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How to Pack for a Picnic

How to Pack for a Picnic. Nothing says summer fun more than a picnic
in the park, so don’t let spoiled food, sunburns, or bugs ruin your day. You will need Sandwiches Dressings Salads
and sides Plastic bowls and bags Fruit Coolers Carrying bags Sunscreen and bug spray Hats
Sunglasses A first aid kit A plastic table cloth Plastic plates, cups, and flatware Wipes
Towels Garbage bags Balls A Frisbee Bubbles Ice or cold packs and a beverage cooler (optional). Step 1. Plan your picnic menu. Barbecuing means carrying and cleaning up
more, so it is easier to pack sandwiches. Make your sandwiches ahead of time but put
the dressing on just before you eat them. Step 2. Pack side salads and side items in plastic
bowls and bags. Step 3. Cut fruit before you leave to save a mess
at your party. Pack in plastic containers. Step 4. Grab your coolers and a couple of other carrying
bags. Grocery store bags or clothing bags with handles
work well. Use a separate cooler for drinks since people
will be in and out of that one the most. Step 5. Fill a bag with sunscreen, bug spray, hats,
sunglasses and a first aid kit. Put a plastic tablecloth, plastic plates and
cups, plastic silverware, wipes, dry towels, and garbage bags in a second bag. Fill a third bag with balls, a Frisbee, bubbles,
and other toys for the kids. Step 6. Line the bottom of your cooler with a layer
of ice or cold packs and pack perishable food items, dessert at the bottom. With each layer add ice or more cold packs. Step 7. Load up the car and save room for the family. Did you know Did you know? The word picnic comes from the French word
piquenique meaning to pick or peck.

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