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Kids Try Snacks from Peru | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

– Mommy, is it safe to
come out of my room yet? Not yet, go back to bed. Now I’m gonna eat the
mom and brother. (laughs) – (laughs) What is wrong with her? (upbeat acoustic music) – Hi. Good. – Oh, wow. – Thank you very much, Daylin. – Thank you, Daylin, for
sending us these great snacks I know, but I just think they’re good. – I’m ready for the food. – Huh. This looks good. Oh, wow! It’s in a package, package, and then package and then another package. Smells like a birthday cake. – Oh! Cake! It’s so pretty! Oh, it’s really hard. Mmm! Hmm. Mmm! Okay, this looks super good. – Ooh, look at this one. – Oh, dang! This tastes
like so so so so so good. – Tastes like black liquorice. – Oh yeah! I just ate that. – Oh, the packaging is purple! That’s actually my favorite color. So, I would probably
love the purple month. – (screams) quit it! – Okay, chill. – Ah! This looks interesting. – Cheezy-Itzo. (giggles) – Are these cheese puffs? – I think I had something
like this before. Cheetos. – They’re not spicy. They’re good. They’re like Pirate’s Booty. – Ooh! – I actually like the mouse on here. He seems really cool.
And excited to eat these. – He’s actually like
a rock-and-roll mouse. (electric guitar music) He looks like the David
Bowie version of a mouse. – (laughter) – Whoa, it’s on a plate again! Okay, I love assembling things. – We’re making it! – Creamy, hard, and then what’s in here? All of these dog poopy bags. Oh, what? Oh! – Then this is the pudding stuff. – Don’t eat them! They’re for the project. – We’re gonna take these. Oh! One broke. (clicks tongue) First, we’re gonna glue some onto here. Boop! Cookies back together. – Nice. Mmm! (coughs and gags) – That’s really good. Yeah. – Yumminess. What if there was a cookie
as tall as the ceiling? – How tall can he go? Keep going! Keep going! Oh! – Sandwich. – The leaning tower. (screams and laughter) – How could I do this to me? – Powdered sugar is too much. Oh! That was like the
best thing I ever had. Oh, yes! – It says “Doña Peppa”
with this pretty girl. I have the same skin color as her! I like this packaging. – It’s like a wafer. – It’s a chocolate with sprinkles. – That’s really good. Again? – Oh! – How do you like my rainbow tongue? (teasing hums) (screeches) – Daylin, you’re the best!
Thank you, you’re the best. Thank you! – Thank you, Daylin! – Thank you, Daylin! – If you guys wanna see me
try snacks from your country send me some food! – [Both] Have a happy purple month! Bye!

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