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Importance of Survival Skills

How To Stay Alive | Bear Grylls Special

How To Stay Alive | Bear Grylls Special

Successful survival involves four basic principles protection, rescue, water, and food. Your first priority is shelter. Sometimes you just need a place to rest up to keep you out of the elements. What I need is just a load of green foliage just to cover all of this framework. And then in about 20 minutes, I’ve made a pretty good emergency shelter. Next on my list of priorities is fire and securing it can be tough. What I’m doing now is making a bow. It takes a little perseverance, but once you’ve mastered it, it’s as good as having a box of matches. The smoke’s starting. Need enough of that to make an ember. To then drop into the tinder whoo there we go Okay, then the ember on a tip carefully into the tinder and just nuture it. There we go we’ve got a flame. In the hunt for water resourcefulness and improvisation are key. I can use a bit of charcoal from my fire to make a basic water filter. What it will do is make any toxins or chemicals bind to the charcoal. And then by putting grass in the end, that’s gonna take out any bigger stuff like sand or grit. And then just over the top of it put a bit of my t-shirt. Well it tastes clean. Maybe a bit sweaty from my t-shirt, but good to drink and safe. Every environment presents its own set of dangers. In order to survive in the wild you need energy and that means food. And you see all the blood coming out of its jugular there. And that really in an emergency survival situation is food and life. And really fresh blood like that is so rich in minerals, vitamins, energy, everything you need to survive and so many nomads and tribes all around the world drink the fresh blood from their animals as a source of energy and survival food. The next priority is to maximize your chance for rescue. Fill this out then with a little bit of water. Now, to prepare the wire. And I really want to rub it like this in my hair and the idea of this is it magnetizes a bit of wire and when I put it in it will swing round and point towards magnetic north giving me that north-south line. And that should be enough and then what I do is put the leaf in and drop that on top. And, yeah, look at that. There you go it’s beginning to swing around Freely suspended metal that’s been magnetized, will always point to magnetic north. There you go and that’s now come steady and that has given me a good reliable north-south line. Now I know the sun rose somewhere over there cause I didn’t see it so that’s East. So, west is somewhere over there and this north-south line means I’m definitely heading in the right direction for my westward track. So, I’m gonna keep this little bit of wire, get rid of the leaf, drink the water, and then I’m out of here. Without the right knowledge living in the wild can be a real challenge

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