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Lisa A. Romano Reviews 12 Week Breakthrough Coaching Program

Hey everybody, thank you so much for being here You are about to view a video that I think is pretty special. My name is Lisa a Romano I am the break through life coach I am a best-selling author a mentor a speaker and I’m also the creator of the 12-week Breakthrough coaching program, so I launched my program back in 2016 So I actually started working on it in 2015, but it really is a culmination of my life’s work Look, I’ve been there. I’ve been severely codependent. I have lived below the veil of consciousness I have lived the life of reactive ego. I have been highly reactive to my environment I didn’t know how to shut his shutting. I didn’t know how to hold on to myself. I didn’t know how to set boundaries I didn’t know how to deal with and process anxiety. My life was an absolute mess and the worst part of Having a life that was such a mess Was that I was programming my children to do the same things that I had done to be codependent to be reactive to Expect people to change without understanding that I needed to change right? It’s amazing when you start to heal from codependency You or you feel like you’re turning inside out right? Because it’s a product of Conditioning. It’s a product of Programming and we’re not taught to observe the way we think we can Observe the way we think but we’re not taught to do that and I have spent my entire life Probably the last 20 years or so trying to figure out researching like crazy spending as much time as I can trying to figure out how the human mind works and how the ego works and how the Quantum field works, right? You know What is this thing that that is called codependency and that has us Living below the veil of consciousness in a state of reactivity. Why are so many of us depressed and and Why do we attract people into our experience that are? Mirrors for our parents vibrations. Why do we keep doing things? That we swore we would never do and even when we know we shouldn’t be doing this thing We can’t help ourselves from doing it You know There’s one thing that I say all the time is that the brain can only play with the tools that are in the shed Right. You can’t fix a hole the wall that you can’t sing. It’s not our fault that we didn’t have these tools It’s not our fault if we grew up in unpredictable Alcoholic homes. It’s not our fault. If we Suffered sexual abuse and our mothers didn’t believe us or our fathers didn’t believe us, right It’s not our fault if our homes were unsafe It’s not our fault if our emotional brain our limbic brain Was hyper vigilant and wired for survival rather than thriving Those of us who have lived in a state of survival. We’re reactive Our brain is only trying to keep us safe but we don’t know that we end up feeling bad about ourselves because we reacted or We end up judging ourselves because we’re doing things that we swore we never would Our behaviors don’t make sense not even to us. We’re stuck We’re below the veil of consciousness and we don’t know how to awaken. We don’t know how to break through and in my life I learned to break through I learned to figure out what was keeping me stuck and once I understood it I knew That I had to share this with other people I knew that I had to find a way a road map create a road map out of the codependent mind Create a map that people could follow a step-by-step map that people could follow That could help them recover their lives that could help them Learn how to feel and process their feelings that could help them confront Shame right shame is not at fault. But shame is a product of most of our lives and When our brain is reacted to this shame, then shame is not something that is easily processed, right? So I wanted to teach people how to do that. You know, I understood that. We’re all unconscious So I wanted to address that there’s just so much information that I wanted to share and my life is proof, right? I mean, I’ve had the dysfunctional marriage I’ve suffered, you know a horrific horrific divorce I’ve been at a place in my life where I was raising three children I didn’t and I didn’t have a job. I had nowhere to go. I didn’t know how I was gonna survive and look at me now, and I don’t say that from a braggadocious from a braggadocious the Braggadocious viewpoint. I say it to inspire you I say it to empower you I want you to know that I’ve been there I’m not somebody that you know read a book. Is that oh Let me translate that and turn it into try to turn it into something My program is literally my road map out It’s what I use to help me free myself, and it was hard not gonna lie It was hard because when you’re codependent, you have to confront yourself. You have to confront the darkness within you You have to confront Emotions that you your brain wants to deny suppress and run away from it’s not easy, right? But there is a way out which is really really exciting. So I’ve created an online program that I think is very Beneficial for those who resonate with my work if you don’t resonate with my work, that’s fine. You know, that’s totally fine but for those people who want to learn more about How they could work with me and my team for people who are curious about the breakthroughs that you’re about to witness For people who are sick and tired of being sick and tired is my message in my videos resonate with you I just want to make sure that you know what’s available to you my team and I are about to relaunch the 12-week breakthrough coaching program and I just wanted to make sure that anybody who is interested knew about it and so you’re about to hear some pretty incredible stories from real people just like you nobody’s been paid to give me their Testimonial this what shows up people want to share their experiences They want to let people know it’s like they’ve become one fire with oh my god I can do this if I can do this anybody can do this and there’s something about the human spirit that once you break through and once you’ve awakened you want other people to know that it’s possible for them to It’s probably related to feeling so alone in life and then finding that light within and then finding the tools and learning what you need to learn to set boundaries to love yourself and and You know to learn how to process your emotions and all that wonderful stuff It probably has to do with wanting to inspire the next person to not give up you are about to hear from pretty amazing and incredible people who have Really had difficult life experiences and all they wanted to do was be given an opportunity to reach somebody like you so hopefully you are inspired by what you hear and Hopefully today you believe that you can break through to Namaste enjoy the video. Bye for now. I am in a completely different space mentally emotionally spiritually than I was only three months ago and It is a place that I desperately Dreamed and hoped of getting to but deep down inside never thought I would be able to achieve but out of desperation, you know threw myself into this work because I needed it so badly and 12 weeks is not so long ago and I remember Exactly where I was and how I felt and If this testimonial is a chance to alleviate somebody else’s suffering if you are anything right now like the way that I was 12 weeks ago you Might really be suffering right now Right at Lisa’s course I Felt very stuck I felt very spiritually stuck very emotionally stuck what I had been through was I’d been through some traditional psychiatry anxiety and panic disorders and To put it bluntly not to make light of it I had been tempted to commit suicide since I Could remember I look pretty pretty good today. I look happy. I look healthy I look put together and confident and this is not Who you would have seen if you’d met me on the street about a year and a half ago I did what everybody said I was supposed to do I Didn’t have an opinion that disagreed with anybody else. I Didn’t disagree with anything. I just was the most codependent little thing you’d ever seen Experienced and Mark came to me at the right time because I had lost hope You might be somebody that’s experiencing excruciating emotional pain Might be frustrated emotionally drained Stuck in a toxic relationship or going through horrible withdrawal pains after finally being able to get yourself out of one You may or may not be able to beginning out of bed right now Not knowing how to face the day and not wanting to face the day. That’s where I was and so If you’re feeling that right now, my heart really goes out to you and I am here to tell you that if you are willing To put the time and the effort in you are not going to feel that way anymore There actually is a light at the end of the tunnel I’ve been on this healing path for 15 plus years several therapists on a CoA decided to do this testimonial because of As you can tell by this smile and these cheeks that make my eyes closed or not. This is mostly my mood now most days This was not my mood About three short months ago. I was in a very very different place. I lost count of workshops and retreats Am I even had a Hay House author? For a year that was that I hired for a mentor I mean that I spent a king’s ransom on but there was still so many gaps that I found in These modalities I was trying I came from a difficult childhood My father was an alcoholic my mother very critical of me a lot of anger Law judgment what an angry perfectionism and as a consequence, I’ve spent most of my life feeling I’m something wrong with me. You know I said that that deep level feeling that you know, something fundamentally not right with Dave I’m not good enough version is I grew up in a highly dysfunctional household I was suicidal for the first time at age 12 I idealized or fantasized about Suicide at least two or three times after that Including a time this year. I Suffered from chronic bouts of depression my whole entire life I’ve been in and out of therapists office on and off the couches, you know for four decades I really lived from a place of being Unbelievably lonely and Unbelievably self-loathing. I mean, it’s just it’s just Horrible, my two parents were married 10 times and married and divorced 10 times before I got out of high school. My father was a chronic alcoholic severe alcoholism In fact, my father’s side of the family every male in the family and some of the females chronic ass severe alcoholics I’d come from a severe trauma background. I was raised by alcoholic bipolar narcissists my father especially was extremely violent And when my parents divorced I was left alone with my mother and her Fiance whatever you want. I was basically living a life where I was in complete reactivity. I felt like buffeted around I Was always coming from a place of feeling anxious or scared or lack. I would spend most of my days beating myself up Desperately morning and dreaming but deep down inside Thinking or believing that I didn’t really deserve anything any of the things that I really really wanted That the simple things in life that other people enjoy or too good to be true for me and that’s sort of where I was living before I started this work, I Was in a pretty big pit of depression and despair and that had been a familiar place that I had gone to Repeatedly throughout my whole life. I don’t remember even as a child running free and skipping and singing and being happy my childhood was a mode of survival I just felt like I just need to be able to follow a program I’ve got so much information coming at me everywhere This would be just something where I can just not have to think and just follow To do I’m told I needed that at that point. I was in information overload. So that was I’ve gotten into an emotionally abusive Relationship a few years ago. I was just one day on how I was beaten emotionally and because of that I thought I was poisonous to people and All the paperwork boy. Am I actually an animal I love about Lisa is that she’s very very generous of her free content She walked the walk. She lived it she her her life as a manifestation of all the hard work that she’s done in her life and She always speaks from a place of positivity and like self empowerment and not wallowing. So basically, I went to a friend’s recommendation for a therapy session and this woman told me of you seem neurotic and actually you’re broken And then I tried another lady that I was recommended who? Seemed to understand therapy like narcissistic abuse, but it just felt like I was talking to an empathetic friend who told me to think positively I’m the same as Lisa in the respect that I’m like, where’s the tools? Give me an exercise I even specifically said like can we focus on exercises then to how I can be more positive and how I can you know do these things and and I think that Therapy that just tells you not to feel your feels. It’s just invalidating you further. I would come home and I would lie in my bed and cry I would get up each morning go to work and Drag myself to work. I didn’t want to go to any to work I didn’t want to interact with anything if I could just lay in bed. I was just laid in bed And basically cried I ate my meals in my bed. I didn’t sleep I Just basically cried I tried buddhism nihilism Catholicism all the isms envy isms who worked for me Lisa ISM is working for me, but I couldn’t Describe where the shame came from or what I was shameful of or what I felt guilty of it just felt like a big bad secret that the whole world must know about me, I remember Hearing a phrase from her and it changed my life it was that it’s not you it’s your programming and That sounded so simple and yet I started thinking about it and it was the first time in my life anybody and this after like years years a Decade or more of therapy. Nobody had ever told me it wasn’t my fault Nobody had ever even mentioned that maybe it wasn’t my fault that maybe it was my programming I thought programming what the hell is programming at the turning point for me was I thought if I forget 5% improvement in my life Then the money would be well-spent. So I signed up and I Was I’m sure was scared But thought I had nothing else to lose on People at the bottom, um, Beyonce, whatever you want to call him Sexually abused me. My mother didn’t want to believe that and my grandmother took me away Now my grandmother was an alcoholic bipolar Queen of the narcissus. That was my father’s mother and it was very much The narcissistic family cult is the way I would describe that. I Bought into the lie that I was bad, you know, and I know it’s not my fault, you know, I know I’m good You know, I know that that was a lie. I was always good It was just a programming that was put into me by my parents But particularly my father the way I what I was really struggling with in life was being judgmental of myself on a level that You know the voices in your head and the things that I would tell myself I knew they were wrong But I couldn’t stop them and then I didn’t want to in my heart think negative things about others But they were there at least I could say I feel it could be no other way It’s it’s what I saw modeled in front of me But I really didn’t have a mother my most recent bout in which I was with somebody that I would consider a clinical narcissist I went through the whole love-bombing Getting gas-lit getting too valued and then getting discarded that was February of this year That was so unbelievably painful that that’s when I took to my bed and wrote the suicide letter didn’t send it out, you know But barely clung on for good three or four weeks That’s when I started looking for answers in earnest online. There was just a loneliness in me a Lack of an ability to connect with the world and this program Absolutely and undoubtedly have shifted that for me and it was something I wasn’t expecting at all I wake up there’s this sunrise to my life. There’s this shift in the filter of my perspective That’s happening. It’s amazing how Lisa has structured this? in a way in and what I call systems and structures Step by step the brain science and the way it applies to trauma victims That is something that no one really ever explained to me before note that I find it in in print anywhere Turner tamer there There’s an active Conversation you have a way to have questions There’s so much feedback. The program itself is extremely organized So if you’re an organized person and you like organized you’re gonna love it if you’re not organized It’s gonna teach you and I feel a lot happier That’s a feeling of not being enough of being of being bad is leaving as left You know the thought transformed in that sense, you know, I know I know that was a lie. I understand it all now It’s explained to me in great detail where it’s come from we work for it. So today I know I’m good, you know And where am I at my life a hundred and eighty degrees different I have joy I have hope I have goals I have ambition. I have Drive I smile. I laugh Hope that’s the big one get up and face the day and see what life has for me see what challenges are thrown my way and see how I can get through them and overcome them and be the best possible version of me that I can be I Can’t wait to see the abundance and life I can’t wait to see ya the rain or the Sun or the way the Sun shines the Isolation the chair just lifted for me. I’m in just gratitude I can’t say enough five stars is short be limiting my expression at this point So I would say please die then dive in because it’s an absolute game changer From someone that you know, I was so resentful of the self-help industry after 15 years I was feeling the same pain. I felt lapped left down let down I felt abandoned again all of the things came back to life for me and It’s just such a relief to know that I can why even walk away from here with a toolbox? That I can apply in my a healing approach moving forward as well It’s you know It’s just it’s just remarkable and I’m so thankful to Lisa the team the community for what this has brought to my life and the pathways and portals that have been open for me the possibilities that the rewriting of the chapter of my life because this Absolutely has allowed me the opportunity to plug into my life be in full participation of my life And I can’t say anything, but thank you. So, thank you. Thank you thank you god bless and I am so so so given high fives and hopes and Blessings to everyone on their journey that the work and the teachings of Lisa’s taught me is whether or how it’s will where it’s all Coming from and you know, I’ve got that self awareness today, you know I can I can avoid the triggers that can be less reactive but lengthening the fuse and I’ve definitely limp in the few giving tools It to counter that reactivity That’s a big one for me because I see you know Someone criticize me now I go from nought to 60 very quickly and be but you know and have a quiet Onion reaction and today, you know, I can be more humble and and have a longer fuse and and practice schottische I yeah, and that’s another one I’ve learned It’s just you know to think before I talk, you know, and I’ve been after enough tried all these things on my life But somehow Lisa’s got for you to me, you know He’s has got through to me and lots of things in ways that other people didn’t you know? I’m awake Unconscious so I can see I can see myself I can make changes, you know, it’s like nothing to prove anymore, you know everything because of my background I’m not feeling enough I was always trying to prove myself to people there’s so much change going, you know, yeah It’s amazing is it it’s been a beautiful experience? so much support What Lisa Romano’s work will help you do is actually? Build a road map for a completely different way of talking to yourself the building a completely different belief system that’s loving and self empowering and building a road map for Literally just how to deal with life on a daily weekly monthly basis and they are Specific life skill tools that I desperately needed a long time ago and never got out of all the navel-gazing that I did Very vast in scope There’s a lot of information to it and you it will keep you busy. You will get your money’s worth Where I am now It’s really awesome I Am so excited about my life. I feel empowered the thing that I got if you don’t get anything else But this will be worth it for the first time in my life deep deep down in little cockles of my heart. I really Know that I am enough and I am lovable and worthy just the way that I am and Anything that happened to me when I was a kid that told me otherwise was somebody else’s problem that was projected onto me had nothing to do with me and So coming to the world from a place of knowing that I am of an I am enough. I Feel powerful and I feel excited because I’m the girl who gets what she wants now I’m the girl who gets what she wants Very very different reality. I just want to say a huge. Thank you to you Lisa I Feel like I’m starting a new chapter of my life Now with the thanks to you and and getting out of it. I’m getting out of these toxic relationships and and also starting to see the red flags of narcissistic people quite early on now and just to pick in my path now towards the positive things in life and and Actually starting to see things in a whole different way and actually seeing all the beauty in the world and all the good people in the world because you can become really quite You can become quite sad with life through narcistic abuse, especially if you grew up with that and you can become quite distrustful of people So to get that back and to be surrounded by such beautiful people for the last 11 weeks It just manages to turn yourself back around again and you get this new perspective again on life and you’re actually ready to go Hey, this is exciting. I’m really excited now for what I’m gonna start to manifest into my life This is my thank you Lisa, and you’ve really changed my life Thank you so much I experienced they’re doing this work through committing to this work every single day of this 12 weeks a Complete paradigm shift. It is an actual feeling of a physical change from the inside of the body if you’re lucky you find somebody like Lisa who went through it also and Figured out a way to get out of it. I was smart enough and had her wits about her enough to write down What she did and what worked for her to heal herself so she could put together a program that was going to step-by-step Walk you through What she lived through? So it’s not like somebody that just went to school got a degree wrote a book and decided what this is how you healed yourself? No, Lisa knows she’s been there She’s been in that pit down the rabbit hole the same rabbit hole that the rest of us have tried to dig ourselves out of But I’m here to tell you you can dig it out. You can get out and the sunshine feels awesome I don’t think like that anymore y’all I’m actually excited to live So You know that lack of depression that just I feel like now I could speak to someone and I have lost people in my life to drug overdoses and Suicide and I feel that I could speak to people now about that and give them hope and show them that you are everything everything is you you matter You’re enough and no matter what this this messages this world has given you that you’re enough and you have the power to create your life you do you just do I’m looking forward to creating my life My heart’s desire. I know it’s not perfect And I know that that the way I’m doing everything isn’t perfect But that doesn’t get me like it used to because I’m proud of myself finally like really proud of myself. So I’m gonna close this thing gonna land this plane Yeah, but I believe basically what I want I guess what I want to say to Lisa and the moderators and my facebook group cuz Like I love you all so much. You have no idea and I wasn’t a big social media person at all And I’m still not okay, so but I believe that this program was key to helping me Not have to take medication. I mean, that’s me and my humble opinion for me. That’s that’s what I was able to do I’m not saying anyone else But get me off of medication get me a golden toolbox so that when I had an issue I get out the tools one, two, three it get it done and It’s gotten rid of my suicide depression and suicidal thoughts Gone gone gone. And when I do get anxious I can get rid of that in ways. I never could before and Fear as well which usually leads to anxiety So in closing, I just want to say thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart I’m taking the master class I’m gonna retake the the 12-week class as many times is you know, I can while I’m on the planet so And I intend to stay there for a while as long as I can. So I just want to say thank you and If you’re thinking about taking this course Do it just do it. Just do it. You will not regret it Thank you. Bye if you can find a way to To give yourself the time and make the financial commitment This 12-week course has done more for me concretely Than probably using there’s a talk therapy and I look forward to continuing the work The twelve weeks is just a springboard to the rest of my life, which is looking pretty exciting from here so, please Don’t despair if you’re in pain there’s an answer for you and I wish you love and light on your journey. Good luck everybody, bye-bye

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