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How To Survive A Power Outage At Home | #DITL

How To Survive A Power Outage At Home | #DITL

so I don’t know why we don’t have power
it’s been an hour we still don’t have power I can’t find anything online about
why we don’t have power button on south of us a whole bunch of people lost power
early this morning because of the storm I treetop blown into power lines in
whatever so oh I can’t get water should we make a pancake keep looking at
the clocks over your on stove there is none it’s cooking it’s been about what
10 minutes pan is finally hot enough we have bubbling pancake how is it is it amazing ten times better
than being cooked on the griddle of course it’s awesome being cooked over
butane she says delicious I don’t know can you
yes okay oh yeah do you guys want to save the seeds and cook them and eat
them dude what you want to save him for Oh My
heavens you and your gardening desires now you
get a scoop it scoop it all out you hate coming think that so am I feel
amazing we have a bet how exciting
for your silly one Oh a giant eyeball that’s that’s creepy magic I’m just
looking at this cute little face on the front here even has ears and hair let’s
see a little face oh it’s good some eggs
cook some eggs hurry we got to keep the fridge shut hey it’s gonna take a minute to cook
even though he likes overeasy I don’t know why I am so edgy today I don’t
think it’s because of the power outage because power outages have always been
exciting and fun to me cars are fun right different you get into like the
normal cycle and then when the cars like yeah they don’t like suppose this is
because when they can’t play video games the powers been out for 2 hours you guys
yeah it’s like 50 to 60 degrees out there right now and at night it’s been
like 20 to 35 degrees it so without electricity
we can’t stay warm shucks you guys we just ran out of butane out whose egg is
almost done we have one more oh that stinks oh that stinks bad now good you didn’t tell me if I did good on
your overeasy egg my eggs over-medium just somewhere in between nice and
creamy not completely running what was that
she’s jumping up and down we just got oh my gosh
oh my gosh really yeah I can breathe I can do toast with the eggs yeah I can
charge my phone I can watch Twilight now he’s back on can you just feel it like
bulky and tired like it was just barely getting too cold that the heat would
have started kicking on anyway is so good tiny yeah I mean their star and our music yeah this is what we do hold on whoa thanks for joining us with this crazy at
two our two and a half hour whew thanks for liking watching and subscribing thanks so much for watching be sure to
click here to follow our journey and click here to watch our last video we’ll
see you next time

18 thoughts on “How To Survive A Power Outage At Home | #DITL

  • dry shampoo is life! I cant get water…same here when the power goes out…I was like how is she going to make a pancake lol im impressed! The seeds are the best part!
    Cut vlog I like your style momma can't wait to see whats next!

  • I love that you guys made the most out of a house with no power. The pancake honestly is hilarious. "Doesnt it taste so good cooked over butane" hahahah omg 🙂

  • I thought it was funny cooking the pancake for 10 minutes.
    Whenever we have a power outage I have to sit and listen to my kids complain the whole entire time for hours and hours.?
    Good you guys power came back on and it wasn't too long. Oh yeah, I like your intro.?

  • Awwwww im glade sweethavenworkshop hade a small part in making it better I hate going without power but, when you make the best of it and have fun its always better.

  • I loved your cooking alternative!! Lol Look's like y'all made the best of the situation…..I would have been too much of a mess to film!! Lol

  • Here to support your channel. Awesome pumpkins ? carving. And innovative way of Making pancakes. How annoying about the power surge.Breakfast looked awesome ?? Happy Halloween guys.

  • I just found your channel and subscribed, if you dont mind returning the favor and subscribing to Seeds and Arrows Frontier. Thx and God bless.

  • Here in Florida our power seems to go out all the time! ?
    I love how it seems yall truly made the most out of not having power. Yummy pancakes!
    We need to do our pumpkins still ?‍♀️?

  • The pumpkin guts smell disgusting ? we stick to bread and sandwiches when the power is out! My biggest struggle is lack of hot drinks during power cuts. Heating is always the biggest issue when the power is out! We had it off for 3 days few years back and it was nasty! I had to move in with friends as they had gas fireplace and could keep Thomas (2 at the time) warm. Love how the pumpkins turned out!

  • Ah power outages are the worst!!! we had a few forest fires last summer and had at least 5 power outages….definitely takes preparation to help make it a better experience!

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