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Importance of Survival Skills

Hunting Cooking and Survival in the Jungle

in a state of survival, in places like this is likely to find wild chicken eggs let’s test our luck and start search usually a chicken egg can be found in a nest that is made in the bush by a forest chicken and in a place not passed by humans and the nest is located in a place where people do not travel it smells fragrant this can be used as a flavoring dish for the food we are looking for I will show you how to light fire with primitive methods by use friction from two sticks until hot and formed embers Let’s start it turned out to be difficult and already 30 minutes we searched around and we have not found anything yet in a condition of survival if we can not find anything then we can use worms for consumption hey Krisna !
I found it ! finally we find wild chicken eggs we take some eggs for breakfast and leave some to keep the population of the wild chicken my friend has lit the fire so we can cook eggs right away so if you do not bring equipment to cook eggs you can use the leaves wrap the eggs with leaves so when the eggs break apart the contents are not splattered like this make sure the leaves are thick enough or use a few layers of leaves then use stick to keep the leaf bundle unopened like this then..put it in the fire and wait for it till cooked

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