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Importance of Survival Skills

Incredilite Endurance Lady hydrophobic down jacket by Cumulus®

At Cumulus, we’re outdoor people ourselves, so we know how important it is to
be able to rely on your personal gear
no matter what
the conditions are. This is why we
have created Incredilite Endurance
Lady jacket. This jacket is packed with
multiple features combining quality technology
and best materials. A draw cord in the hips
will help you adjust the coat
exactly to your body size. There’s the water-repellent outer
layer, which is made of
Pertex® Quantum Pro 125g of hydrophobic down filling
to keep you warm. Velcro on the cuffs makes the
slaves more comfortable. We’ve also added plenty of useful pocket. When you’re out in the wind or
rain, a regulated hood with the
elastic draw cord, will fully protect your head and neck. And guess what? It can stretch
wide enough to face a helmet
if you happen to use one. At Cumulus, our motto is fast and light. So we’ve made the
jacket really light and
easy to pack. What’s more, we believe in our
products so much that we give
you a five year warranty. So with the Incredilite Endurance Lady jacket, all you need to
think about is your next destination. And then just live your adventure.

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