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How To Stay Warm While Winter Camping

How To Stay Warm While Winter Camping

Hey guys, I’m Eric Hanson with
Backpacking TV and on this episode of winter camping tips, I’m talking about
how to stay warm well winter camping. Clearly it’s very important to stay warm
when your winter camping, so here are a few tips to help you do that.
First of all, you need to stay dry. If you’re dry, you have a much better chance
of being warm and happy. Sweat is your enemy and moisture is your enemy.
So basically, manage your clothing. You basically need to be changing your
clothes, changing your socks things like that, so that you’re always wearing dry
clothes and using your body as a dryer. So basically, as you’re going out
throughout your day you’re gonna be sweating, you’re gonna get things wet. I
like to keep a pair of socks tucked in my down jacket and that dries it out and
I’ll rotate that multiple times throughout the day and then when I go to
sleep at night, I’ll throw clothes into my sleeping bag and my body will keep
those things dry, so there’s any moisture by the morning when it’s time to go to a
new day, I’ve got dry clothes. Eating calorie
rich food is really important. You need to keep the calories pumping into your
body so that you actually have fuel to burn to stay warm. I don’t recommend just going on the bare minimum of food and really trying to cut weight. Eating
things that are calorie rich, things that are fatty, things that have some grease
to it that are also satisfying, that actually gives your body fuel to burn
and helps you stay warm. Have a good winter shelter. So I definitely recommend
having a good four season tent. I’ve done plenty of camping with three season
tents in the winter and it is just not as fun, so if you have a four season tent
it will raise the effective temperature inside by a handful of degrees, depends
on conditions of course, but it’ll really help you keep warm dry and happy. It’s
really important to know it is much easier to stay warm than to get warm, so
it’s really important to be vigilant and don’t allow yourself to get cold. So some
things you can do are to keep moving, don’t sit still for too long, and if you
start to feel a little chilled start doing some squats, start dancing a little bit, you know keep moving and also before I go to bed at
night, I also really want to be warm. Before I get into my sleeping bag a good
thing to know is that sleeping bags don’t actually generate warmth, they only
help trap whatever warmth you have, so if you go to bed cold, you’re probably going
to stay cold for a while. So keep moving, manage your moisture, eat a lot of good
foods that are fatty—it’s good excuse to eat fatty foods—and stay warm out there
when you’re winter camping.

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