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LOTERÍA | Mexican Survival Guide

LOTERÍA | Mexican Survival Guide

– What is the meaning of life? – 10:37 pm. – What? – No, mom, can’t you see we’re busy right now? – What’s Loteria? – You can’t just go around telling people you don’t know what Loteria is. What are you trying to do,
give my mom a heart attack? – Well, I don’t know what it is. – My mom was right about you. You are El Diablito. – So, are you going to explain it to me or. – Of course I am. This is Mexican Survival Guide, after all. Just follow me. Okay, Chris. So you wanna learn more about Loteria. Well, first thing you need to know is that it’s one of the most frustrating things ever. – Frustrating? – Yes. You can play 10 games in a row and win nothing, but as soon as swap cards with your cousin Carlos, he starts winning with the card that was yours. That was your card. You chose it from the game, he stole your glory. But when you win, it’s good times. Anyway, this is a Loteria card. Everyone plays a little different, but the goal of the game is to fill it up with these. – A rock? – No, it’s a pinto bean. – So how do I fill up a card with a pinto bean? – With this. Someone draws a card and reads the name. If the name happens to be on your card, then you put a bean over that spot. – So this is just Mexican Bingo? – Well, yeah, but it has more pictures. – Mom, you can’t just make up cards. That’s cheating. – Don’t call your mom a cheater!

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