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Lasercut eines Schmetterling-Ziffernblattes mit dem 10w Endurance Laser *Reup*

Hello and Welcome to a New Video Today with a little speech with recored with my new Audio Recorder As wanted from most of the people I will give my best to explain everything And simply start For the focus settings Im turning the laser on at about 5% I built a small block for woodcutting to get the best focus hight With a special coated aluminum sheed at the top of the block As soon as im in the correct focus distance Im and the one hand seeing it and on the other hand im hearing a zapping sound and if Im able to engrave the aluminium sheet I know I got the correct focus point Like this Now I can put my wood sheet on and start Im fixing my woodsheet with neodym magnets to keep the wood in place and to keep it even need to make sure that I dont put the magnets in spots where the laser would hit later With the magnets I normally get bend wood nice and even fixed to the bed In this case its not that easy, cause the sheet is pretty big But I can start right away Im knocking at the wood to see if it really sits evenly on the magnets Im switching to the Software get the laser in position on different points round about the object As software Im using Lightburn Make a small point going to the next position do it on 4 points just to be sure that everything is positioned correctly No Magnets in the way of the laser beam looking at the points which are burned into the sheet Points are not looking to bad at all putting the magnet in a other position to get it little more away from the object looks pretty good Cutting with 5mm/s, 100% Power taking a look at the preview I know that I need 5 Passes but will do 7 to be sure cause I dont know the new wood Preview says it will take around 2 Hours Everything is set up. Lets hit start As you can see the laser finished I got a little problem. Ive made a mistake. Forgot to turn on my air filter system there was a lot of smoke and dust in the enclosure. And because of that, the laser got out of focus. because of the smoke the beam got spread the whole laser head is full of dust and I need to clean it this weekend Thats why Ive needed to restart the laser job and you see some pieces already fell out on its own on the other side of the sheed you see that the laser didnt come trough the reason for that might be some big glue spots in the wood or some hidden boughs Its not a fault of the laser. Its the wood. You cant see through it. With a hobby knife you can get most of the pieces out like those small bridges and for spots like the 9 I will take my proxxon tool and sand it down till I can use the hobby knife again To not let you guys get bored for an hour I will timelapse the progress You may have seen there where some tough boughs I need to sand it down deeper at these points normally I dont take the rough sanding bit for the proxxon tool but on this case its only a clock which will hang on the wall and you will not see it at the front as you can see As you can see its not a problem at this object Will put the clockwork in it later Said I put the picture in the Video but forgot it 🙁 But not need to show you how to put in the clockwork getting out the small leftovers was easier than expected to get everything out and was able to show you a little the rough sanding bit for the proxxon was a pretty good choice Hope everything was explained good enough and was able to show you a little Hope you had fun See you in the next Video

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