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I Feel Sexy In My Disabled Body | Living Differently

I Feel Sexy In My Disabled Body | Living Differently

People with disabilities can feel
sexy in their bodies and we do. It’s just so important
for people with disabilities to be represented in this movement.
And I feel like they really aren’t. All right, can you help me, like,
do my hair a little bit? Make it beautiful? Sure. Because you know how… I mean,
it already is beautiful. know
how good I am at that. This is called the sex kitten look. I’m kind of digging it, though,
to be honest. Wow, why don’t you always do this? I’m really surprised, because you
usually don’t like anything I do with your hair. Wheelchair Rapunzel
is a little edgy. So… How edgy am I? Gosh. So, there’s different
types of SMA, I have type two. Just a genetic disease
that I was born with and it’s just affects
all my muscles. I was always in a wheelchair. I was never able to do walk. I thought maybe she just had,
maybe, a dislocated hip or some orthopaedic problem. The doctors kept telling me,
“Um, she’s just, you know, “a little delayed in walking.
No problem, it’ll all, “it’ll all come together.” Until finally, a doctor diagnosed
her with spinal muscular atrophy. We were shocked, we didn’t
know what it meant. He, he went on to say
what they meant… ..and gave her, um… many years to live. SMA is a very serious disease. She did very well and continued
to thrive without much complication. Yeah, and then… And I got
your corn tortillas. ..OK. I used to be very, very, very thin. I almost needed a feeding tube, um,
because with my disease, you lose the ability to swallow. So, I, kind of, was losing
that ability as a teen and I was not able to eat food. SMA affects the muscles
that control…, head and neck control, as well
as swallowing. Mm-hm. Breathing… ..things like that. Anything that’s really a muscle
and the amount of muscles in your throat and your tongue
that push food down, that we take for granted, is, is really
affected by SMA. Mm-hm. Yeah. But you somehow learned… ..a way around it. My trick is adding tonnes
of sauce to everything. Wait, you could hand me,
I could stir it a little bit. Yeah, and you know what?
Here, let me turn it down. An SMA stir. Yeah, do
your famous SMA…oh, wait. You need the wooden spoon for that. Oh, my wooden spoon.
Your favourite wooden spoon. All right, let’s do this. Oh, yeah. You got it, girl. We’re making big
moves over here. Yeah, we are. We’re making some moves. I sense an incident, but that’s OK. Now, thanks to Spinraza,
the new drug for SMA, um, hopefully my quality of life
will remain how it is. Doctors can’t really say,
“It’s going to make you better,” but they do say, like, “If anything, it’ll stop
the progression of the disease.” For me, I felt a lot of
improvements. Changes with my arm,
the strength has improved. Um, which, for someone
with SMA, is huge, I could pretty much do
all my make-up by myself. But sometimes, I do have someone
help me with my foundation, because it does get pretty tiring, um, with my little disabled hand,
to do my entire face. I haven’t always been super
confident about my body. I have scoliosis, so my body
is twisted and my ribs protrude and, you know, I have a
different body than most people. There is this body positive
movement happening today, and it’s just so important
for people with disabilities to be represented in this movement and I feel like they really aren’t. So, I started, um, Instagramming,
kind of, more formally about a year ago. I just love having the ability
to advocate for everyone on a large scale, like Instagram. You want to help me swipe through
some things, over here? Sure. OK, so… How about your
“going out” stuff? Yeah. I post pictures of me, kind
of, you know, more risque. People with disabilities can feel
sexy in their bodies and we do. So recently, I posted a picture
of myself in a thong. Um, kind of, exemplifying that
people with disabilities have booties that
we want to show off. It got, you know, a lot of attention
and most of it was positive. It paid off, so that’s good. I’m not a designer, by any means, so I, kind of, had to
learn everything myself. Um, but it’s mainly all me with
the help of some of my friends. I sell merchandise that is aimed
to make people feel positive about their bodies
and just their self. So, I sell t-shirts
and hoodies and bracelets saying all sorts
of really cool things. Hey! Hi. Hey, babe. I missed you. I like to dance, like, I’m going
to be moving my wheelchair around. She likes to, kind of,
toss in people’s faces, like, “Hey, like, I’m edgy.”
And, um… Totally. I’m just like
everyone else. I’m just like everyone else
and I think that’s, really, how she handles it. And once you get to know
her you forget that she, like, is in a wheelchair. Yeah, no, I never even
think about that. Yeah. I have to go. No!
I’m going to work soon. Love you. All right, bye.
Enjoy your pizza. Have a fun night at work. I will, I will. Every day Alex makes me proud,
watching her happiness as those orders roll in.
Watching her, her face light up when her followers have something
beautiful to say to her. All of those things
are the joy in my life. All right, are you ready
to go get some drinks? Yeah, you want to go? Yeah. Bye. Bye! Be back soon. All righty. Love you. Love you. Love you, girls. Let’s ride. A huge misconception
about disability, oh, my gosh, where do I begin? That people with disabilities… ..don’t feel sexy or have romantic
relationships. Even though I haven’t really ever
been, like, in a serious one, like, I make out with guys
in clubs, regularly. Excuse us. Thank you, gentlemen. I never really thought
about my disability that much. I just always, kind of, knew
I had this thing and, if, you know, Paige, my friend, has to, like,
drag me by my ankles to get from A to B, then that’s what we’ve got to do.

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