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Importance of Survival Skills

Last Shelter Survival Pay To Win!

Last Shelter Survival Pay To Win!

alright alright alright guys this is acer of spades team TSE state 268 we are number one guys I’m gonna jump right
into it no shoutouts and nothing else but this subject in this video let’s go
ahead and dive right in title pay to win last shelter survival
um this really really was inspiring I got a somewhat negative comment from one
of my viewers her name is Robin Osterberg miss Robin or mr. Robin I’ll
be honest I’m not sure set in I quote I kind of liked your videos but lately you
keep saying you are free to play player when clearly you’re not she then went on
to list multiple things like you have construction workers because I do have
eight of them and you got gene fragments and your items etc etc here’s the deal I
don’t know where we got confused when I first started the game guys I absolutely
bought several things early on I bought a lot of stupid stuff I bought a lot of
great stuff I had no clue what I was doing and I made a lot of mistakes and
continued to do so um basically I quit my job of four years and when I quit
that job I stopped behind stuff so I haven’t
really bought anything since may save say a five dollar package that I was
able to get on my sprint account because sprint lets me credit stuff whatever
other than that guys I have been absolutely free to play and I’ve been
talking about that in recent videos maybe the last 20 of them simply because
I was very proud of what I was able to achieve and that inspired me to continue
to teach you guys the things that I’ve learned about last shelter to help me
stay as a free player but now that we’ve gotten past all that I want to go ahead
and tell you all the things that you should absolutely pay for and all the
things you should never pay for in last shelter Survival this is gonna be a
little bit of a long one but it’s gonna be worth every single second so stay
tuned okay so if you want to take a quick shortcut to some of the things you
can buy you got two really quick little buttons at the top here above
your benefits button here you’re gonna have this chest or a different shape and
whatever they’re gonna do with all what they call specials on different things
and there’s a whole bunch of crap in here you should never touch with a
ten-foot pole and there’s a whole bunch of stuff that is halfway decent so
that’s one way to look at it but if you want to see all of the things that are
available to buy if you hit your diamonds at the top right right
underneath your money you can go on the right corner at the top here and instead
of going to hot package or earn diamonds or store what you can do is you can hit
the little drop down there’s three lines next to where it says VIP privileges and
it allows you to pull anything that is for sale in the game at that current
time for today it does change every day and you could do all different things so
here’s the things that you should absolutely never buy if you hit this
first button you should never ever buy anything that says speed ups I don’t
care how many speed ups they say they’re giving you listen it is too easy in the
game to get speed ups it is the dumbest buy you could ever do I don’t care if
you spend five dollars on it two dollars on at $0.99 if you didn’t you were dumb
don’t do it move forward never by RSS of any sort I made a big mistake I actually
spent a hundred dollars on what nine million oil now I can make nine million
oil come out of my butt like at any moment I think so
listen never buy RSS it’s gonna seem very appealing especially early on if
you don’t want to play the game if you haven’t mastered coz I highly suggest
you just simply watch my videos get way better at the game and never ever
purchase it never purchase diamonds on a few things that you probably should
purchase they’re gonna give you diamonds and coz and chests will give you more
diamonds than you can handle I could probably make 60 80 K diamonds
in a day on any given good day especially on a day off from work that’s
the way to do about that never buy materials I don’t care if it’s for
doomsday I don’t care if it’s for anything else don’t buy materials and
that includes things like gene fragments never buy them I highly suggest you
never buy any advanced tickets advanced tickets are virtually useless they’re
almost just as bad as the Blu normal tickets the proc rate is way too low
your success rate for anything is way too low and although you can get purple
heroes there’s no guarantee I highly suggest you stay away from them for 10
20 50 bucks whatever they’re offering leave it alone
super tickets now they do go on sale everyone so on it didn’t make my list of
things that you should buy but they go on sale every once a while but they’ll
give you like 10 tickets for $5 and when you’re looking at math like that that’s
not that bad because technically you’re supposed to get an orange hero I believe
every 3.7 four percent of the time which means hypothetically if you have 30
tickets you should be able to get at least one orange hero so if you spend
$15 for every orange hero I guess that’s not the worst thing in the world
I didn’t recommend it but it’s not the worst thing when it goes on sale still
never any advance tickets and in moving forward never buy any type of wisdom
metals chips or durability or energy cores of any sort and don’t buy the hero
tokens either so now that we got through that list of things guys all of those
things although they seem like they’re good like chips and things like that
listen guys you can make them way too easy master coz mastered a game you will
get all those things take your time be patient don’t waste your money
especially the energy core thing like it’ll say something silly like I’ll give
you 20,000 energy cores guys I don’t think you understand how fast energy
cores go if you upgrade those wonderful energy refining plants there will be a
video on my energy fragments and cores in the description below as well as my
coz playlists in the description below um you’re not gonna have a problem ever
with energy cores like I can make I don’t know how many I have right now me
what do I have let’s go into the items just for fun
look come on I got 58,000 energy course as well as 65,000 fragments its No
please never do it okay never do it so after all that it begs the question what
should you buy this is where the video gets really really good and I’m gonna go
ahead and like I said drop all the videos necessary for the list above so
that you don’t ever have to worry about those things in the description below
make sure you click on those videos and see exactly what you should be doing but
what should you buy so here’s a list of things that I would buy if I had to
start the game over and a list of things that I’ll also buy today okay so the
first one is what’s up is courage medals in the
technology R&D list you’re going to run into some form of courage medals now
this thing says $99 USD for 3500 courage medals and I’m here to tell you that
that would be the most foolish thing you could ever do I have seen as much as
$100 USD for 7000 courage medals and if you do that early on to knock out and
get yourself to super chest SuperDuper quick in the beginning of the game
you’re going to take off on your competition if you can max out zone
commemoration and only use every metal you’ve ever purchased for zone
commemoration early on you’re gonna take off on everybody like there’s no way
around it if you get to two times rewards chest and you have that for a
whole month earlier than anyone else you’re going to level 25 very quickly
you’re gonna kill everybody so I would definitely do that I would definitely do
it only when they do what we call a double up so long story short right now
it says 20,000 diamonds for $100 package well there are times where it’s 40,000
diamonds for a hundred dollar package well when you’re doing that if you’re
gonna drop $100 at all spend your hundred dollars on the courage medals do
it early on it means a hell of a lot less later on like by the time your base
level 25 but if your base level 10 or 12 and you have 14,000 courage medals yeah
that’s a great package also they do make a $20 I want to say it’s 2,500 courage
medals if you get that well then you’re way ahead of the curve as you can see
the math on that is simple go ahead and purchase that the next and one of my
favorite purchases was this VIP shop guys you go over here you’ll notice we
guys called the VIP gun shop you going here and this puppy and you click VIP
guys it’s I’m almost a VIP level 2 by the way I’m getting there I don’t buy
anything anymore so it’s really really long for me I got a lot of people who
are VIP level 2 or I’m sure going on three by now but when you don’t purchase
stuff you have a hard time what you’ll notice right away guys is that it gives
you permanent buffs in case you don’t know the oil whale masts rush will
literally put your rapid production on autopilot it’s like having power
windows the great panda would say in your car versus wind-up windows it’s
freaking awesome you got permanent buffs for might for
resistance and for HP on all your different units I highly highly suggest
that and just basics you can buy materials here you can buy your advance
or super recruitment tickets once you get to VIP level 2 you can buy advanced
teleports cheaper here than anywhere else the VIP shop is absolutely
incredible and while we are on that note of VIP
shop by the way I do have a VIP shop video I’m going to be making an update
and I’m gonna call it like level 25 VIP shop because I want to go ahead once
I get to VIP 2 and really break down my experience with the VIP shop so look
forward to that video but now that we’re on that on Mondays you’ll notice right
away at the bottom there’s a VIP privilege tab umm this 310 K VIP is
probably a pretty great purchase for 99 us use me $9.99 what’s going on is 310 K
is equivalent to about eighty thousand diamonds if you wanted to buy VIP
tickets out right now there might be really really fast ways to get VIP but
some of the best ways I know are finishing every day doing your normal
routine of daily challenge as well as certain little perks that pop up but to
get 80k worth of diamonds for $10 that’s pretty strong to me so I highly suggest
maybe going ahead and purchasing that once in a while to fuel that VIP shop
and only use your VIP points to buff the major buffs the permanent wants that
really matter in the game that’ll help you get to VIP to quicker and more
importantly it’ll help you all throughout VIP is definitely a good
purchase next on the list and this is making the list because of the edge said
it gives you no different than the courage medals if you go through here
and you go through your tab to army development I believe no I’m not it’s a
different one legendary part these parts guys are freaking huge I would never buy
Trailblazer parts cuz they’re way too easy to get done so never purchase
Trailblazer parts but let’s just say you follow some of my videos and you follow
my path of vehicle tech to t9 and you’ve done the other
as I talked about like zone commemoration first and you’re doing
everything you need to do well if you start off getting all the phantom parts
you’re gonna you’re gonna crush people you’re gonna absolutely crush people if
you just simply supplement it after that to go ahead and get things you’re not
gonna have any problems so there’s such a huge edge on having six orange phantom
parts early on if you are base 14 15 whatever sixteen with t6 you’re gonna
start crushing teen eyes if you got orange phantom parts I’m not seeing eyes
excuse me you have to I take that back I meant crushing t7s all the way through
and if you did that with the courage metal thing it’s it’s crazy so I can’t
say I’ve ever bought them but I do see the value now as I’ve gotten older and
greater in the game if you’re giving yourself a 20% bonus on might and
resistance I don’t care what type of troop you got you’re gonna make a huge
huge difference so shout out to the orange parts I could say don’t get them
at this price cuz that’s silly they do sell them to orange parts for
like 50 USD which is half the price I would suggest if you’re gonna do it at
all do it then like I said that buff is
something special it’s gonna separate you from the pack
so if I was starting over and I had lots of money I’d buy some parts
next is the doomsday benefit so if you go over here to benefits underneath that
little special thing and it says doomsday plan investment you’re getting
a reset you’re getting war privilege of extra 10 cap and plus 50% marching speed
in territory war I mean there’s a lot involved just the marching speed alone
is huge you’re getting daily on or booths you’re getting guys this is this
is crazy like I miss it I haven’t bought it this is this is like season 2 for us
and doomsday I have not purchased this plan I even once
I am so missing it the items at the top are useless who cares you can get your
own but this is intense if I could go back and I still had my job and I was
making lots of money you already know I would definitely add this to the list if
you haven’t purchased it yet it’s good for a week I highly suggest it get on to
doomsday investment plan also not aware in this tab we’re starting to get to the
goods the best purchase in this game in my personal opinion is project hero
listen if you are sleeping on Project hero you are absolutely doing it wrong
there are perks as soon as you buy it and as you buy it it increases and it’s
only at a cool $24.99 again nobody’s endorsing me to say these things I’m
just telling you what I’ve gotten out of it right now
you literally the first thing you get is to pick any orange hero you want from
the base set and more importantly at the end you get another one so you literally
took $25 and you purchased two orange heroes guaranteed then you got a whole
bunch of wisdom and tickets and exp all in between and more importantly my
favorite is thousands of courage medals so I just suggested getting the courage
medals for $100 but for 25 guys you’re getting 3000 Courage medals at this
point that’s insane that’s literally like a quarter of the price for
virtually the same amount that they were just charging a hundred dollars for if
you’re not jumping on this at this point I don’t know what you’re doing
guaranteed orange hero’s super tickets to get even more and then you get
development heroes like oh my god carpenter guys please check out my
development heroes video you will also get things like the markets here in here
and pioneer these packages barf but by far are the best purchase you can do if
you play the game for three months and you buy this for three months you’ve
already put yourself way ahead of the competition you got more orange heroes
than everybody else you’re a happy camper this does change as time goes on
so clearly I’ve bought it at least twice maybe three times I hear that market
tier starts appearing frequently which is again another free orange and I hear
you get even more so shoutouts to the project hero I highly suggest you
purchase it if you’re going to purchase I’m gonna continue to play free for now
and see how it works alright guys so this is the last one and this is
something I never purchased and it’s gonna roll right into I guess a
subsidiary of itself this one would be on armed supply okay so when you get
armed supply you get a construction center in a solar panel which by the way
you get to use as buildings on building day they’re gonna give you an advanced
teleport not that big of a deal but they’re also gonna give you 5,000
diamonds and also not that big of a deal so you get all this fancy stuff and
apparently you speed up some resources or whatever you want daily again I’ve
never purchased it so I don’t have that be unique for now on meaning a little
plaque that goes around your name I don’t know anything about it but if you
went ahead and got that right the cool part of our arms supply is that you are
going to eventually get Enzo and you’re going to eventually get Foreman and
those two combined when fully unlocked are going to give you a permanent 30%
building cost and cutting building time in half and literally you get a free our
speed up for a life with Enzo like it’s it’s ridiculous see it doesn’t seem like
that big of a deal at first because I can get to base level twelve and one day
if I want by playing for eight to ten hours but the higher levels are crucial
and they’re ridiculous and we’re talking about not having to upgrade a warehouse
ticket to level 25 we’re literally talking about I have to pay a hundred
and thirty million something for something and someone else says well I
only have to pay eighty because Enzo and Foreman it’s saving you way more RSS
than you could ever purchase so it’s absolutely crucial in higher levels if
you are going to pay for anything at least from what the rumor tells me get
arms supply one time and Enzo and Foreman will work in those buildings for
you from then on also side note development recruitment it is a special
little perk that pops up every once in a while as well in this benefits tab if
I’m not mistaken I’ve never purchased it but rumor has it
if you go ahead and put a few dollars into that you’re going to start getting
those development heroes very early on again the development hero video will be
in the description below they are the best heroes in the game
so again if you combine zone commemoration along with development
heroes along with armed supply and the VIP on top of that then throw on some
orange parts guys that’s the game in a nutshell I can be as good as I want but
the truth of the matter is the game is somewhat pay2win only reason I can
but with anyone at this point is because I do have the skills I need and I follow
my own advice when I play this game and not everybody has seen this video yet
because if you started over you could probably get to level 25 and a month I
mean I’m not even joking like if you did the courage medals and you also got Enzo
along with armed supply you forget it you’re already done so if you’ve ever
seen that in your states just some person that just seems to grow ten times
faster than you and you don’t know why guys all the secrets just got laid out
in this video if this information was even remotely helpful for the pay2win or
the free to play please please please like and subscribe don’t waste your
money any further do what you got to do this is a source page this is another
one and I will see you guys later

30 thoughts on “Last Shelter Survival Pay To Win!

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  • When doing arms supply you have two options, one is a single month benefit, the other is a subscription. Huge information point for Enzo specifically, and to a lesser degree The Foreman, as AcerofSpades said you don't need to maintain Arms supply to get the heroes benefits. The Foreman can be aquired with ease in the Token shop, and with his 2nd, 3rd, and 4th skill will provide a 10% building time reduction, as well as a 10 resource cost and 10% money cost reduction. Even without Enzo you can benefit from this little bit especially when pushing those base level transitions. The Foreman by himself can save you from needing an additional warehouse level to make that base level jump. Most importantly for those that don't have a lot of discretionary income to spend, as others have mentioned DD is a great equalizer for those mostly free to play players. Enzo and The Foremans skills apply to the resource cost and building speed of doomsday honor structures, this doesn't reduce virus sample cost or composite materials, but being able to instantly finish honor structure upgrades with an hour left can help you maximize honor gain from your tickets and help propel you to higher level tiles quickly. Venostitch#287

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