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Importance of Survival Skills

Jungle Survival Trip Conclusion w/ Dave McIntyre of Alone 7/7 (legendado)

Jungle Survival Trip Conclusion w/ Dave McIntyre of Alone 7/7 (legendado)

44 thoughts on “Jungle Survival Trip Conclusion w/ Dave McIntyre of Alone 7/7 (legendado)

  • Amen brother. So few people actually test their skills and gear under real and actual conditions and they have no idea the extent of the hardships and difficulties that come with the experience. Getting off the couch and into the woods is the only way to know the effectiveness of both your kit and your skills. Great series. Thanks for taking the time and effort on your last trip for the year. Let me know when you get back. Roadkill cafe is on me. God bless and safe travels.

  • @cdltpx I have only used the SPOT once on a small plane flight from PA to MI, it seems like a good piece of gear but it all comes down to the quality of S&R where you happen to be. Here in Brazil that can range from excellent to non-existent.

    I'll have to look into the cuban fiber tarp. I'm not familiar with them.

  • Awesome videos. I have a good minimum kit, but I also nearly always bring all sorts of extra items just to try them out. I always have about 5 knives on me, for example, when I could get by with just one.

  • I laugh and shake my head when I see those threads at Bushcraft USA. This is some excellent advise, I've done a lot of what you mentioned and your absolutely right its a lot of work and not worth it if it can be prevented by carrying enough equipment. I really enjoyed this series of videos, I also am always interested in seeing the environment of other places of the world. Looks pretty nice down there.

  • Great Series! I think a small hammock would be the way to go. are you thinking a DIY hammock or store bought is the way to go?

  • THANKyou ! … The number of items is entirely arbitrary. Besides … How many items is a multi-tool ? … Is the carrier and the strap for my SS water bottle each an item ? Does the rain-fly count as part of the hammock ? … etc… Personally, I consider bulk to only be a hinderance in dense cover. *WEIGHT* is the limiting factor.
    I like BDU pants because the pockets are large and many … can distribute the weight of my kits. I think of my BDU pants, themselves, as a pack.

  • Great series. Thanks for posting and sharing your experience and knowledge. I enjoyed the philosophy behind the exercise. I like the gasoline bags you find there. Bring a bunch to the States!

  • dude . . .invest in a laplander saw. . .it will save you an hour of chopping easily for that bed. . . .and it weighs only a few grams at EUR25

  • @chrisnelo I own a decent folding saw and have experimented with them here but find they lack utility. Saws work exceptionally well on bamboo. Here you will never get away from the machete, you can't move around without it. Saws are more efficient cutters in many applications but here they just get carried much and used little.

  • Thank you for the great info. God bless. John

    P. s. do you live in PA in the winter and Brazil in the Spring – Fall?

  • @snaponjohn100 No we live here in Brazil for two years and then go back to the US for 4 – 6 months. We used to stay here for 4 years and then spend 1 year in the US but my daughter is in college there now so we changed the schedule. It works out to 80% here 20% there.

  • Thank you for these videos. I really have learned a ton from your outings. God bless and I look forward to more videos.

  • @Guiasobrevivente Eu tenho um arco recurvo aqui em casa. Talvez quando voltar eu posso fazer um video. O problema e que eu falto lugar onde usar e nao levo pro mato por causa das leis anti-caca. A policia florestal nao via acreditar que eu nao estava cacando.

  • love watching you two work together in the videos. After watching many videos of 10 piece kit and so on I must say Mac you make a lot of sense. Safe travels to you and the Misses.

  • @RealitySurvival Thanks for your comments. I subbed you and will check out the blog. Looks like you have plenty of solid content. The things that work are usually pretty simple. Too much attention gets given to glamorous kit when a simple tarp, lighter, and space blanket goes far in solving your actual problems.

  • I do appreciate where you are coming from an to a degree I will agree with you but at the end of the day if a ten piece kit makes people sit back and think about the things that are important and covering all the bases that need to be covered then so be it. Its like the rule of threes, I would never contemplate anyone trying to live for three weeks without food, or three days without water, but as a mechanism for remembering priorities I see why people use it.

  • I agree ten folded with you on take what you want to carry.. your always better of having it with you then if you need it kicking your self for not packing it.. I've done it myself when I was younger but no more… Great Clip Rod

  • I agree with what you said. I live in Southern Arizona and here water is in short supply. So I carry lots of water because you might not find any in the non raining season.

  • I think the idea of a ten piece kit is good for critical thinking about what is really necessary when it comes to gear. It is a mental exercise not a goal or rule.

  • Why are you using a military canteen vs hydration system?  Even military uses hydration bladders now.  Perhaps you already commented on this.  Thanks

  • This Emergancy kit is very well put together! I am really liking your videos Sir. Just curious, being in a jungle environment, do you treat your M-65 jacket and BDUs with a waterproofing agent? Or do you just use the poncho? I am in the PNW where it is also very humid and wet damn near year round. I used Otter Wax to treat my M-65, and its been great as far as a water repelent. It does darken and slightly stiffen the fabric at first, but loosens up after wearing it for a while.

  • Nice video. You may also want to checkout the review of survival kit on my blog at impactreviews. com/survival-kit-review/ Thanks, Sidney.

  • Dirt Time Advice is priceless. We learn skills quickly compared to wisdom. Thanks for sharing. What your not willing to do without is the flip side of what you can get by with. Woodsman and woodswomen know that. From that process a core kit comes about depending on weather and season. We also look for multifunctional capability until a loss of efficiency comes about. You added a fourth dimension to consider: "What if your injured ?" Never thought of that in regards to kit. I sub'd before you were famous, and as always like your vids..

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