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Juan Sanchez on Endurance in Ministry

Juan Sanchez on Endurance in Ministry

– [Juan Sanchez] I often have the
opportunity to talk to young pastors and when they ask me about pursuing a
life-long faithfulness in ministry. I think sometimes when we’re young we
have these grandiose visions of what our ministries will be like.
And what I want to do is kind of slow us down and think about the reality that
when we look at our spiritual heroes, be they dead or alive,
and we see a lifetime of faithfulness in them. We tend to just look at the end
of their life and forget the reality that where they are today was a process of
thousands of daily steps of faithfulness. And the greatest encouragement that I can
give my brothers who are beginning in this journey, this vocational
journey of pastoral ministry, or bi-vocational even,
pursuing ministry to point others to Christ. To present everyone
complete in Christ, I would say, “Brothers, it is the daily faithfulness of a
thousand steps of relating with Christ, communing with the a
triune God, resting in the Spirit, reading the Scriptures,
drinking deep of the well of God’s revelation for us in Christ.
Of living in community with a faithful church where you can live life
together as a church. Love one another, speak to one another in love about sin,
look to other brother pastors who can speak into your life where you can link
arms together. And so a lifetime of faithfulness is pursued in the daily
thousand steps of faithfulnesses.

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