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Kids Try Picnic Food from Around the World | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

Kids Try Picnic Food from Around the World | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

– This smells bad. – [Interviewer] It’s a stuffed pepper. Stuffed with delicious goodies. – These ain’t goodies. (Interviewer laughs) (instrumental music) – Hi, my name’s Austin. – [Interviewer] Austin, we
are going to take a picnic in four different countries
from around the world. – What! – [Interviewer] Open your eyes! – A picnic basket? – What is this? (plates clunking) – [Child] I know there’s eggs inside, but what is the outside? – [Interviewer] That
is called a Scotch egg. – What? – What do you want to try first? – Let’s try this first. – Mm-mm. Nope. We’re not
starting with dessert. Anything but dessert. Which one do you pick? – I pick this one. – No, which egg do you pick? – Oh. I’m not excited for this one. – Oh, I’m so excited. – The egg does not fit
in with the chicken. – Is it chicken? – [Interviewer] You think
it’s chicken wrapped around an egg? – Yeah. – [Interviewer] Wouldn’t
that be kinda messed up? – Yeah. – [Interviewer] It is beef. – What’s this? It’s like an egg salad sandwich? – [Interviewer] It’s a special
sandwich made for the Queen. – Queen Elizabeth? – [Interviewer] Queen Elizabeth! – Oh! (Interviewer laughs) – I already knew that.
(Girl laughs) – [Interviewer] Who’s
the queen of America? – The Statue of Liberty. – Mommy. The queen of the house. (Interviewer laughs) (instrumental music)
(plates clunk) – [Child] Wow! – (chuckles) Nani’s got a date. (laughs) – [Interviewer] Oooh! – She kissed her date. (laughs) – What did you do to this? – [Interviewer] (laughs)
It’s a stuffed pepper, stuffed with delicious goodies. – These ain’t goodies.
(Interviewer laughs) – If you don’t spit it out,
I’ll give you a dollar. – A dollar? – Ten. Eat a big bite. Right there. No. – [Interviewer] So those are grape leaves, wrapped around some rice. – (chewing) It’s good. – [Child] What is this? – [Interviewer] Kofta. – What? – [Interviewer] Kofta. – Oop. (blows raspberry) I like it. – What country is this? India? – [Interviewer] Turkey. – Turkey! – It’s like literally like they– this is supposed to be the turkey. – [Interviewer] So it’s
a country called Turkey. Different than the bird. – Kind of. – [Interviewer] Kind of? No, completely different. – What is this? (bag slides)
(plates thud) – [Interviewer] Alright, we’ve got a little picnic spread here. Here is your Finnish picnic. – Mm-hmm. – [Interviewer] How is it? – Amazing! – It’s really good. – Oh, (blows raspberry) – [Interviewer] This is called tippaleipa. – Tippaleipa. – [Interviewer] Or in America
we call it funnel cake. – Funnel cake. (fork clinks) – [Child] It’s fish, was it cooked? – [Interviewer] It is pickled.
(laughs) – (chews) Oh my gosh. – Do you like it? I mean, she’s eating it.
(girls laugh) She likes it, she likes
it guys, she likes fish. – Is this salmon? – [Interviewer] That is,
that’s called gravlox. It’s not cooked, it’s cured. (girl chews) (interviewer laughs) (instrumental music) – Mmkay. What’s this? – [Interviewer] Yubu Chobap. – Mmm. It’s amazing. (dish slides) – [Interviewer] This is
Korean fried chicken. (foil rustles) (chewing) – Yeah, water. It’s so hot. It’s hot. – Ah! That’s hot. – It’s spicy! – Hey! You’re taking all my chicken. – Oh wow, I love spicy food.
– Oh yeah, I have two. – But that’s hot. (laughs) – [Interviewer] Best thing about a picnic is you can really do it anywhere, right? – Yeah. – [Interviewer] Where
are you going to do it? – On a rainbow. (laughs) – (Both) Thank you for watching, – Go have a picnic.
– Go and have a picnic. – Spend time with your family. – Yeah. – I know you guys are on your electronics. – Bye!
– [Interviewer] Bye!

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