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Importance of Survival Skills

#HurricaneDorian Survivor Loudoino Shares His Story of Survival from the Bahamas

#HurricaneDorian Survivor Loudoino Shares His Story of Survival from the Bahamas

That’s the date I’ll never forget, September 1, 2019, Sunday at 11 o’clock, Dorian hit us at Abaco. At the time I was with my girl and two sons and the roof came off, after a while it stopped. I thought everything was over. And when I thought everything
was over, so I go on outside and stay; I look outside and everything was done. Everything was punished. There was nothing standing. Then after a couple of minutes, I see the sky turning multi colors and the rain started to kick back up in the wind and I remember my family back home. So I run back home and I find them outside and I take the two kids, I put one here and one here and we start running to the shelter and wind catchers outside and the wind was blowing, so strong and I couldn’t, I couldn’t hold the two kids and I was so tired. And then I see a car and I just put them inside the car. Just tell them, carry them to the shelter for me —and me and my girl stay. Couldn’t go nowhere because it was all white. We couldn’t see nothing. And I was outside and I decided to hold on something and hug her and cover up. Everything was hitting me. I just was standing up and I just heard something, just pop in my leg. And I was on the floor for three hours. I had to do a surgery. They put a steel cause I had, I have a fractured bone in my right leg. They put a piece of steel to hold it at the moment. So I don’t know
when I can walk again. They take out my stitches. I had stitches here, stitches here, stitches here. They take all them out. And where I do the surgery, they take all the staples out. They clean me up. Man, these guys are amazing. I love these guys. I thank you, I thank you, I thank you I thank you so much.

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