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Last Shelter Survival Parts Factory Guide – Top 5 tips – Advanced Guide

alright alright guys this is a subspace
team BLA state 268 we are number one guys this is going to be an absolutely
amazing video welcome to my advanced parts guide we are gonna go over
everything you need to know this is gonna be my top 5 tips and on top of
that we’re gonna actually make a part on film so that you guys can see exactly
how it’s done and how to apply said tips in your game now listen my voice is
incredibly hoarse as you guys probably know if you follow me on Instagram or
Twitter or on my Facebook page I just had the wildest bachelor party with one
of my best friends mr. Chris Cove as professional photographer guys
incredible so please don’t mind my voice too much I’m gonna give you all the
information I want to get this information to you as soon as possible
it’s been a week so stay tuned and let’s get started in last shelter survival
there are many ways to increase your APC stats and one of the hardest and most
essential ways is utilizing parts in your APC if you’re brand new to last
shelter or if you’re just new to the idea of
parts please watch my parts introduction video that’ll be in the description
below parts give massive bonuses to some of the hardest stats to increase such as
combat speed and unit HP as well as troop load and the all-important
marching speed in short they will give you a serious edge over someone has a
similar base level and technology they are absolutely necessary when battling
so let’s get to it our first great tip is never stop making power cubes so as
you’ll see right here I got my power refining energy plants and I constantly
no matter what left a blank now for video purposes will always refill this
the cool part about this is when this is currently generating power cubes you can
actually end it earlier so that you can continue to refill these plants up and
if you can help it never go to sleep with them
was finished and without refilling you want this running 24/7 you also want to
do the same for your chips but this is not the chip video so you never ever
ever stop I’m often asked many many times what would be the best class at
base level 19 I suggest you meet one of the following
conditions you need to be a Raider if you have plenty of farms five-plus
preferably and you can hit them all day or you’d be a traitor if you can’t and
the reason that is is because the key is money and you need lots of money to
constantly make these cubes if you combine this basic tip along with your
expeditions to maximize cores and fragments you’re going to have all you
need to make your parts now the expedition video along with the
energy core and fragments video will be in the description below
you need information on those things and how to maximize those by all means watch
those videos as well tip number two parts technology this is absolutely
crucial so this is the parts technology tree in all of its glory I have
completely maxed that out and you’re going to want to do so as soon as
possible now the best way to do it since it is super easy super cheap and super
important is to go ahead and watch my advanced tech coz video also in the
description and it will show you how to maximize this tech tree as you’re going
through and getting your t nines and things like that so the basic scoop is
material for parts since they take forever
this entire technology will increase that process by 50%
it will then also increase your energy core output production by 50% making
those refineries do a whole lot more for a whole lot less and it not only allows
you to get energy cores back for splitting them but it also lets you to
split material and get energy cores back for splitting net and this is absolutely
significant because if you can increase your energy core potential you can
increase how many parts you get so let’s go ahead and expand on this topic a
little bit because there’s a super duper perk I want to talk about so as
in the past the commercial port is gonna give you the best items in the game for
the cheapest price food in lumber and a little bit of oil goes a long way with
that and it will occasionally feature full parts and materials for parts so
let’s look at a quick example if you were going you’re gonna notice really
quickly that you’re going to find Trailblazer parts preferably or only
engine parts really for the Trailblazer that pop up what a lot of people don’t
know is you go ahead and spend that 4 million food or not 4 million would
whatever it’s asking for and you get that Trailblazer engine that you may or
may not need if you get four of those you can actually combine those engines
and increase them into an orange trailblazer engine and then you can
obviously get four of those orange and increase it to a gold trailblazer part
engine and literally open that up and go ahead and get said trailblazer engine
which is freaking awesome because you literally spent four million food a few
times and ended up getting an engine of gold in Jeanette what it’s looking
forever for no cost of parts production in no time whatsoever other than the
purchase time so not only could you go ahead and split set engine by simply
going to your parts building and it’ll automatically collect you would then go
ahead and hit depot on the right side and the engine would be there and if you
go ahead and split it will give you sixteen hundred power cubes or energy
cores either way that’s not a whole lot but that is not where you get all of the
money from that’s not where you get the energy course so once you get this
material back which is really just the basic materials needed for it they keep
the hardest one to get out for whatever reason probably because it’s worth too
much anyway you can then take those now newly gained material for virtually
nothing and you can split them for massive amounts of energy cores each one
of these engines actually comes out to over 11,000 energy course for a gold
Trailblazer engine which is enough to make yourself an orange phantom Ranger
or dreadknot part and you can do that at any time just utilizing the commercial
port you combine that with the other materials that you can get and you got
energy cores out whistling is absolutely incredible so
you started using that tip and you’re getting lots of energy cores and you’re
using tip number one as well we move in the tip number three and I call this tip
the 70% rule my best results have been utilizing a 70% rule that I came up with
that gives me the most success on my parts so just as a quick example if I
wanted to make a phantom part and let’s just say I wanted to make a phantom
weapon part vehicle might increase combat speed all that good stuff well
you’re gonna notice it’s gonna have all these particular costs of material three
of them are the easiest one to get and then one is the hard if I go ahead and
try to get this fiberglass and I change it from the orange which would give me a
hundred percent probability of creating an orange part for using all orange
material I can actually go ahead I hit this at the wrong time I can actually go
ahead and switch it to purple and it will give me 71 percent chance to get
orange which is over 270 percent and twenty eight to get purple now listen
this is really really significant because the three easy materials are
what you want to use and you want to save as many of the hard materials as
possible because that’s going to help you maximize getting engines and control
system parts which are always the hardest to require now keynote no matter
what material you substitute the percentage is still the same so just to
show you what I mean if I change that back to orange and I went to one of
these glue sticks super glue and I changed that to purple I’m still getting
two 71.4% the obvious difference I’m saving glue sticks that I don’t need
when I could easily save this fiberglass which is absolutely crucial and hard to
get and not change the percentage of success so now we know exactly what the
hardest material is to get at least for the Phantom each one of them have it if
you click on one of the parts factory and you simply go to materials you’re
going to see yours pop up I can do green materials which is why mine grow glow
green another perk of having a hundred percent maxed out parts technology but
the point is it’s always the one on the right side so clearly on the right side
here is the fiberglass if you go to Ranger it’s going to be these little
titanium alloys etc etc so to make a long story short what are the best ways
to get the hard material the only type of materials that you’re building your
parts builders should ever be making is the hardest to get material and I mean
at all times so if you notice at the bottom here the only thing that’s
popping up is green material fiberglass very very important don’t ever change it
don’t try to make the other parts I mean the other materials it’s absolutely
unnecessary you can easily get all that material from the commercial port the
VIP shop the material shop and of course the diamond shop just as an example
here’s the material shop at the top right of the parts building you can go
ahead and purchase those in absolute bulk and you’ll have no problem having
all of those so if you do this several times and you do it all the time
you’re never going to have an issue so since this building is always working
you are constantly maximizing the amount of material that you’re making meaning
this is literally each one of these literally takes forever to make
especially when you’re doing purple if you notice it says it’s nine hours down
here if I increase my material of my building it will then increase how long
that takes but understand it’s not a huge huge significant difference at this
point you just want to make sure that it’s always working so it’s only making
give or take two or three of these materials a day that means every two or
three days you can come in and just go ahead and refill that just to make sure
it’s always working you never want to make these easier to make parts fall
asleep and then have those parts finish I mean materials finish while you’re
sleeping that wastes all the potential time that this could be making very
significant materials for you so now you know you can get all these materials
from all these different places and the point is if you notice there’s a lot of
options here there’s a couple things you need to keep in mind and I won’t make
them specific tips now that we finished tip number four let me just give you a
few side notes number one when you’re dealing with parts always pick a focus
point if you’re going to be of based on fighters for any reason build
dreadnought parts and concentrate and focus on the hardest materials for
dreadnought and make that happen if you’re going to be focusing on phantom
or vehicles only do those don’t mix it up don’t try to do a little here and a
little there that’s not going to help you best option is to keep being focused
but now you go to the shops and they give you all these options what exactly
are you buying I have to say I am corrected young Acer would have told you
to buy blue chess but the fact is this is actually false you always buy the
green material chess and here’s why it even though ever so slightly it
increases the probability that you’re going to get those hard to get materials
in the shop of the materials off here or and the diamond shop VIP and the
commercial port is actually the exception because they offer purple and
honestly picking up the pace without increasing that probability in my
opinion is a little better than so just so you guys could see what that would be
like since I’m currently focusing on phantom I’ll just go to the green
phantom once for the lesser amount and I will go ahead and buy just for giggles
buy thirty of them for you guys and what it will do is it’ll open up and you’ll
notice I only got one fiberglass the fact is all the other materials that I
told you was super easy to get they come in massive abundance so all I would have
to do at that point is simply go to my materials and then I can easily just
click whatever one I want and easily go ahead and upgrade those to get what I
need so if you notice the fiber glasses are being made I just go ahead and
combine those up and then I move over combined those up etc etc again easy as
pie when you do it that way and you get a lot more out of it so now that we got
all five of those tips out the way and you guys know exactly how to maximize
your energy cores your materials and what exactly to do with these parts to
get the most out of it let’s go ahead and make a part so let’s assume that I
would like to go ahead and make a gold Trailblazer park just for fun we’ll go
down to the bottom mind you just a quick correction the central control system in
the engine for the Trailblazer is actually not the hardest so the
hardest ones to make that we were talking about are just these last two at
the bottom so the last two at the bottom of any list are going to need three of
the hardest to get material they’ll be in different placements but
in this particular case it’s the sensor for the Trailblazer so if I wanted to
make this grizzly bear armor and allow my troops to gather way more in those
particular areas and get extra resources here’s what you would do the same tip
that we talked about earlier you bring it down to that 73 percent rule which
means I’m taking one of the sensors and I’m making it orange instead of trying
to get another gold at this point I personally like to just go ahead and
craft immediately to save myself time so I can go ahead and hit this and tell us
what’s gonna cost me six thousand micro mmediately and no I don’t need a
reminder just go and take the 1,400 diamonds it takes to do that
and sure enough I got a nice new gold part and I did so for cheaper then if I
were to go ahead and do it and honestly I’m not saying that will you’ll get the
same results results do vary but I personally have never had a problem
getting the part I was going for by doing this method now there obviously is
a 20 something percent chance that you will fail but I’ve done this 810 times
and I haven’t run into that I very well might run into a whole slew of bad luck
but hopefully you guys have the same luck that I do and you’re getting your
parts without having any issues of difficulty and although it’s still time
consuming you’re getting it the most efficient ways possible alright guys now
that we’ve seen all that in action and did everything that we talked about
today please leave your comments in the comment section below like and subscribe
go to the Facebook go to the Twitter you can even send me a donation that’ll be
in the description below as well then hopefully you have more requests for me
so I can make you more and greater videos I want to do advanced topics on
heroes I want to do advanced topics on s1
and s2s so that’s coming out very soon I will also be doing launch center battles
we got a lot coming up guys so please stay tuned and bear with me I try to
write everything out and give you guys the best information possible this way
you’re just it’s value that matters most to me so thank you so much for listening
guys thank you for dealing my hoarse voice and alright man
Ace of Spades team VLA signing out

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