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How to make a SURVIVAL BUNKER in Minecraft!

How to make a SURVIVAL BUNKER in Minecraft!

Hello, everyone. This is Mumbo and welcome back to another Minecraft video and in this one, we’re going to take a look at something really quite awesome. Today, I’m going to be showing you guys how to build a survival bunker. Now before all of you fly down to] the comment section telling me, “Harry, you’ve built one of these before!” Yes, I am well aware that I have done a video like this before – I’ll put a link to it on the screen and also down in the description – but this one is going to be considerably better. There are a bunch of things missing from the previous bunker, things that I think are definitely necessary, so we’re going to be including all of those in today’s video as well as a ton of really awesome redstone contraptions. I can’t wait to get started on this one, so let’s crack on. So, first thing’s first, we’re going to need an entrance into this place. Now, I have to say I’m usually pretty good a hidden entrances, I was trying my best to come up with ideas for the different hidden activation devices you could use: I could do torch keys, I could do hoe switches, other things like that. Then I thought to myself, “Wouldn’t it be cool if we just threw an item onto the floor and that’s what opened everything up?” So, that is what we’re going to build. All we have to do is clear out a little bit of space underneath here. We’re going to knock out approximately a 4×3 area, and then underneath this block right here, I’m going to place a block with a detector rail, and then a hopper Minecart on top. Now, if you throw an item on top of this block you can see that that actually gets picked up by the hopper minecart and drops on through, which means that we can just take a comparator output from that hopper minecart and run it into some form of redstone contraption. For example, a sticky piston facing across. Now, the way that we’re going to do that is we’re going to run the comparator output into a block, which is going to go into this redstone done(dust*), which is going to go up into this block, redstone torch, and then we’re going to have a sticky piston facing across right there, and we can place some grass on its face and also some grass up there, and as you can see… you can’t see it. I mean, if you were walking past, you would have absolutely no clue that there is any base there, but if you throw a block on top of this block, you can see it drops down, and then our piston retracts. So ago(?)! We now have ourselves a secret entrance. So I throw an item on top of this block, then that will retract the piston, and we can pop inside, then grab the item up from inside the hopper minecart, and that will shut off the piston. Everything is closed up behind us and we’re completely hidden away. But, obviously if you want to get out… we can’t at this point in time, so we need to place a button on the side of this block so we can hit that, that’ll retract the piston, then we can pop on outside. But I have a progress update for you guys! I have added in a 7-block-long ladder. So, starting from this block right here, just underneath your grass, you’ve got 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, dropping down into this space right here. Now, I’m going to warn you: you are going to have to get your digging hats and boots on right now, because we’re going to clear out a fairly massive space. -I have discovered the strangest bug!- *minecart sounds* Just… a random minecart sound *minecart sounds* in the middle of nowhere. *wheeze* *laughing* Can anyone – can anyone explain to me why this is happening? I – I thought I was coming from here, but apparently not. Anyway! I’ve cleared out a 15×9 space; you should do the same thing, too. With my game fully restarted and back to normal, we’re going to start our work on decorating this thing, and what I’m going to do is I am going to place red hardened clay all the way around like this, so we’re going to create a bunch of panels in these sorts of areas, and we’re going to skip a block and do another 3×5 panel. So that right there was five blocks, let’s go across like this, and then on this side once again we’re going to skip a block and do it in this area right here? Yep, that area right there: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and then once again, 3 blocks going around like this, and these are basically going to make up your wall areas. Now, if you’re wondering why we’re skipping all of these blocks, it’s because we’re actually going to be doing a framework out of spruce wood logs, that I personally think is going to look really quite cool. So, just make sure you’ve got all of these in place – final one now – you can chuck those in a little bit like that. Now then! [Melon!] you want to grab your spruce wood blocks, and we’re going to place those all the way across the floor, just like this. Now, all of them are going to be facing upwards because I personally really quite like the top texture of the spruce wood blocks. I mean, you could do whatever you really want with this, this is just an idea of the sort of designs that you can go for, but then we are going to chuck spruce wood going up in each one of your gaps! You see, that’s why I placed in the gaps, so it’s nice and easy to work out where you’re going to be placing in your spruce wood pillars, And they’ll make their way up this, and then you want to repeat exactly the same ring in the ceiling, as well. So, just chuck in all of those blocks and just try your best to do it better than I am, *chuckling* because clearly I can’t use my mouse properly today. Lovely stuff. This is looking good. Now we are going to place in the floor, and for that one we’re going to using spruce wood once again, but we’re going to be placing in the slabs (or they can be full blocks if you’re really rich, and you don’t want to, you know, save wood by using the slab). So you can place those in like that all the way across the floor section, and then for the ceiling we’re going to be doing a pretty similar thing, but instead of being upside down slabs, they are going to be upside down slabs, but they’re going to be like this. *snickers* So, upside down slabs on the ceiling. Yeah, my – my brain seems to be getting very confused today. Smashing! but, it is extremely dark in here. We can’t see a thing, so we’re going to place some glowstone up in the center there and some glowstone up in the center there – and because this is a 5×5 area, obviously it should be slap-bang in the middle – and then we’re going to add in – yep, just a tiny bit of detail, like that. I mean, as I’ve said many times, I’m no Grian. Okay? If you want Grian videos, check out Grian’s channel, but that’s as good as it gets from me. Now it’s time for the redstone stuff. Now, according to the internet (yes, I did do some research before this video), one of the most important things for a survival bunker to function is waste disposal you need to be able to get rid of rubbish really easily. So, we’re going to build a Super Simple Little Redstone Contraption(tm) right here, right next to the entrance of the place – which, as you can see, I’ve now got a door right here. What we need is one trapped chest up on the top right here (the trapped chest is to stop the items falling down into the rubbish bin before you’ve closed the chest, because otherwise, you might put something in by accident – for example, a diamond pickaxe – and then have it chucked out, which wouldn’t be particularly good. Then we want to go a couple hoppers down like this. We’re going to run those into a dropper, then we’re going to take a comparator output from this dropper; that’s going to run out into a block with redstone dust out here. Then we need a block on either side with a repeater running redstone into the side of that comparator, then we’re going to need a repeater with a block, and then some redstone dust right there. So, if we were to place some items on the inside of this thing – for example, 64 bits of spruce wood – you can see that when we close that chest, all of those start being dropped out. Next on the priority list is of course food food is very important for any form of survival bunker So we are going to create a fairly old redstone contraption right here known as a bread maker Which is essentially a fully automatic wheat [file] all we need to do is take out a couple blocks like this We’re going to place dispensers facing in each one of these directions. We’re going to fill all of these dispensers [with] Bone meal That’s what’s going to be making all of our wheat grow then we need to take out that block right there place in A sticky piston and Then we need some dirt down at the bottom now that dirt is going to be retracted back and forth We’re just going to automatically break our wheat so we can just hold down the right click button Placing [the] seed they’ll be bone milled and [they’ll] [be] broken instantly so now it’s time to hook up the redstone for it So as you can probably tell that I’ve had to clear out quite a bit of space for this one You can see we’ve got the full panel there plus an extra block And then [we’ve] got a bunch of space from top to bottom as well, but the input block is going to be this block right here against place a lever on that one so we can toggle this thing on and off and then we’re going to run a Redstone output from that thing into this 2×2 space right here So you wanna play some redstone a comparator? And then redstone [up] running round like that Now if you set that comparator in subtract modem flick the sleeve you can see that that turns the comparator into a redstone clock Which is going to be perfect for all of our bone meal dispensers? we’re going to run the register output from that one up a little bit like this and Into this system right here now what [that] will do is is it will power all of our dispensers a lot of times, okay? We’re going to have a rapid-fire redstone clock which is perfect for all of the bone meal dispensers now We’re going to do our piston retraction system at the way that we’re going to do that is By placing a redstone torch on the side [of] that block With two hoppers are running back and forth into one another and I will warn you. It’s a little bit tight down here So you might have to do some jumping around? But then we can place an item on the inside of those hoppers, and that will bounce back and [forth] But then we place some redstone dust on top of this hopper [right] here Which should hopefully lock the system? And we’re going to run a comparator output from that one that’s going to be going into this block right here We’re going to have a couple redstone dust a sticky piston facing up wizard with a block on its face Then a repeater set the two ticks [some] redstone dust and then a lever to redirect the redstone current Because we need there to be a redstone torch on the side this blog which will cause that piston to be Extended just a quick thing the item that you placed inside the hopper actually has to be a non Stackable item that’s very important and something that I completely forgot, but anyway finishing touches now We need to tell this soil right here We also need to pop around the back break this block and then replace that one with water now This is going to be a little bit tricky to do we just [want] to place a couple blocks going around like this and that Should give you a good water hole and then you can place in the water Just like that which will keep this soil hydrated, and then we can place our bonemeal on the inside of all [of] our dispensers So you’ve got bonemeal in there [and] bonemeal it in this one as well and [bonemeal] in that one, too And of course [bonemeal] in the back [ones] there’s five dispensers in total, but then when we flick this lever We should see that we’ve got a fully functional bread maker system. Which will create plenty of wheat See I told you I wasn’t lying this thing’s awesome So the second time today I’ve punched a rather large hole in my wall because we’re going to creating a Chicken farm in this area obviously the wheat farm is pretty good for getting food I mean, that’s that’s handy but a chicken farm is A better source of food and also chicken farms are fully automatic which means that you can get tons upon tons of chicken? Really very easily [there] actually gets you working backwards a little bit here So this is going to be our output chest and we’re going to have a hopper right here with a slab on top That’s where the chickens are actually going to be dying it unfortunately Then we’re going to have a dispenser running into that slab and then we’re going to have some chickens on top of these two hoppers So the chickens are going to lay their eggs against make their way into that dispenser It [goes] [we] [dispense] [it] out baby chickens will be created when the baby chickens grow up they will grow up into the larvae that Is going to be occasionally dispensed by this dispenser right here? So hook up automatic dispenser is going to be really simple what we need to do is run a comparator output from that dispenser Right there that’s going to be running into a block with redstone dust out the back here We’re going to have a block [with] two blocks facing in this direction a repeater And then there’s some redstone dust so that is the automatic redstone clock circuit done Then we just need a redstone here, and then a block here and a block here, and that is everything completed That’s a really simple automatic dropper circuit So now I think I’m going to do is I’m just going to fill in a few of these blocks around here Just to make a salt of shape and basically pretty things up just a tiny bit that right there is going to need to be a block and Then I’m actually going to cover most of this with glass, but we might as well place a ceiling on it as well We do still have one more circuit enough to do so I’ve just popped out the back and we’re going to place an observer Running down into this dispenser right here So the face is pointing upwards and then obviously the resident output is running down into the dispenser and then going to place some Redstone dust on top of that observer right there a comparator, and then we’re going [to] create a really large hopper clock so that’s going to run all the way around like this basically making its way around there and on the inside of this thing [that] we’re going to place an item once everything [is] hooked up and That will cycle [around] occasionally Sending an output through this comparator which will send two outputs into the dispenser which means that we should get Lava dispensed really really quickly So you should say it gets dispensed, and then it also gets retracted instantly now that is absolutely perfect So now we can fill in all of this space right here with glass that’s looking good and glass up like that So we now have a window into the chicken farm and [then] we can pop up to the top make our way through here breaking blocks left, right and [Centre] And we can start to throwing in all of the chickens up in the top right here now You may want to make sure that they can’t escape obviously you’re going to be throwing a lot of eggs I have the luxury of being in creative mode which means I [can] just do a bit like this [alright] our next [plan] of action is to create an automated at Redstone enchanting system So the way that I’m going to do that is I’m going to knock out all [of] these blocks in this formation right here Then I’m going to place in a whole bunch of bookshelves making their way around just like that and in the center We’re going to place one Enchanting table right there now [the] minute that doesn’t [look] particularly exciting But we’re going to place in some levers in each one of these locations So we’ve got levers in a sort of triangle arrow type thing at the back from you’ve got one lever on either side in the center and then Once again at the three levers right there We’re going to hook up all of these levers to individual pistons to allow you to retract individual blocks right here allowing [you] to get different leveled Enchantments, or Alternatively just to retract the entire floor which will give you the map level enchantment in the enchanting tale Let’s start things off with the difficult ones Which is these two levers right here now what I’m going to do is I’m going to pop under the lever location I’m going to place in an extra slab to make that a solid block Then a sticky piston facing downwards a redstone block on its face we’re going to place a repeater right here running it into a sticky piston facing upwards placed on the edge of that repeater And then we’re going to have our spruce wood on top There now believe it or not that [is] the tricky [one] so let’s do the same thing on the other side so we’ve already got ourselves a solid block which means replacing a sticky piston and then our repeater and Then the sticky piston facing upwards on the edge of that repeater there with the spruce wood on his face now all of these Are going to be considerably simpler because all we need to do is place in a sticky piston? Just like that with a redstone block on his face And then next that redstone block we’re going to place in all of these sticky pistons right there and right there once again Spruce wood on top and the sticky pistons in all of these locations as well where the redstone blocks and Then the sticky pistons facing upwards with the spruce wither on their faces obviously if you’ve got a different design to your bunker You’re not using Spruce web, then don’t use spruce wood, okay It’s not it’s not necessary But if we flick this TV you can see we can retract individual pistons which means that we can have the enchanting table accessing certain bookshelves It seems like a pretty smart design to me and we [faked] all of the levers then we have full access We can get the full up level 30 inch arm again. I’ve punched another massive hole in my wall this time [we’re] making way for the super smeller system that we again stream creating which will allow us [to] get lots of smelted items really very quickly now the way that we need to build that is we need to place a liner or Furnaces down on this layer right here, so we’ve got a block right there, then we’ve got one two three four furnaces Just like that then on top of all of those hoppers. We have got hoppers. Yeah. I I messed up the words they’re just completely economic then we’ve got a powered rail on the end here and A powered rail on the end here with a bunch of regular rails going through the center And then a block on either end Just like that which will stop our minecart from flying off the edge Then we can just pop out the outside right here Take out a few of these blocks, and we need to run our hoppers into this right here So this block and then just run the hoppers across like that And that means that the items again to be dropped out of the furnaces taken across like this and put it into the [chester] down at the bottom so now we need a chest on top of this minecart rail and also a chest out like that to create a double chest and Then we need a chest down on the bottom here Which is going to be our output? Then we need to find some way to get around the back here because we’ve got a tiny bit of redstone to do we’re going To take a comparator output from this chest right here and then run it into that Minecart rail so we’re going to do that by placing a block then a slab then a Comparator running into a block we’re going to have to take out a few [extra] blocks right [here] because we then need a redstone torch Which is going to go into this redstone right here? And then we run the redstone down like this and then up a little bit like [that] so we’re going to create that sort of system right there which looks like a slightly wonky smiley face and that will power that Minecart rail there which means that when we place in it this [hopper] Minecart that will travel back and forth by default Until we fill in at this chest with item so say [for] [example] For some bizarre reason we decided to put red hard and clay inside the system You can see that if this Minecart rail was in fact powered by a redstone torch Then the hopper Minecart would stop underneath that chest it will fill up with items and then it will place them in the hoppers equally so we’ve got an Even number or at least a fairly even number of items in each one of these furnaces Which means that you essentially have like a furnace array that [smelts] four items at once And that seems pretty good to me, and it’s also incredibly simple as you can see right here I have done a little bit of prettying in this area right there. I removed all of the stone That was behind it because I space it. That was really really ugly And I’ve replaced it with the red hardened clay And now this thing [is] looking like part of the build and if you’re wondering, how you get coal in yeah? There’s there’s no real Fancy way to do that You just have to place coal in all the furnaces, but they’re very easily accessible So you really have no excuse anyway, we’re moving on to another Redstone contraption right here We need to create some form of clock to let us know what time it is because obviously this is this is a bunker We’re completely under the ground we have no way of knowing what time it is obviously we could use a Minecraft clock which we’ve all seen before but They’re pretty boring [I] mean We like redstone on this YouTube channel says knockout all of these blocks for placing a redstone lamp and create a cool redstone lighting system All I’ve done here is I’ve knocked out a small space above our module right there And we’re going to place a daylight sensor on this block and we’re going to run the redstone at running it out and round across Like that we’re going to set this daylight sensor in to night mode now obviously right now It’s pretty dark in this room which means that all of the Redstone is lit up But we have to do now is we need to take out a few blocks go right the way up to the surface Now the only thing that you might notice is is that obviously that is quite a big exposure if a player was to walk past Obviously, they would notice that massive hole right there probably jump in and discover your bunker So what’s suggest doing is grabbing yourself a piston? And that should help to hide things away Just a tiny bit to replacing the piston right there the piston is a completely transparent block and if we take a look at it From above [I] mean yeah it is still noticeable You could perhaps help things out by placing a stone pressure plate on top and that would make things pretty much invisible It is it is noticeable ish But it’s definitely better than having a hole right way down through the bunker time for some final Finishing touches right what you want to do is you want to replace any blocks that you have removed for example this one right here? So that’s now looking pretty now I’m going to cover this wall in storage, so I’m going to have chess in all of these locations going across like this and then of [course] I still get a ton of questions people asking me how I place chest next to each other all you have to do is grab yourself a trap chest instead and then you can place them in between One another like that the number of questions [that] I’d say that’s probably one of the most frequently asked questions on my YouTube channel So there we go that is the storage system done now. We have the redstone clock We need out we need water of course this is a bunker a survival bunker We need some form of water storage system So I’m going to place in a bunch of blocks like this and just make everything look pretty I’m going to place water there and water there and there we go. We have ourselves an infinite water source now I feel [like] the redstone lamps out the back here actually need themselves a bit of a name So I think I’m going to grab myself a sign. We’re going to call these the Danger detector Yeah, [all] right, so this is the danger detector Obviously if it’s really dark then all of the lights will be switched on which means that the dangers detector is running at full blast and obviously with all the Medicine lamps off that means we can just head on outside and of course We just hit this button right here, and that means that it should be daylight So let’s do a quick recap of everything that we’ve built in today’s video first things first we have got the item [capture] Secret entrance system which allows us to drop down into the actual bunker itself then inside the bunker We have got a fully functional bread maker that is super compact We’ve got a garbage system which allows us to throw out any rubbish. We’ve got infinite water source We’ve got ourselves a chicken farm which seems to be working pretty nice [any] at this point in time and over here We have ourselves a super smelter a tolerable modular enchantment system a storage system and also a danger detector clock Now I would say that is a pretty awesome Redstone survival bunker I hope they enjoyed it if you did visual to that like ban, and if you really loved it, then make [sure] to subscribe But thanks for watching guys. [this] is the mumbo mom-and-Pop. See you later

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