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Kids Try Their Moms’ Pregnancy Cravings | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

Kids Try Their Moms’ Pregnancy Cravings | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

– Do you remember the time
when you were in my belly? – No, not at all. – Not at all. (laughing) – Three years? (woman laughing) (peppy music) – Hi. – Hey. – My name is Suvie. – Who am I? – You’re my mom. – Oh yeah. – So today, you’re going to be trying some of the foods that I craved when I was pregnant with you. – Close your eyes, like
you’re in the womb. (box scraping) – I had Daddy bake me
chocolate chip cookies almost every night that I was pregnant. – What? – And they had to be the
Nestle Tollhouse kinds. Like I knew if he got a different brand, it wouldn’t be the same. – Um, I see bread. I don’t know what this is though. – That’s olive oil. What’s that jar? – Chocolate? – Mm-hmm. – Open. (boy screaming) (woman laughs) – No. Are these Chips Ahoy? – Yes. (woman squeals) – First, put a lot of chocolate on this cut up bread. Step two, put just a
little bit of olive oil, oops that’s kind of a lot. – How many burgers did you eat when you were pregnant
with me and Presley? – To be honest, I feel like
I ate one almost every day, if not every other day. – Every other day I think. – Yup, every other day? Okay.
– Yeah. – What do you think? You’re giving thumbs up? She remembers this in the womb, so she’s like yes! This is from Taco Bell. Crunchy taco supreme. I, uh, went to town on
these, I am not gonna lie. – I guzzled down orange juice
like it was nobody’s business. – I know that they have like the cereal already made like this, but I liked it better this way. So let’s break ’em down. – Did you ever get sick
when you were with me? – Every single day. But Presley, I was sick a lot more. – Yeah, every day before work you went (imitating vomiting) – I would make myself throw up
just so I could feel better. – What? – Yeah, that’s usually normal
for a lot of pregnant women called the first trimester, like their bodies are changing so much that’s when they start feeling sick a lot. – Is this good for you? – Well, if you made it at home. I’m pretty sure Taco Bell meat
is some really gnarly meat. Here, okay you try it. (woman laughing) You barely took a bite. (girl whining)
– Mommy. – Okay, all right. She’s mad. She hates spicy food. – What if you end up pregnant again? – Yeah, probably when
Presley is potty trained. – No! Don’t! I don’t even want you to have another one. Me and Presley are fine. – You and Presley are fine? – My life would start all over. (women laughing) – Thank you Mom for making me. – You’re welcome. (lips smacking) – Is there lipstick on me? – Oh, no.
(boy squealing)

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