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72 thoughts on “Last Shelter Survival Farm Account – The Perfect PASSIVE Farm! 2019!

  • Lol, this farm lvl will give you just enough by lvl20, for lvl22 and up you need more farms and higher lvl. Before b20 you need quantity farms to supply you, but after you reach b23 or up, you need quantity and quality, so your research pretty bs to me

  • What should i do? I already upgraded my base level to 16. Should i stop or continue to level it up since its already past lvl 15

  • If i have 2 level 18 farms already and i am gathering with them. no passive farming is that ok or should i kill the troops and let them passive farm? Base lv 23 atm on main

  • Is there an efficient way to get diamonds especially for SVS since you said you should focus on hero day only, I understand the only thing you can do is attack your farm to get rid of rss and remove roads. But no matter what the enemy will zero farms and port them away…

  • Another great video ace. Really appreciate the hardwork and effort you are putting into the videos not only for your state but for all who want to be on the top of their game.
    I have got my 2 farms now about to go to lvl 15 shortly but have been doing everything that I do on my main base like building troops research and what not and I selected the class as a farmer and filled the APC to max And it's been tiring. Thanks for all the tips you shared. Will be changing my approach going forward and kill some troops to get down consumption.
    Looking forward to your next video keep up the amazing work.

  • Thank you so much, guy, I really appreciate the effort. I have a lot of questions, since Im a rookie yet (state 324). U say u are very analitical so my question is, have u compared the difference between the RSS u get on this passive farm versus another farm with a strong APC that u send gathering RSS? I mean the main APC completely researched with a big troop and 2 or 3 orange heroes can gather during 2 days non stop, getting a lot or RSS without almost any effort. The problem is, of course, the RSS the troops need and also the time and RSS to research APC at it most as well as the orange heroes. Did u do that comparisson? I think it is an interesting question to solve…
    Thank u again and excuse me for my english, I know its not very good…

  • Hello from Tallahassee and thanks for always sharing! How long does it take you to take a farm to Level 15?

  • If I understand correctly, the reason why level 15 farm is much better than level 16 farm is : the progress goal of Clash of Zones is much lower at level 15 which make you much easier to get the COZ purple chest. Am I correct?

  • I've got a problem with my farm. The iron and fuel seem to lock up at around 275,600 and 546,000 respectively. They won't make more than that no matter what unless I check in on them after they lock up, then they'll go to producing again. Any ideas?

  • What do you mean by "only go until purple chest?" Are you saying purple coz chest, or purple daily challenge chest? Isn't it worth it to just get 3 chests instead. I'm just curious is all! Thank you for this video!

  • Is it worth it to level up all of your development heroes in your farms? And if I remove my ration truck , it doesn't hurt money income?

  • Hello, great video. Just wondering how many troops you hold on the base? I’ve set my farm (yes I’ve only got 1 right now) but troops are eating all my food. Should I go on some zombie hunts to try kill some off? I’ve got 13k troops right now. Kinda wish I didn’t have any

  • Can you tell how many farm are good i have 1 lvl 15 and rest 3 are reaching 15 in week

    and which hero are good

    i am also from State 324

  • my alliance has disbanded and I am trying to help the lower ranking players, and I have been telling them that your Video's have helped me out a lot, I am now a Level 13 base, Thanks to your video's and I started in April 2019…….my question is, if its not asking to much ( could you please, please do a video on how to best setup your base ) so the newer people that are under Base 10 can be more efficient. I would greatly appreciate it. 🙂

  • Hi, i love your videos and your help thx for that!!! i want to change my raider account into a passive farm, what i wonder is what your doing with all the diaz :DD

  • Hi and thx for the heart :), looool it ís good, sry that i shortend it in germany we say dais/diaz i meant diamonts what are you doing with them?by the way my fram what i want zo change ist lv 14

  • Why did u cut off your 1st depot but not your 2nd depot? So your passive farms is trader class is it? I thought farmer class is better for farms?

  • If you don’t want your farms touched join a better alliance mines is ranked at 8th but we keep farms near alliance center and block them off with level 19 bases.

  • Great vid any chance of a list of what needs to be on power grid and what doesn't once again great vids keep up the good work

  • Hey Acer I tried the level 15 farms and didn't like the time it took to gather RSS like iron at b18 you get one more iron plot and gain like 1400 iron per plot per hour and that whole extra plot

  • Hey I think you need to be careful the people that created this app are making lots of money off of it The information your sharing is awesome but these greedy scumbags are looking for ways to change things and I think they watched these videos also They don't make money if we don't spend

  • Hey man, #189 here. I just wanna ask if i need to levelup commercial center? You're video is alot of help since i started. Thanks for the tips and guide??

  • I’ve been watching a lot of your videos. They are very helpful. I’ve built 4 passive farm at level 10. My question is how do you attack them if they are in the same alliance?

  • I've always wondered ?? which Hero Class between the classes is the best class. I would lean towards being a FARMER. But now, I know it's the TRADER. I do have a farm account as a FARMER and a TRADER account too. Now, whenever I can get a new Class, I'll switch to TRADER. ? Thanks for sharing these useful and helpful tips ? that all Last Shelter: Survival players should know! ? Keep up the outstanding work!

  • You said you don't have military in your passive farms. Did you have military as you're growing the farm, then retiring/kill them when you level out at 15? Or do you save the rss by not building military from beginning. And do you keep hospitals, radar and tower?

  • OMG. Stop saying RSS. It’s called RESOURCES.. we say RSS so we don’t have to spell it out but if your actually saying it, then say RESOURCES!! ??

  • These game ads are getting ridiculous, and hilarious lmfao… I just saw the level 1, level 7, level 13 and level 21 advertisement for this game. Such a sham!

  • I still like putting my refineries and farms etc right next to each other on the edge of the base. Quick and easy rapid production.

  • I created a farm account and I could not teleport my base “epic fail” ?‍♂️ to my state when and time is the best to teleport a base over when it’s created?

  • Love your videos! Sorry if this was asked already, but do you use stationed development heroes in your passive farm accounts? I have a couple up to B15 but have have the management station in the boneyard and just level/unlock/split all heroes on Thursdays and Sundays. Should I add proper development heroes to them? Thanks in advance.

  • Great video, any chance you can list what lvl each of your buildings are lvled to. I can tell most of them but a bunch are blocked by road missing signs. Do just one of the buildings of each set have to be lvl to a certain lvl or all. I.E do all your bunks have to be lvl 11. To cut down on your work here is my list of the building lvl you have on your base. Im sure i missed a few. Could you possible fill in the blanks or let me know what i got wrong. Thanks a buch!

    all Rss 15 Research 12
    1st set Warehouse 10
    2nd set warehouses 4
    Power plant 11 Tower 1 Turbine 15 Production center 7
    All Houses 15 Banks 15 Hospital 9 Vehicle factory 15
    Bunkers some at lvl 1 or 2 and one at lvl 11 Military academy 13
    Hero hall 13 Radar 6 Embassy 15 Garrisons 6 barracks 5
    Ration truck 15 Defense building 6 Recruiting 14
    Top three research max
    Class apc research 25%
    Research apc 9%

  • When plaving a farm like iron on the ground to pull from , how come it doesnt stay where you laid it at or someone come to steal it. what can i do/

  • Everytime I watch this video I keep wanting to tap the Benefits button hahaha Great Vids. I follow the ones I’ve watched like they’re Bible!

  • Hi Ace ! , all your videos I have seen they helped a lot so thanks for that ! I always recommend your channel ! I would like to know exactly all your buildings that you keep them "off the road " all the time and the ones that stay "off the road" temporarily ( like the ration truck) and at what stage you take them off the road in either cases ? this question is for farms as well as for main account ! Thanks and wish you good luck !

  • Just hit 15 since the last time I came and started a new farm base. Coming to make sure everything is the right level and confirm what can and can't be connected on the road.

  • I got 3 b18 farms that are damn near self-sufficient. Plus they have 2 16 barracks with t5's for gathering on Mondays and Sundays. Plus I use them to take plots around main alliance ac's. I rarely use reserve packs and I get minimum 1m per day of iron. Selling water at chopper keeps my money in the 40m range and using the Farm class's production center keeps my electricity maxed out.

  • Sir i had been tryin to achive passive farming, but it seems so hard coz my consumptiom is getting higher than my electricity prod., my base is level 15 i tried all in the video but i cant use all the plant all together, im loosing electricity.

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