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Importance of Survival Skills

How to Survive a School or Office Shooting

How to Survive a School or Office Shooting

How to Survive a School or Office Shooting. Nobody thinks it’s going to happen to them
– until it does. Be prepared to survive a shooting rampage,
just in case. You will need A cool head Quick reflexes and
a little luck. Step 1. Run first; ask questions later. Don’t miss your opportunity to escape by
wasting time debating whether that noise was _really_ a gunshot. If you’re running from a shooter, run in
a zigzag pattern. He’ll have a harder time hitting you, and
the odds are even lower he’ll hit a major organ or artery. Step 2. If you’re trapped in a building with a shooter,
lock yourself in a room and barricade the door with heavy furniture. The predator is likely to move on to more
accessible victims. Step 3. Find some sort of weapon – a pair of scissors,
a letter opener, hot coffee, a stapler, a fire extinguisher. Even if you don’t injure the attacker, you
may be able to distract him or throw him off balance. Step 4. Take cover behind something sturdy, like a
file cabinet or a metal desk. Don’t make eye contact with or speak to
the shooter. But if he talks to you, respond with an absurd
question in the hopes of throwing him off guard. Step 5. Listen for the “click” that indicates
his revolver is out of bullets, or the metallic clang that means the empty cartridge of his
automatic pistol has fallen to the floor. He’ll have to pause to reload, giving you
and others a chance to tackle him or escape. Step 6. If you do get shot, slow the bleeding by keeping
direct pressure on the wound. If you think you might pass out from blood
loss, place a hard object under your body, just above the wound, and lay on top of it. That way, if you do lose consciousness, your
body weight will keep pressure on the wound. Step 7. If you find yourself unable to avoid a life-or-death
struggle with the shooter, go for his most vulnerable areas: gouge his eyes with your
index and middle fingers; jab his Adam’s apple; or knee him in the groin. Step 8. Help prevent shooting rampages in the first
place by reporting any odd behavior or threats to someone in authority. Did you know Homicide is the second leading
cause of death on the job, after motor vehicle accidents.

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