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How to Survive an Alien Attack

How to Survive an Alien Attack

Normally alien activity on earth is
harmless. They come here for vacation summer jobs, you know, become friends with children. Nothin too noticeable. But occasionally… they do come here to kill us. And what do you do when that happens? We fight back How to Survive and Alien Attack Well every time I see an alien in one of
our cornfields.. I grab my baseball bat and hit it as hard as I can. Then I dump a glass of water on it’s head. because they don’t like water. I don’t know about water… but I just put them in an airlock and
poof they’re someone else’s problem. They mostly come at night… mostly. They hate country music. (music) If you play this song their heads will pop like a balloon. (music) It’s awesome. We found the most effective way to
fight aliens is to create an army of soap opera stars and send them to the alien
planet to give them a taste of their own medicine. Booyah!! I always cover myself in mud and set an elaborate booby trap with rocks and sharp sticks and all of
these things until they hurt so bad that they will
self destruct! That doesn’t smell like mud… You don’t smell like mud. I’m a risk taker, you know what I mean? so what I like to do is wait ’til the last possible second. I wait until all hope is lost. and just as they are about to physically eat me, Surprise!!! I throw a grenade down your throat! Hehehehe it takes ’em right out. But it turns out you can just sneeze on them. and that’ll kill them too. I mean if you wanna do it the easy way. I actually prefer the internal explosion
technique. Yes, you have to actually be eaten first, but it’s very effective. and really it’s not all that bad just as long as they don’t chew. Yeah we totally blew up this nasty bug alien one time. Well I didn’t get to blow it up. That was all K, but I got to blow up like a bazillion aliens this other time. We flew one of their own spacecrafts into the mothership, right? Then we put a virus on their computers along with a huge bomb. And flew outta there before the whole thing exploded. It was intense. Wait a second now, you you
did that with me Yeah, yeah I did. That’s right. I did that
that with him. I’m a little confused. Are you even a pilot? Yes, I’m a pilot. and you were trapped on an island with a bunch of dinosaurs. Two times.

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