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Importance of Survival Skills


what’s up everybody Donovan Lee here
welcome to the video I got a quick tip for you this helped me a lot so I hope
it helps you this is I’m gonna try to keep it under a minute nice and short
and simple so the tip I got for you today is if you need more endurance this
is a way to instantly instantly instantly increase your endurance for
your weight training for your powerlifting free bodybuilding for your
fitness resistance training in general if you’re in there and you feel like
you’re fatiguing fastest might help you might be give you a little bit of dirt
and give you a little bit more boost instantly instantly I’m not kidding this
really works you need to try it so this is gonna sound like a super simple tip
because it is a super simple tip but here it goes
hydrate stay hydrated hydration is a major major key to training and exercise
that’s gonna keep you going it’s gonna keep you energized and you’re not gonna
fatigue as fast a big percentage of your body and your muscle is water filling up
your muscle with tons of water is gonna help you while you’re training to stay
fresh and to be able to keep going to push through those as those one or two
extra reps those those heavier sets the multiple exercises just let that whole
grain it can really increase your stamina and your endurance just that
much more just that little bit of energy you need so what I suggest is keeping a
little log and how about you take like a week where you kind of don’t really
focus on your hydration write down how you feel your reps and then the next
week drink a lot of water before the workout maybe two hours before just
hydrate throughout the day a lot more than you’re normally used to and then
track write down the days the workout what you ate trying to eat the same food
and try to get this I know rest can be tricky but try to get the same amount of
rest and write everything down and see the difference if there’s a difference
um again that this can lead to a big difference I hope your endurance goes up
that much more to take it to the next level give this video a thumbs up if
you’re new to the channel please do me that favor subscribe and hit that little
bell thank you guys for watching enjoy the rest of the video the rest of the
video is a chest workout I had with my man Harley Cady the whole team was there
that day so I it was a bench day and then it turned into
armed a and then it turned into bakdae check this out I hope you enjoy it I’ll
see you guys on the next one and join this footage yeah we’ll be fine I wish I was strong good burger date work I learned CPR for
the 40th time at work you know this want to make my chest grow or lock the
evil character so rat
my stomach grow diarrhea all day every day bro alright guys I hope you enjoyed that
video but see you guys in the next one peace oh and by the way bench is feeling
bench is feeling good I spent my step is on the horizon I see the see it and I’m
going towards it and it’s going really well and every day is arm day see you
guys in the next one you

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