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Importance of Survival Skills

HOW2: How to Survive a Tornado!

HOW2: How to Survive a Tornado!

– ♪ Orange and Pear
Orange and Pear ♪ Best friends forever
And they share underwear! ♪ -(stammers) Okay, none of that is true!
-(laughs) Welcome back, frooty toots! Underwear-sharing BFFs Orange and Pear here
with another episode of “How2”! -(Pear groans) This week, NyanSheep wants to know… “How2 survive a tornado.” -Great question, NyanSheep! And an equally great screen name,
if I do say so myself. (laughs) -Please don’t do the song! -(Orange nya-nya-ing to “Nyan Cat”)
-(Pear groans) Moving on! -(record scratches)
-Okay, step one… Listen for tornado sirens. -(Orange) That’s right! If tornadoes are common in your area, your town probably has tornado sirens
that sound like this… -(amplified gibberish)
-Orange! Orange, please! Please stop! That doesn’t even sound like a tornado siren. -Sorry, sorry.
Let me try again. (clears throat) (amplified gibberish) -No! I meant “No” as in, please stop– -Tell me my tornado sirens sounds are accuate.
-No! -(resumes gibberish)
-Okay, okay, fine! Very, very accuate! -Thank you! (laughs)
-(groans) -Step 2: When the tornado arrives,
make sure you’ve made your way into the storm cellar. -That’s right. A storm cellar
can protect you from the violent weather… …while you and your loved ones
remain safe and sound underground. -(laughs) “Safe and sound underground!”
That rhymes! -Very good, Orange.
Here’s a gold star. -Thank you! And for you,
a TNT star! -(screams) Get that away from me!
-(laughs) -Step 3: Once the tornado has passed… …come out of the storm cellar
and help others who might need it. -(Orange) That’s right! A lot of people might need help with their homework
after the tornado blew their textbooks away! -(Pear) Well, that… That’s not exactly what I meant. -People also might need help with their hair
after the tornado messed up their sweet do. -Orange, could you PLEASE
just stay on topic for once? -I’m sorry. I apologize.
-Thank you. -Now can we–?
-I got you a gift… -…because I’m sorry, Pear.
-All right. -But if it’s a stick of TNT, I swear…
-It’s not a stick of TNT. I promise. -You promise?
-Yes. I wouldn’t give you a stick of TNT, Pear. -All right.
-Naw! My underwear-sharing BFF
deserves a TNT star! -(Pear) NOOO!!!
-(Orange laughs)

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