Who will she choose between the two?) (Sportscaster Kim Jiho is straightforward) (Surgeon Lee David is sweet) (On whose hands will Suji apply hand cream?) Then… It looks like he’s hurt his hand a lot. Okay. (She chooses Surgeon Lee David) – Thank you. / – That’s why… I’ll apply this on your hands. (He shyly puts his hands forward) (Should I make a fist or not?) (A fist since I’m a man?) You should undo your fist. – Okay. / – It’s my habit. Since I have to wash my hands a lot for surgery, my hands are very dry. (I’ll apply thoroughly so your hands aren’t dry) (She applies moisture with care) (Thankful) (Let them become soft) You have a lot of scars. (Worried) I don’t need hand cream. (He tries to avoid the situation) (Laughing) He said he doesn’t need hand cream. Jenga is fun. (Thinking) This is more nervous than the self-introduction. (Carefully) (He succeeds) You’re so good. (Suji compliments him) You’re so good. (Sure, sure) “Pick one person and wink at the person.” (Pick one person and wink at the person) (Where are you looking?) Don’t wink at me. Please. Don’t tell me you’ll choose me. Please. Why did he look at you? – He talked about love… / – Wink. (Just looking at each other makes them happy) – Excuse me. / – Sure. – Wink. / – Okay. (Winking) (I’m lonely) Look at Jiho’s face. His lips are slanting downward. (Slanting) (Is he upset?) (This is it for the lovey-dovey moment of their own) – Thanks for the wink. / – Sure. I’ll take my turn. – It’s my turn. / – I’m sorry. – It’s just so fun. / – You guys were so lovey-dovey. (The sweet Jenga Date of their own) (The end) This is the end? – It collapsed. / – He didn’t get a chance. (Jiho didn’t even get a chance) – I didn’t do that on purpose. / – Well done. It’s a little sad that it ended. Let’s be cool about this though. (Forget the sadness) – This is so fun. / – These are worse than the wink. Wink? (How will the Jenga Date for these three look?) (Awkward laughs) I don’t like that you’re wearing the same colored clothes. (She’s displeased from the beginning) – This is good. / – Good. It looks like Nada is the third wheel here. The couple is wearing matching clothes and Nada came along. She’s third-wheeling. Let me start. (Don’t be so displeased and start the Jenga Date) Go ahead. She’s an expert. (Wary) (The expert has taken out the stick successfully) Read it for us. Here we go. Why do I keep picking this? What is it? (What is it?) “Pick one person and apply some hand cream.” It must be my day to apply hand cream on people. What? Again? (I’m watching) Here. (Lovey-dovey) I’ll give you a great massage. (Jealous) I’ve received a lot of massages, so I can do it. (This is a hand cream moment for the two) (Rubbing) – Does that feel good? / – Yes, it does. – It feels good. / – It feels good? Was she supposed to give a massage as well? Was she? – No. Just apply. / – But she’s giving him a massage. Just apply? – But you are… / – So she’s just doing this? You could be sensitive about your hands, so maybe she wanted to be careful with them. You don’t need to put it nicely for me. No, that’s what I really think. Collapse. End it here. End it. (The two enjoy the moment) My friends told me that I’m a good masseuse. You are. (Are they clasping their fingers?) You say you’re giving a massage… – And touching him a lot. / – Thank you. – Was it good? / – Yes. (She’s not happy that they touched hands) – Thank you. / – Was it good? Yes. Was it? Yes, it was. Stop smiling. Smile later. Don’t get too excited. – How do I do this? / – Let’s see. You took it out so easily. (What does it say?) “What kind of physical contact gets you most excited?” Asking everyone. I picked so you two should answer first. It makes my heart race when someone hugs me from behind. I like it when someone gives me a hug from behind. (I love the hug from behind) I like it. I saw it on TV. – On TV? / – I saw people doing it. It got me excited. Oddly enough, it makes me flutter when I hold hands. I haven’t held hands with many. Maybe something like this? When you hold hands discreetly in a car? – While driving… / – But… – It’s better if the guy takes initiative. / – Right. It also makes the one who takes initiative flutter too. – Really? / – Yes. “Should I hold it or not?” I love that kind of vibe. Just thinking about it makes me happy. – She seems sort of innocent. / – She does. She doesn’t look that way though. I know, observing her… – Made me realize she’s innocent. / – I know. – She’s cute. / – I know. – You’re good. / – Yes. Maybe nothing’s written? (What could be written on the block?) – I don’t like this one. / – What is it? Making eye contact for 10 seconds. What do I do? (The one who has to make eye contact is flustered too) Can I stare at your philtrum instead? Or the middle of the forehead. The middle of the forehead? – Is someone going to count? / – Who’s going to count? Can I? Is it 10 seconds? Yes, thank you. Then I’ll count however I want. (I’ll do whatever I want) (Nada’s count marks the beginning) In 1, 2… (The eye contact begins) 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Don’t do it. (It’s her way of showing jealousy) It’s better not to do it. (She’s cute) (Part 2 will continue soon)

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