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Making USELESS Features USEFUL in Minecraft!

Making USELESS Features USEFUL in Minecraft!

Now I think it’s safe to say that just like any game, Minecraft has got it’s fair share of useless features. There’s just a handful of items and different things that you can do… that seem a tiny bit pointless to me. But today, hopefully I’m going to change that opinion because we’re going to be taking those useless features and we’re going to be adding a use to them. Now the first useless feature that we’re going to be targeting today is this guy right here, the bat. Now although I have seen a lot of ambient mobs in Minecraft, I like the fact that the world feels alive with them. Bats… ughh they’re just annoying, I mean they-they make horrible noises, they’re really difficult to kill due to their erratic flying patterns and they don’t even drop anything when you do kill them: Useless. But here’s my concept. Back in the early days of redstone, we would build things like this. Now this is a chicken randomizer and the idea is that the chicken would randomly power this redstone lamp when it decides to move. But as you can see, they’re fairly reluctant to move. I mean they take ages to do anything. You know what I might actually be on to something here! I’m serious! This guy’s super active! He kind of moves around a lot! And it turns th-the thing on and off quite frequent This is perfect! The only thing is is that it would be so incredibly difficult to catch a bat and put it into a redstone contraption and of course you’d have to rename it to stop it from despawning but I would say this is a huge success. I mean look that is a truly random circuit amazing! One green outline for the bats, Ok next up we’re going to move on to an item in Minecraft that to be honest with you that always confused me a tiny bit. I don’t really know if there is any use for it that is this old chess nut the chorus fruit Now if you eat one of these I don’t actually know if it will work in survival mode but if we pop through into survival here and eat it You can see that it randomly teleports us to a location Now there has to be something that we can do with this Now I wonder can I use it to get on top of things? OOOH. Hold the phone! That has just put us on a other side of that wall Forget going on top of things! What about getting inside of things that you’re not meant of getting inside of! That’s a genuine… Give me a second! So here we have Jimmy’s impenetrable stronghold As you can see this is one solid block of obsidian And I can’t get in there because i’m equipped with a diamond hoe So let’s see if I eat this chorus fruit Ok we’ve gotten further away which is not the best start Ok we’ve gotten further away once again *Super long silence* It’s like one of those things, It’s like a game of chance You don’t really know where you’re going to end up But I’m sure at some point I could end up at the inside it’s gotta happen Unless there’s some kind of Minecraft rule about teleporting inside of structures Could be a genuine thing Ooh! That was close though Ooh! There we go! (laughing) So we can get inside of structures using chorus fruit! There we go and look at these valuables No wonder he built an impenetrable fortress So chorus plants get an absolute yes from me! It’s incredibly useful in fact that kinda makes top of the list from being very unuseful to being one of the most useful items I can think of! Now this one’s gonna be tricky I mean other than looking good what does this do as a pressure plate that makes it not useless I know what it’s meant to do It’s meant to give off redstone outputs depending on how many entities are on top of it But in my experience that doesn’t really work so well So, my first idea was to do a farm speed indicator So this is a system that shows you how fast your farm is producing items And they all land on these pressure plates and you can see that the little gauge goes up which is from 0 which is base-level to eh to speedy to real fast to blitzkreig to literal fire! Your farm is producing so many items that it’s actually producing flame over there And as you can see, Yeah the redstone lamps begin to increase. I wonder if I can get literal flame! It doesnt look like Imma be able to pull it off. But of course this idea is about as useless as the feature itself Because all of the items are just sat there to despawn. All of the item that your farm is producing will end up not going anywhere! There just landing on that pressure plate and obviously you cant put a hopper underneath the pressure plate Because then the gauge won’t work and the pressure plate will power the hopper which means that the hopper wont pick up the items. Stupid. But, I’m not done with this idea just yet Because now we’re going to take a look at mobs. Which the weighted pressure plate actually seems to work a little bit better for now unfortunately, gold is still pointless for this application but iron is definitely useful because if we start getting some zombies in here, you can see that we are going to add some of them. Gradually, our redstone signal strength out the back here is going to increase. Now, eventually once we get enough zombies, it is actually going to power that redstone lamp. So let’s see Should be happening any second now.. We’ve got quite a few zombies so obviously we have some sort of XP grinder This would be expected.. Okay, there we go Okay, so there is our zombie Now if we add in so 1 more zombie.. 2 more zombies.. 3 more zombies.. 4 more zombies.. THAT’S when they start taking that damage And it’s pointless to get any more So THIS redstone lamp is actually a good indicator for when its probably a good idea to start killin’ off your zombies so none of them get wasted.. Useful! So all is goin’ well SO far but I don’t necessarily have the higher hopes for THIS one The fact that you can place redstone on top of pistons AND it actually functions Which is surprising BUT all of the redstone breaks when the pistons retract Which is a real shame by the way Mojang This is a feature that could definitely be added to the game And everyone would definitely be very happy about it I mean I GUESS this could be a one use really compact monostable circuit That.. is that a use..? I can’t remember the last time I needed a one use mononstable circuit, so probably not But a trap something like a trap is generally a one use mechanism So I think we could’ve come up with something here something here, and it’s really really simple As you can see, we got a pressure plate, we got ourselves a piston door, and when the player walks forward And, instantly those blocks get pushed out the way And we fall down into some lava Now, the way that I’ve done it is we just got a gap underneath the piston door, we got the blocks right here And then pressure plates on top of the pistons And as soon as you power those pressure plates, they pop off, but also push the blocks ahead As fast as possible Can’t get any faster than that And that creates a trap Now, is that useful?? *Silence* I think I’m gonna give this one an amber Reason being, I mean, sure, it is a use We have found a use for placing redstone on top of pistons But, there are better traps out there Before we had horses We had these guys PIGS SADDLES AND CARROTS ON STICKS Now It’s definitely not a fast way to travel, is it? There’s no use there, okay? I would say in general transport.. There’s not a use So we’re going to have to come up with something a little different Now I’m just wondering, could this be a way to sustain some serious fall damage? *Even more silence* NO The pig doesn’t break our fall in the slightest Now that I’ve got myself a replacement stunt pig, I’ve noticed that there’s a gap in the terrain right here that a regular pig should be able fit through, but I cannot Oh! That’s actually quite handy! So we can travel through one block high spaces using a pig Oh my word, that’s givin’ me a gu- imagine that as a maze! You know what? There’s no need for imagination Here we have a pig, here we have my little carrot on a stick And if we pop through here It is a- It’s a little invisible maze! Where you have to make your way round Navigating via pig *Silence* Okay so I’ve got it like this.. *More silence* *Really long silence* And I’ve managed to make it out on the other side! This is a-maze-ing This is totally amazing, this is the best uses I’ve found for anything in Minecraft ever! Forget green concrete, this is getting emerald blocks, because of how useful it is For this next feature, I’m actually going to have to venture away from our little area And go on a hunt for a feature in Minecraft that is pretty rare and also totally pointless There it is! In all this glory The desert well. I remember when I first started playing Minecraft, when these were first introduced to the game They were pretty crazy You’d see these appearing in the desert and you’d think to yourself, wow, that’s amazing New features, new Minecraft structures But nowadays, we’ve got some pretty rad structures, we’ve got a village over there We got another village over there, and obviously, we’ve got the Woodland Mansion, and the actual desert temples those seem to be pretty impressive This is starting to look a little bit “pants”.. So, what I’m going to do is is transform it into something that ISN’T so pants! Which is just a tiny little bunker underneath here So the first thing I’m gonna have to do is clear out some of the water temporarily, and then we’re going to build trapdoors And a little chest system down at the bottom here, so we can have a tiny little base hidden under this well. Now it’s nothin’ too crazy, but I think it worked out pretty well, so if you take a look at the Eastern edge, and throw an item in You’ll see that our pistons open up, we can drop down to the bottom, and then we have access to all of the chests, We can use up all of the crafting benches, furnaces, and everything like that, and when we’re done, we can just pop up into the water stream, make our way to the top, and then we grab our item from the hopper that’s down at the bottom there. And that will close everything behind us, so that we’re nicely hidden away. Can you imagine how cool it would be if Mojang would add something like this into the game? I mean, we’ve already got some redstone in the Jungle Temples, we’ve got some redstone in the Desert Temples, I think even the Woodland Mansion might have a little bit of redstone.. Would it be SO DIFFICULT for them to sneakily add something like that in?? Just so that these little wishing wells that are dotted around the desert actually have a use to them? I mean, that would be amazing. Anyway, back on over by our Useless Area, the last feature we are going to take a look at in today’s video is the furnace minecart We’re gonna, We’re gonna… *Yet ANOTHER silence* We’re going to try and find a use for the furnace minecart Find a use for the furnace minecart.. A use for the furnace minecart Yeah, that’s not gonna happen, and on that note, it’s time to end today’s video! I hope you enjoyed it, and if you did, please be sure to hit that Like Button And if you REALLY enjoyed it, make sure to hit subscribe, thanks for watching, this has been Mumbo, I’ll see ya later. Just get out of here! You belong in like, 2010. At the very latest.

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