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Kimchi and Mackerel Camping Stew (김치찌개)

Kimchi and Mackerel Camping Stew (김치찌개)

Hi everybody. I’m in the middle of nowhere. I’m hungry. I just brought my ingredients and light that fire. As long as I have ingredients and fire. I can cook. Have ever seen in the Korean grocery store? This is canned fish. So one is mackerel pike or saury and this one is mackerel. So I’m going to use one of these. And then making delicious delicious kimchi stew. When I was in the university in Korea. I used to go backpacking and camping trip with my best friends. I used to make this all the time. Our all time favorite. Today, I’m making this with my new friend. Her name is Jenn. Her youtube channel is “Cookies, Cupcakes & Cardio”. M : Hey, Jenn. J : Hi, maangchi. M : She’s an expert in backpack cooking. M :You love Korean food and spicy food. J: I do, yeah. I’m so excited. M : That’s awesome. awesome. J : I’m glad found you middle of nowhere. M : Great…Hahaha. You found me. J : I did. M : I found you. Hey Jenn. Come! Come! Come! J : Yeah. M : So these two fishes are really similar taste. M : Known as really healthy fish. J : Okay. J : So let’s go with mackerel then. M : Mackerel? Holy mackerel…Hahaha M : Here! You can keep. J: Awesome. M : So, Jenn chose mackerel. So, we are going to make godeung-eo. In Korean “Kimchi-godeungeo-tongjorim-jjigae!” M : kimchi. J : kimchi. I know, yeah. M : godeung-eo. godeung-eo is mackerel. M : godeung-eo. J : godeung-eo. J : kimchi golden-eo M : tongjorim M : tongjorim is canned. tongjorim. J : tangermin. M : Okay. Good job! M : I don’t want to torture you. M : Kimchi stew with a can of mackerel. J : Delicious. M : Okay. Already? J : I’m ready. M : So, how do you like my kitchen? J: It’s beautiful. J : I love your how you decorated. M : That’s actually for you. J : Oh, thank you. M : Here you go. J : Thank you. They’re beautiful. M : Yeah, so pretty. It goes with your t-shirt. M : This is middle of nowhere Maangchi Kitchen. M : So, let’s start. M : So, Jenn. This is kimchi. My homemade kimchi. J : Yam~. M : This is half pound of chopped kimchi. J : Okay. M : I’ll add this here. M : Jenn, would you pill this? J : Okay. M : and then we gotta use this. M : Chopped onion. M : Onion is around one cup amount. J : So the mackerel that we’ll putting in. It’s like where I come from. It’s really hard to find special the food, especially Korean . J : What would you suggests that I get instead? M : I think the canned fish would be good. Yeah. Herring is really close friend J : Okay. M : So canned herring or canned, you know, some salmon. J : Salmon. M : Yeah. So herring is really close friend with this, you know. Because It is blue back, blue back fish. J : Yeah. M : Right? M : So it has lot of omega-3 fatty acid. J : Oh, the good stuff. M : Yeah, really good stuff. J : So, how much just can of the mackerel cost in a Korean store? M : Great. Good question, Jenn. M : $2.99. J : That’s it? M : Yeah. J : Wow. M : I need this green chilli pepper. M : Green chilli pepper I had one. M : So I’m using. J : First we do it over here? M : Yeah. M : Your hand is a strainer. M & J : Hahaha. M : Okay good. J : I’m just cut again. M : Great. Great. Exactly my size. J: Good. J: I’m put them in the pot? M : Yeah. M : And then usually I smash my garlic. But this time. this you know like ground. J: Yeah. M : So I don’t want to dust is coming to my food. J : All the boiling ingredients smelling delicious already. M : Oh, I’m glad you like it. M : This is Korean hot pepper paste. J : Wow. M : Around 2 or 3 tablespoons. J : Where you get that? M : This one Korean grocery store. J : Okay. So this is pretty traditional…dish then? M : Yeah. My university time, all the time I made this. M : And then time to mackerel. J: I’m excited to see what it looks like. Curious. J : And we’re gonna put it everything? M : Yeah. M : This canned fish good thing about this is all we can eat it all fish bones. Because fish bone is soften. J : Okay. M: Yeah. M : And then we need water. J : About how much? M : One cup. M : Close the rid. J : Okay. M : Let’s boil. J : This is an interesting stove little different than ours. M : Oh, yeah. haha. M : So it’s going to take around thirty minutes over medium high heat. I brought rice also. J : Oh, good. M : So that’s on to be our lunch today. J : Oh, delicious. J : And I’m make the desert. M : Cool! Yeah. M & J : See you soon~ M : Look at that. Oh my god. Smell so good. M : Kimchi has to be cooked longer. Heat to medium. J : Oh my goodness!, Maangchi. It smell so good! M: Yeah, it’s bubbling yeah. M : Wow! J : Delicious. M : Oh, my god. J : Oh my goodness. M: So let’s turn it off. J : It smell so good. J : It serve with rice? M : Oh, always. Korean eat always rice. J : Okay. J : Stay together it will nicely M : Potato. M : Okay. Taste it. J : Okay. M : Okay, mine. Kimchi is so delicious and potato. Potato makes this broth little… J : Thicker? M : thicker. J : Yeah. M : So really nice. M : Jenn, are you ready to eat? J : I am ready. M : Yeah, let’s take pickle kimchi. M : Ooh, Cheers! J : Cheers! J : Hmm~ J : Oh, so delicious. M : How about this mackerel? M : We made kimchi stew with mackerel! J : It was delicious. M : Enjoy my recipe. M & J : See you next time. Bye~

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