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Importance of Survival Skills

Life Skills For Young Adults How To Become A Certified Life Coach Teaching Life Skills  HD

Life Skills For Young Adults How To Become A Certified Life Coach Teaching Life Skills HD

the media loves to report stories of the
boomerang generation those young adults who move into their
parents basements and rely heavily on their folks for money nutrition transportation phone service
and laundry surprisingly the statistics don’t
actually support the media’s claims that young adults are returning home in
fact according to a US Census study that researched people in their twenties between the years 1880 to today more individuals between the ages of 20
and 29 live on their own now than ever before due to the ever increasing trend of
independent living young adults need to learn how to take
care of themselves because Mom and Dad aren’t doing it the transition from childhood to
adulthood can be one of the most difficult periods of life to navigate leaving home is tough in order to live
independently young adults must learn how to manage their
fiscal responsibilities choose appropriate housing find safe and
reliable transportation handle relationships seek and maintain
gainful employment fulfill their educational needs purchase
insurance understand proper nutrition and acquire
and sustain clothing there’s an emotional toll to entering
adulthood unprepared as exciting as it is to be out on one’s own it can be scary lonely and frustrating saving for essentials like rent food
insurance and transportation can be overwhelming young adults who find themselves
juggling adult responsibilities can feel anxious lonely and fearful
insecurity can lead to depression poor decision-making impulsive choices career stagnation and even health
problems today it is not enough simply to pack up
hug mom and dad goodbye and step into adulthood young adults
need the tools and knowledge to make smart decisions and steer clear of impulsive acts
that lead them to say hmmm it certainly seemed like a good idea at the
time it must be wonderful to be 17 and to know everything Arthur C Clarke floundering through the early
years of adulthood is not necessary believe that
your life is worth living and your belief will help create the
fact William James you can make an impact on the life of
young adults you can be a hero in the lives of many
young people become a certified life skills trainer and prepare young adults for life on
their own save young adults from making irreversible and damaging decisions help young adults to live happily this
product is perfect for you if you want to make a
lifetime impact on teens and young adults are an entrepreneur interested in
creating or growing your training business are a teacher coach or mentor interested
in teaching your students vital life skills or you work for an organization that
helps teens and young adults visit etiquette moms dot com today and
sign up to become a certified life skills trainer live the life that were meant to live by
helping young adults live the life that they deserve to live etiquette moms dot com life skills training

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